#@%&@* SNOW!

Click on image for photo album of the storm

New snow records for Baltimore have been established.

Feb 2010 total – 49.2”

New Record … 46.4” above normal

2009-2010 season total (so far) – 79.9”   That’s 6 feet 8 inches!

New Record … 67.8” (over 5 1/2 feet) above normal

62.5”  Old season record snow total (1995-96)

18.2”  Normal season total snow (1971-2000)


6 thoughts on “#@%&@* SNOW!

  1. How does this weather, indirectly, affect South Carolina? Will more East Coast families move down our way to escape these winters?

    I was present recently when Chief Executive Officer Laura Stroman Crowther of the Coastal Carolinas Association of REALTORS gave a status report on Grand Strand real estate for a 60-mile stretch of coastline, beginning north at the state line with North Carolina and stretching south to include Pawleys Island. She was giving the Rotary Club of Murrells Inlet statistics, such as the national median price of homes is $183,000, compared to that of the Grand Strand, $150,600. Thirty-three per cent of those who buy of the coast pay cash and there is available mortgage money for single-family homes, but funds seem more limited for condo purchases and commercial real estate. The average house stays on the market 170 days. There are approximately 5,600 condos and 7,200 residents on the market now, according to multiple listing services. The Grand Strand hosts an estimated 13.5 million visitors annually. Crowther was speaking at a Tuesday noon meeting, Feb. 9, at Captain Dave’s Dockside.

    I don’t have the answers to the questions I posed above. Does anyone else have an idea?


    • Combine this winter with the growing fear of hurricanes in Florida over the last several years and I think the stretch of land between the coast and I-95 in South Carolina could see a real estate boom. Of course, the lower cost is also an attractive factor. If there is to be a migration, it will start with retirees. Unless/until the schools are DRAMATICALLY improved, younger familes and mega-job companies won’t make the transition.


  2. A new ice age could scrape the plate clean where the ice sheets build up.

    Let us do what we can right now to create a greenhouse effect to CONSERVE ENVIRONMENTAL HEAT!

    (As if we could prevent it if we wanted to =:>)


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