Loftis In For State Treasurer

Lexington businessman, entrepreneur and humanitarian Curtis Loftis will file next week as a Republican candidate for State Treasurer.

This isn’t news – FITSNews had the story earlier this month in which Loftis said he was “98 percent in the race.”  Now, he’s “99.5 percent” certain he’ll run.  Why not 100%?  Loftis is a very thorough person – his business acumen and personal success are testimony to that. He’s opened an office, hired a staff, is on the phone six hours a day and even commissioned a poll that shows him with a convincing lead over the incumbent.  So, barring some extraordinary circumstance – which he neither expects or foresees – Curtis Loftis is running for State Treasurer.


Among the fundings for which the Treasurer is responsible are college savings plans, the $20 BILLION state pension fund, $6 BILLION in various investment pools, bonds and more.

Next to our children, the state’s funds are South Carolina’s most vital assets.  But state monies are in jeopardy as legislators throw it down fiscal rat holes and pocket it vicariously through sweetheart deals and nefarious pork projects.  The current Treasurer, Converse Chellis, has empowered misappropriation rather than being a proper steward of the citizens money.

When Chellis was first appointed – APPOINTED – State Treasurer by the General Assembly, the first thing he did was remodel his office.  Then he bought a new Tahoe for his official vehicle.  A Tahoe.  Not a sedan like most state vehicles, but a Tahoe.  Why does the State Treasurer need a nine-passenger, 3 1/2 ton truck with an 1,800 pound payload capacity? For a guy that gets paid $92,000 a year and works three days a week, that’s pretty extravagant.  Did he send the people of South Carolina a “Thank You” note for the office and truck?

Kinda makes you wonder what else he does with your money, huh?

Chellis is a classic insider.  An establishment puppet whose strings are pulled by the status quo Assembly leadership.  The Treasurer’s vote on the Budget and Control Board is critical and if determined by the Legislature, particularly THIS legislature, true fiscal and even social reform will never happen in the Palmetto State.

Loftis made a very interesting point on this.”The people are left out of every decision by our state government, and just left with the bills.”

So, why Curtis Loftis?  Because he’s the anti-insider.  Yeah, yeah, politicians say that all the time, especially when running against an incumbent.  But I believe it to be true with this man.

Curtis Loftis doesn’t need public office.  He has plenty to keep himself busy and he’s financially “comfortable.”  But he wants to do this. He’s a citizen truly concerned with the problems South Carolina is facing and wants to do something to correct those problems. In fact, Loftis is putting $525,000 of his own money to prime his campaign funding pump.  But in this case, it’s not a contribution of desperation, but rather a sign of his commitment to the cause.  As a result, Loftis’ campaign has already garnered $250,000 in pledges from some of the state’s most prominent conservative figures and organizations.

And that’s just part of the problem for Chellis and his controllers.  Despite spending plenty of taxpayer dollars to get his name out to the public, incumbent Chellis’ name recognition is next to zero.  Besides, in these times of grassroots upheaval, especially on fiscal issues, being both the sitting State Treasurer and a tool of a spendthrift political machine puts a huge target on Chellis.

There are several key political positions to be decided by the citizens of South Carolina this year.  With economic crises, high unemployment and funding mismanagement plaguing the state, a wise selection for State Treasurer is absolutely critical.  The status quo is not a wise choice.

Curtis Loftis is not only a wise choice, he’s a necessary one.


18 thoughts on “Loftis In For State Treasurer

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  2. This is great news.

    This is the classic insider vs. outsider race, and with the public madder than hell, I think Chellis could easily be sent packing.

    PS Does the Tahoe come with free taxpayer gas?


  3. This is the most bizzare story I’ve read. Remodel office? You have no clue about what you are talking. Chellis saved taxpayers more in a day that Loftis has in his lifetime. CPA Loftis, wait he’s not a CPA that’s right, wait, he has no financial background either, oh yeah.

    Wait, Lofits was fired by Bauer and Eckstrom, his last two jobs, that’s right. Spent a year hiking in the jungles of Panama. Yeah, he’s qualified to hold the top fiscal office in the state. Wait to you see was Loftis has been hiding……….


  4. Hi Freddy,

    You can call Andre Bauer or Richard Eckstrom to see that Curtis was successful in both positions, and Andre even gave Curt the Palmetto Patriot award!

    Do you need their phone numbers? Heard of Google? Try it, and get back to us.

    Just because Curt did not give you a raise when you worked for him at the Office on Aging is no reason for you to be a hater. Move on, and grow up, and maybe work a little harder for the taxpayer and you will be rewarded.



  5. Billy,

    Curtis can’t hold a real job. That’s why he goof’s around in central america.

    Bauer and Eckstrom refused to endorse him. He’s totallly incompetent!

    Not to mention his personal life…….

    I hope he’s paying you to write good things like he’s paying SC Hotline. Notice the Home Pest Control and Al’s Upstairs ads on the Hotline.


    • 1) Have you a REASON to say Mr. Loftis is incompetent or are you being paid to say bad things about him?

      2) Christian charitable work in Central America is “goofing around?”

      3) Why do you call yourself “freddy,” John?


  6. freddy,

    “Bauer and Eckstrom refused to endorse him.” Oh eff me running backwards… if one excepted endorsements from either the um uh yeah happy guy or the worm then they should be disqualified from running… for life!


  7. Why would any elected official involve himself in the primary of his own party? Andre has 3 opponents, and Richard may have opposition himself. why would they want to alienate voters?

    Freddy, are you in a mental hospital?


  8. Do your research on Loftis, you think Eckstrom and Sanford had embarrassing moments, wait to ol’ Curty gets in the race. At least they involved girls.


  9. It is sad that honorable men can be trashed by anonymous posters that are filled with hate and jealousy.

    State your name and your charge, or shut up you coward.


  10. Freddy, you are really off the leash, God boy, get a grip. Known Loftis for many years and know him to always try to do the right thing. Hope your pay days are worth making salacious personal attacks on a candidate. Loftis is going after your buddy Chellis on the issues you idiot You and your cohorts must be scared to stoop to such lows. People like you make me sick!


  11. Curtis was not fired from either the Lt. Governor’s office or the Comptroller General’s office. Both Bauer and Eckstrom have assured me of this and they will vouch for this.


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