Interview: Snowden Abets Terrorists

Brett M. Decker, consulting director at the White House Writers Group, previously was editorial page editor of the Washington Times, writer and editor for the Wall Street Journal, senior vice president of the Export-Import Bank and speechwriter to then-House Majority Whip Tom DeLay. An adjunct professor of government at Johns Hopkins and media fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, his most recent book is “Bowing to Beijing.”

Brett recently interviewed me as part of his “5 Questions” series that has included figures from Mitt Romney and Donald Rumsfeld to Donald Trump and former Czech Prez Vaclav Klaus.  Here is an excerpt from that interview.

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Breitbart: ISIS-Putin-Snowden Form Terror Threesome To Target America

“Without getting his hands dirty or spending a single ruble, Putin can bring us down and elevate Russia.”

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The Penny Tax

bad roadsLexington County’s proposed penny-on-the-dollar sales tax – Penny For Pavement – has exploded into an “us vs them” campaign in possibly the fastest growing area of the state.  On one side are county officials and developers who understand the very real and present crisis in Lexington’s highway and road system and on the other is a vocal group of citizens who resist any and all tax increases or additions.  One side is right, but isn’t trusted and the other side is wrong, but with good reason.

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Must See: Anti-Dem “Nuclear Warhead” Ad

Sen Mary Landrieu

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

Ken Crow of Crow’s Nest Politics has provided a “political nuclear warhead to the Democrat Party” with his posting of a devastating ad about Democrat Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.  Although intended for Louisiana voters, any Democrat’s name can be inserted and be just as accurate, just as powerful and just as damaging. Continue reading

Army Hospital and Lindsey Graham Office Disrespects Marine Widow

Mrs. B is the widow of a decorated Vietnam Veteran who simply needed to have prescriptions for medication filled.   After twice getting those medications at Ft. Jackson’s Moncrief Army Community Hospital (MCAH) pharmacy, she received a large bill for them.  But it was the aftermath, the attempt to resolve what is clearly a wrong that is even more distressing.  Senator Lindsey Graham’s representative treated Mrs. B disrespectfully as did Moncrief.  Continue reading

The FCC and Bad Words

The Federal Communications Commission is entertaining a petition to ban the word “Redskins” on network broadcasts.  The petition was filed by George Washington University Professor John Banzhaf on the grounds that the word causes “physical harm, bullying, and other adverse effects.”  He also called the word  “a derogatory racial and ethnic slur contrary to the public interest.”

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Protest against the military operation in FallujahPresident Obama has announced his plan to “degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.*This is much the same approach the United States has taken in the Middle East for decades.  Air strikes against specific targets, arm the in-theater forces friendly to us and work through a coalition with other nations in the region.

Through horrific videos and social media postings, ISIS has thumped its chest by sending threatening messages to the West, particularly the United States and Great Britain.  It’s far past the time when we send our own message to these savages. Continue reading


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