Grooms To Run For Lt. Governor?

South Carolina State Senator and erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Larry Grooms (R – Dist 37) may be mulling a run for Lt. Governor.

Sources tell me that someone close to Grooms “has just about talked Larry into running for Lt. Governor.”

When a candidate for governor, some of the Tea Party groups endorsed Grooms, only to see that endorsement wasted when the senator dropped out of the race.  Following his departure, there were rumors that he may seek the 1st Congressional seat being vacated by the retirement of Rep. Henry Brown, but that campaign never happened.

But Grooms’ continuing ambitions have not been met with the Tea Party enthusiasm he enjoyed previously.  In fact, sources indicate that when the Tea Party groups learned of Grooms’ latest (possible) venture, they were not at all happy. Most of the grass roots movement have already gotten behind Bill Connor for Lt. Governor.


13 thoughts on “Grooms To Run For Lt. Governor?

  1. This has all gotten kind of pathetic now.

    How about this, Larry Grooms:

    Keep your Senate seat and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING WITH IT THIS TERM!

    Make a difference this time and maybe you’ll be a serious contender next time.


  2. This will be suicide for Larry Grooms if he runs for Lt. Governor. Does he not know that if he does this it sends a true message to the grassroots, that he is indeed not a tea party candidate. Makes one wonder who is behind this really??? Grooms runs, I will make it my mission to inform the masses that he is trying to hurt the true tea party candidate that has stuck it out, without quitting, Bill Connor. Grooms knows very well that Bill Connor is the tea party candidate across this state.
    Grooms runs for Lt. Governor, and we will work against him ever getting a vote again in any race! Is he another Rino? GOP is all about Ken Ard, who is NOT a TEA PARTY CANDIDATE. I trust that the grassroots movement is smarter than the GOP big boys think we are.


  3. This is a perfect example of what can happen when Tea Party groups endorse candidates. Instead of endorsements, Tea Party groups should provide useful information about the prospective candidates and let the voters decide. We will not be led by the nose and told who to vote for. Are you listening Ron Parks?


    • Kenneth: The average voter does not want to the homework. They are looking for someone to tell them who they should vote for. I get thousands of calls a month asking “what candidate should I vote for?”.
      You are dead wrong on suggesting that Ron Park led anyone by the nose and tried to tell anyone who to vote for. The SCTP voted to endorse. You may not know that as you were not in attendance when that vote took place. Ron Park has been a great leader that paved the way for litterly 100’s of tea party groups across this state and several others. Quit attacking the true patriots and start doing something that will make change in politics. Endorsing is hardly telling someone who they have to vote for. Everyone that goes to the polls will of course vote for whom they wish. I just hope that they pray for guidance before voting. How many average voters do you think will read all the info that you??? or someone else puts out about candidates? Do you really think that approach will work? I don’t think so. Because again, you are taking the approach that you or Who? is capable of giving “useful information” about the candidates. You are dead wrong my friend. If we don’t endorse and get behind these grassroots candidates, they will not even make it to the primaries. Look at what the grassroots movement has made happen in MA, NJ, Virginia just to name a few. They didn’t make that happen by offering information about the candiates on a website. They did so by endorsing, doing phone banking, and sending mass emails to folks asking them to vote for the tea party candidate.
      Larry Grooms was vetted by the SCTP and endorsed as the tea party candidate for Governor. And guess what? If they don’t endorse Bill Connor they are doing a great injustice to a truly 100% tea party candidate that has all the right principles of the movement. Wake up folks. Sit there and let the GOP steal the race for Ard. You will all be sorry. God has given us the correct candidate in Bill Connor. Are you going to get behind him or let business as usual pervail?


      • I’ve attended tea parties too and support their agenda, but even I think this “Upcountry Coalition” group is going overboard with press conference after press conference with Karen Floyd.

        Here’s a question for the tea party and liberty organizers that can’t seem to get their act together: what if the GOP nominates Gresham Barrett for governor and Ken Ard for Lt. Governor…then who do you vote for? Do you vote for a Democrat nominee for governor, or Democrat Ashley Cooper for Lt. Governor?

        Let’s not kid ourselves…a lot of these tea party activists who get all frenzied when they “think” Karen Floyd somehow is trying to co-opt them on Neil Cavuto’s show will be voting for the GOP nominees, whoever they are.


        • You are wrong on that one. I told the Greenville GOP “I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils”, and I meant it. I am tired of getting the same old thing. Until people stand up and say the same thing, they will keep giving us the same old thing! People vote for the lesser of two evils because of fear. I am tired of being afraid. No more for me.

          The more I see what is going on, and how even Fox news is now pushing the GOP Rino candidates, the more I understand that it is time for a new party. A party that represents what most grassroots movements are demanding.
          3rd party in 2012, if GOP doesn’t give us Principled Candidates in 2010!


  4. Larry can’t seriously be thinking about this.

    Who’s the pushing force here?

    The only thing this will do is take votes from Bill Connor (not that many, but enough) and assure Ken Ard wins this election. Quinns? Leatherman?

    Really having a hard time understanding why Larry would let that hap


  5. Maria, when I read your response to my post , I could not believe my eyes. First you attacked Larry Grooms with vindictiveness and now me. All I did was express my opinion and you accuse me of attacking “true patriots”. Your condescending attitude toward what you call average voters is amazing. First you say that Ron Parks is not telling people who to vote for. Then you say that we the unwashed masses can’t be trusted to do the research necessary to make informed voting decisions and that you are the chosen one to tell them. I am not trying to disparage Ron Parks in any way. However, I was at the Boiling Springs Veterans Day tea party and heard Ron Parks and his Charleston tea party endorse Larry Grooms. I thought at that time it was a mistake and I still do. Instead of endorsing candidates, we should vet all of the candidates. The ones that qualify should the get the Tea Party Stamp of Approval. The so-called average voter can then make their decision. This approach would have definitely approved Nikki Haley and Larry Grooms. With Larry out of the race, voters would still have an acceptable candidate to vote for. So tell me Maria, who is now your choice for Governor? Are they tea party approved? Before you impugn my patriotism again, you should know that I attended the tax day tea party in Columbia and every one since. That includes the 9-12 March on Washington, standing in the rain with the Tea Party Express in Augusta, GA, and even the first Gubernatorial debate in Newberry. I mention this only to reinforce the fact that I am doing something that will make a change in politics, as you put it.


    • I have no choice for Governors race. Our Vetting team has vetted all of the candidates in that race. AT this time, we will not be endorsing any of the candidates for Governor.
      I am not attacking you. So much is lost in writing when you can’t speak face to face. I am telling you that I know from the many calls I get from people that they just don’t know how to tell who the right candidate is. I am not suggesting that I am the chosen one to make decisions for anyone. If they call me and ask my opinion I give it. I certainly at no time said that people are are not capable of doing research. I am saying that there are MANY not willing or do not have enough time to research candidates. Again not attacking anyone.
      And Ron did not introduce Larry Grooms endorsed by the Charleston Tea Party. He introduced Grooms as being endorsed by the SCTP organizers.
      We shall continue to do what we feel led to do, which is endorsing candidates when they are shown to be tea party principled candidates. You continue to do what you want to do. Free world and we each march to the beat of a different drummer. Let’s just pray that we are doing the Lord’s work. That’s all that matters in the end.
      Sorry you misunderstood the tone of my earlier message.


  6. Larry Grooms has no business running for Lt. Gov..He was part of the
    group who supported a no bid process for state and federal money.
    But he was not the only senator to support this unethical way to do
    S.C. business. Unless our dear state really raises the ethical
    standards,we will not have good businesses coming and waste and
    corruption will continue to grow. Remember Grsham Barrett missed 1/3
    of his needed votes in Washington. He even missed the defund Planned
    Parenthood vote.


  7. QUOTE BY KENNETH: “Instead of endorsing candidates, we should vet all of the candidates. The ones that qualify should the get the Tea Party Stamp of Approval. The so-called average voter can then make their decision. This approach would have definitely approved Nikki Haley and Larry Grooms. With Larry out of the race, voters would still have an acceptable candidate to vote for.”ENDQUOTE

    Excellent idea, sir! Much more respectful of people in a situation where there are two or more good candidates in a race.

    I’m also suspicious of Grooms’ motives in running for offices which he has not a prayer of winning at this late date when his run for governor couldn’t even take off with as long of a lead time as it had.


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