Little Boy, Big Mouth

Internet rapscallion and wannabe “Bad Boy of South Carolina Politics” Wes Wolfe is proof that – like Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize – qualification is secondary to one’s own sense of self-importance.

Wes has posted an article about Rep. Nikki Haley that has a really quaint passage.  I can’t decide if it’s funny, stupid or just another of his kindergarten goofs.

if there was any, and we mean absolutely any, truth to this allegation, it would have hit the papers and local TV stations months ago.

Now, this little dickens graduated from a very good school of journalism, though not very long ago.  I’m sure once he moves from his Leapfrog to a big boy computer, he’ll learn about consistency and all that foot-in-mouth stuff.  This is what the whippersnapper says in the “About” section of his blog:

Wolfe Reports is filling in the gap in political reporting in South Carolina, a void left by the mainstream media in the Palmetto State. All too often, news isn’t broken by newspapers, and recent layoffs and restructuring by print publications have left reporters stretched for time and resources, so breaking news and original stories hit the blogs first, which have been schooling the MSM on a regular basis. This site seeks to bridge the gap between blogs and print news, breaking stories more than the widely-read blogs and with wider access, and deeper analysis, than the average print journalist. [emphasis added]


Seems the mouthpiece for the status quo believes (or wants YOU to believe) that only HE is capable of telling the truth because the MSM is not.  But if those he’s paid to trash make a claim his paymasters don’t like, then we’re to accept that, had the claim been true, the MSM would have been all over it.

Somebody’s been putting caffeine is Wolfe’s Juicy Juice box.

For the record, WW doesn’t care for me, which is fine.  But such a potty-mouth… Tsk Tsk…


8 thoughts on “Little Boy, Big Mouth

    • Mr. Wolfe, I like to hear two sides of every argument before I form an opinion, so do you have a rebuttal to GS? Or, I guess it would be a rebuttal to your OWN claim that “the MSM doesn’t report everything, so that’s why I’M here, but that can’t be why YOU’RE here, too!”

      No sarcasm. Honestly curious. Those are your own statements, are they not? I didn’t see a political stance in GS’s article, just a challenge of some contradictory comments made by you.

      Did the Spy make them up? Do you have a response other than “you’re ignorant and whiny”? If you’re a “journalist”, these are serious journalistic questions about integrity. Here’s your forum to clarify.


  1. there is more information and news on blogs than in what Sic Willie calls The Socialista, and also more information and news on blogs than on television.
    Thanks Spy et al for doing your jobs well.


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  3. The thing is that Wes is plain wrong in his statement ” it would have hit the papers and local TV stations months ago.” I remember the whole situation about Haley’s website and Under the Power Lines and Gresham Barrett and etc. etc. Whether true or not, does Wes actually think that the political back-story about a consulting firm pulling the plug on a candidates’ website would make it on to the 6pm or 11pm local news? Yeah, don’t think so.

    There’s a reason that political blogs exist. About 90% of the stuff on them involve stuff that does not make it into the mainstream media.


  4. the news doesn’t report the truth anymore… tv or print. NOR WES WOLFE, nor Sic nor the Spy, but you guys will have to print it one day soon


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