Haley: Star, Not Scar

South Carolina State Representative (and candidate for governor) Nikki Haley is being touted as a 2012 Republican Vice Presidential candidate by Bernie Quigley of TheHill.com.  In Quigley’s opinion, Haley

might be considered the face of the new politics in the Tea Party Movement and the new face of the South. And as governor of South Carolina, she would be in perfect position to be Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) running mate in 2012.

That’s nuts.  Rep. Haley is a six-year state legislator representing maybe 37,000 people.  There are a lot of people (though the number is rapidly dwindling) in the STATE who don’t know who she is.

But then… nationally syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post called her a “rusty nail” who is “willing to challenge the status quo.”

The national conservative blog RedState.com calls her a rising star and says of Haley …

She’s unapologetically pro-life, but she is first and foremost known as a fiscal conservative. She is the type of candidate conservatives claim they want. She is also the type of candidate libertarians claim to want.

While she won’t please everyone — the only candidate who ever tried is now in the White House making everyone mad — she gets checks in all the major boxes: life, tax cutting, government cutting, honesty, and uncompromising on the need to reform.

She is not afraid, even as an elected official, to criticize her own party for losing its way. That’s the type of candidate the Republicans need.

Nikki Haley is not afraid to challenge the establishment Republican Party. She is not afraid to set standards for the party and expect those around her, and herself, to live up to them.

Let me be blunt: if conservatives and libertarians cannot unite behind Nikki Haley and get her onto the national stage as a fresh face for both Republicans and small government, we might as well call it day.

The GOP needs Nikki Haley in the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion. The grand coalition that last put the GOP in power needs someone of Nikki Haley’s integrity and spine to get us back both on the path of small government and back into a position to lead the nation. [Emphasis original to author]

Other than Congressman Joe Wilson and Senator Jim DeMint, what South Carolina politician is getting positive national coverage?

What other South Carolina politician is getting such attention for their conservative principles?

Now, South Carolinians don’t cotton to folks telling them what to do or who to vote for.  But, ya gotta wonder why there isn’t as much attention of this sort for other gubernatorial candidates Henry McMaster, Andre Bauer or Gresham Barrett?

After what the Palmetto State has been through in the last nine months, it’s refreshing to have someone to whom the citizens can look and not be ashamed, embarrassed or feel the need to apologize.

It’s nice for the rest of the country to look at a prominent figure in South Carolina and see a star, not a scar.

Bernie Quigley is over the top by suggesting Nikki Haley as a vice-presidential candidate in 2012, but his reasoning and the observations of other political observers certainly speak to why she should be governor in 2010.


12 thoughts on “Haley: Star, Not Scar

  1. Nikki has told me that governor is it for her. After that, she’ll stay politically active promoting grassroots causes but will not seek higher office.

    I don’t blame her. I wish other politicians would follow her example and limit their time in office as well.

    We certainly need more good people willing to stand up to the corrupt status quo as she has been willing to do. If we keep our mind on the mission rather than the vagaries of personalities and charismatic leaders, we’d have more good folks willing to step up to the plate.


  2. If Nikki Haley doesn’t win the primary, we are all doomed to suffer another 4-8 years of backward decisions and uncontrolled spending. We cannot afford to have anyone else increase the budget like the General Assembly has done in the past decade. It’s time to take South Carolina back from the personal interests of a Speaker or a President Pro Tempore and back into the hands of the people of this state. It’s time to take our own future in our hands and work to change things for the better. Our state has so many positives, but our leadership is constantly failing us and turning those positives into wasted dreams. I’m tired of being disappointed by the shortcomings of our leadership, and that’s why I’m voting for the only person in the state running for office in which I believe. That person is Nikki Haley.


  3. The infatuation that some people have with women in the Republican Party astounds me. First the prima donna that poor John McCain picked in haste Sarah Palin and now Nikki Haley being tapped as a number two. She’s a house member from Lexington, the staunchest Republican base east of the Mississippi and an area that hasn’t been so warm hearted to the likes of the Sanford’s. I find it odd that both the Mr. and the Mrs. endorsed her. I can see the Coosaw Plantations’ boy’s interest; she does have a huge resemblance to a certain woman down in Argentina. The Mrs. didn’t have a good record on picking a man, maybe she better at women, time will tell. I digress, back the point of Nikki winning the June primary. One thing that rings true about SC politics, it’s a good ole boy institution. One look at Jake Knotts and there’s no doubt about it. The way Jake slid that censure from the house to a sub-committee is 101 of SC politics. Does he hope that somewhere, somebody might find a smoking gun to send the censure back to the house so his fast driving, stray dog buddy can waltz into the governors seat? Wait a minute, let’s get back on track, Nikki, right she’s running for governor to change the way politics are done in the state. Sounds like Mark, remember the pig manure running down his pants leg on the new carpet in the State House. Wouldn’t let the staff of the state house clean it up but had his staff do it. He wanted the state house staff cut so it wouldn’t be proper to give them purpose. Gosh darn it, there I go again, why can’t I get serious about Nikki; I guess the same reason so many voters might not. Maybe Howard Rich will come in and save her campaign; he almost got Jake out of office. Time will tell, Howard wants SC, and he’s got the money to buy it and can hide it well when giving it away.


    • Mr. Epps… I was gonna edit your comment to save you some embarrassment, but decided to leave it as is. I DO recommend, however, the next time you wish to comment, you
      (1) wait until sobriety kicks in
      (2) let the meds wear off
      (3) have been released
      (4) wake up

      Whichever applies.


      • I’d prefer the editing of SouthernMan’s comments which are rather tasteless. It smacks of redneck southern men who prefer women at home instead of working.


  4. Nikki Haley has great qualifications to be our next governor; cutting spending and taxes, bringing honesty and integrity to the office, and reforming state government. Despite Southern Man’s feelings there is nothing wrong with a woman being our governor and it is time to change. She has my vote and I am promoting her candidacy. Got some bumper stickers on my cars and have got to get a yard sign. The primary can’t come soon enough.


  5. People should vote for Nikki Haley because she is the most conservative and the only reformer in the race. But with that established as the reason for voting for her, it’s an added bonus that her gender and background will make her’s a historic governorship–and she’ll instantly become someone who will have a national political profile. Plus electing people like Nikki Haley will reflect well on South Carolina and conservatism in general and really stick it to all the naysayers about our state and conservatives.


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