So What?

Ah, the filthy world of politics!  The latest contrived “scandal” aimed at a state official (and candidate for re-election) and another state-wide candidate is intended to smear the two with some sordidly illicit tryst.

Aside from the potential legal issues concerning the acquisition, possession and publication of private communications, the biggest part of this story is that … THERE IS NO STORY.

Whether there was romantic involvement or not is immaterial, really.  Two adults with no scorned or cheated-upon spouse in the picture.

So what?

Where’s the “scandal?”

What was this story supposed to accomplish other than embarrassing two individuals?  And WHO wanted to do THAT?

Go back to the first paragraph.  Both individuals are running for state-wide office.  Both are fiscal conservatives who want true reform in South Carolina.  One is, by position, on the all-too-powerful Budget and Control Board.  The other running for a position that controls nearly $5.5 BILLION of the states funds.  Oh, and that candidate is also at odds with a very powerful union.

Needless to say, neither of these persons are the preferred candidates of those established in the state’s political structure and determined to maintain South Carolina’s dismal status quo.

Were such “powers-that-be” involved in trying to embarrass these two people into withdrawing from their respective races?  Probably, but I can’t prove it.  If I could, my first call would likely be to SLED.  But in my career – and certainly in politics – coincidence is usually the first option to be eliminated.

So, what has been the effect?  The attempt, of course, was to cause a state-wide gasp of moral horror across the Palmetto stretch of the Bible Belt.  But it hasn’t happened.  This has become a HUGE non-issue.  The title of this post comes from what I’m repeatedly hearing and reading – SO WHAT?

Well, according to unchallengeable sources, donors have been very generous to at least one of these campaigns THIS WEEK.  Yeah, the effect of the attempted smear has been to actually rally contributors and public support.



9 thoughts on “So What?

  1. My only regret about the whole thing is that I didn’t realize earlier that Kelly Payne was single or I would have asked her out.

    I mean, really, how often do you get beauty AND brains AND fiscal conservatism all in the same package?


  2. So some “reporter” hacks into their e-mails but we still haven’t seen or heard of the Columbia City Hall grafitti artist. Is Chicago politics the norm for the Dimocrats now? What great news outlet scooped the John “Breck Girl” Edward story?


  3. I think it’s”so what” to some people and a “big concern” to others. Voters are allowed to consider what is important and what is not for their decisions about who to vote for.

    I was at a meeting of a conservative “tea party-like” group in the Upstate this week. This topic came up in multiple conversations. My take-away is that it was concerning for many people. Let’s face it, most of the conservative grassroots are not just fiscal conservatives but also social conservatives. Just as it’s a problem for them when a politician casts a single vote for something like TARP spending, it’s also a problem when a still-married man has an extra-marital affair. Or when a single woman chooses to have an affair with a still-married man. It’s their right as voters to be concerned at this if they choose to.

    Even in the most liberal of liberal states and districts, it’s news when politicians have affairs. Society still generally believes that married people aren’t supposed to have affairs and that single people aren’t supposed to mess around with married people. At least I think society still thinks this.

    Eckstrom has now had this problem on top of his problems in the past–namely the sexual harassment suit in the 90s that was settled with taxpayer dollars, and more recently the using state vehicles and taxpayer money for gas to take a family vacation to Minnesota. Anyway conservatives used to say thing like “unlike the liberals, we expect our elected officials to have strong and honorable characters”. Maybe Eckstrom doesn’t have a very good character. As for Payne–well she should have told her boyfriend to get a divorce before she would start a relationship with him. She made a poor judgment in having an affair with a married man by most people’s standards.

    Now it’s up to the voters to decide what to do with all of this.


  4. I appreciate this line Spy……

    “” But in my career – and certainly in politics – coincidence is usually the first option to be eliminated.””

    yes yes coincidences really don’t exist do they?


    • Pay attention, eggaday/earthlady11/Ms. Shepherd. Didn’t say coincidences DON’T exist, but that USUALLY the circumstances rule them out, especially in politics.


  5. I agree with Matt. I read the emails and the man’s mentality is that of a whiny, egostistical pig. Then the sexual harassment thing.

    It’s fine that she is dating, but this guy? She knew about the lawsuit. He was not divorced, only seperated.

    I, and a good number of Americans, are simply sick of the sleaze and how people who are supposed to be role models to our kids are behaving.

    Being single myself, I recently went out with someone who I later found out had been fired from their teaching job (or had to resign, whatever, I didn’t linger on the fine lines).

    At first, the individual was charming and intelligent. After a few drinks, they let loose with such rubbish as saying “they were no longer going to teach a bunch of dumb MFs”. Then they stated “all the guys think I’m cool and the girls think I’m cute”. They taught 8th grade.

    I hope to see them both gone. The emails make them both look simply sleazy. Teachers and especially politicians get no free pass from me. If you’re going to say you’re conservative, be it and live it. All in all, more sleaze from the upper crust of our society. It’s disappointing.


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