DEVELOPING: Graham Office Disrespects Marine Widow

The case of the widow of a retired U.S. Marine Captain trying to get help from Senator Lindsey Graham’s office is developing to be a stain on Graham’s claims as friend of the military.  The woman was trying to get assistance after Fort Jackson’s Moncrief Hospital belittled and insulted her as she was looking to resolve a major billing fiasco.

An individual in Graham’s Columbia office apparently lied to the woman, claimed to have sent correspondence on her behalf but would not give her a copy and refused to follow-up promised calls.  This dismissive type of attitude to ANY constituent is unacceptable, but all the more in this situation.  I have the person’s name but am withholding as details are assembled.

Moncrief Hospital not only exhibited extraordinary management and customer service disgraces, its medical evaluation of the Marine Captain borders on criminal neglect.  Visiting the hospital with complaints of bad headaches, not only did the hospital misdiagnose his condition, personnel there didn’t even use the technologies that would have identified the brain cancer that took his life.  He passed away in October 2012.

Names and titles of individuals at Moncrief are also known but won’t be published until the information is compiled.

A more thorough examination of this story will be posted soon.


SC DSS: The Gift That Keeps On Taking

Untitled-1As first noted on The Statehouse Report and subsequently here, ABC News has broadcast a piece on the failings of South Carolina’s Department of Social Services; failings that have led to the abuse and even deaths of children in the Palmetto State.

Now, the Democratic Governor’s Association has produced an ad featuring former DSS Attorney Betsy Burton.  In the ad, Ms. Burton says, “I resigned from DSS because we actually were leaving children in dangerous situations to make the numbers look better. That really disturbed my conscience and I did not wish to be a part of that.

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Christians, Marriage and the Constitution

iStock_000016458898XSmallThere seems to be an assumption that Christians and the Constitution are symbiotic.  Pundits on the right and the left equate the two with either pride or derision, depending on the argument of the day.  The problem, though, is that Christianity is religion and the Constitution is the law.  Folks are going to have to understand they can’t always have both. Continue reading

The Man Who Is Not President

Much has been made about the perception that President Obama is disengaged from the matters of state.  Whenever there is a major event, a crisis, a dangerous situation, detractors claim that he is either uncaring or or aloof.   After nearly six years of the Obama Administration, it seems the truth is even more disturbing.

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Kyle Carpenter and Sheri Few: Class and No Class

Sheri Few, one of several defeated candidates in last month’s Republican primary for State Superintendent of Education continues her sad, sad whine.  In classic Tea Party style (“You’re stupid if you don’t give me what I want!”), she has sent an email to supporters asking for support to continue her cause.  That would be OK, especially since the only theme of her campaign was “Stop Common Core,” but she just can’t control her grapes from souring. Continue reading

ACLU Lawyer: “NSA Unfairly Demonized”

There is probably no more a suspicious, picky and even angry organization that the American Civil Liberties Union.  It doesn’t take much to light these folks off on even the slightest perception of Constitutional malfeasance.  In many ways, the ACLU is the Golden Calf to both the left and to Libertarians.  It is revealing, then, to read what a prominent member of the ACLU has to say about the National Security Agency, it’s mission and it’s adherence to the law. Continue reading


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