Lead or Follow?

I had a brief and civil Twitter exchange with Jay Ragley today.  At first, it was pretty much what one would expect of a long-time party operative and now campaign manager for Superintendent of Education Dr. Mick Zais.

He tweeted:

A new debate talking point used by @kellyhpayne: bash the Republican controlled General Assembly.

To which I replied:

“Well… they HAVE been in control 4 over a generation. If they accept credit for things that go well, they deserve blame when not.”

Mr. Ragley responded with:

“For 12 years the State Super. of Edu. & Legislature have fought. Time for folks to work together, not throw bombs at each other.”

Ordnance notwithstanding, I countered with:

“Taxpayers and parents deserve to know who is responsible for the poor state of education in SC. Gen Assemb is part of the problem.”

and followed up with…

Maybe your call for reconciliation should be directed to “the powers that be” and not the messenger.

Mr. Ragley got the last word with …

“Leaders get down to the business of getting things done, not down to the business pointing fingers to advance personal ambitions.”

Mr. Ragley was reacting to comments by Kelly Payne, an opposing candidate for Education Superintendent, at a First Tuesday luncheon and debate.  What Ms. Payne said was that instead of cutting an inefficient, ineffective bureaucracy out of the budget, South Carolina  legislators “are fighting tooth and nail” to protect it.   The General Assembly is wasting millions of dollars annually instead of using funds to keep teachers in the classroom.  To protect the bureaucracy, legislators would rather see teachers furloughed, leaving students with less instruction and inevitably an even worse education.

So the General Assembly is majority Republican.  So the hell what?  Wrong is wrong.  Mr. Ragley is suggesting that to be “a leader” one must march in lock step with the party.

Think about the pure arrogance of what Mr. Ragley contends. Don’t criticize the General Assembly because it’s majority Republican!!!

Or is he saying, don’t criticize ANYone.  That’s just throwing bombs.  You know, kinda like the projectile Mr. Ragley launched in his own First Strike on Ms. Payne.  It’s OK to unleash a fusillade on an opponent because, after all, what are bombs for?

Well, Mr. Ragley needs to realize that the South Carolina General Assembly has become an opponent to the state’s progress and prosperity.  The fact that it is majority Republican makes it all the more distressing.

It is obvious that Mr. Ragley – and, through him, Dr. Zais – is catering to the Republican establishment and sending a very clear message on whom “They” can trust to follow the party line.

If you’re a Republican (or tend to vote Republican) and you like the state of South Carolina’s education; low test scores, mismanaged funding, poor graduation rates and unparalleled illiteracy – keep it to yourself.

Be a leader and be quiet.


48 thoughts on “Lead or Follow?

  1. The disproportional amount of money allotted to schools in certain areas of the state has caused less than adequate education for many. You can’t pin it on a party; you have to pin it on the racial prejudices of the lawmakers themselves. The good ole boy system of politics, watch the Corridor of Shame.


  2. Neither is correct. Ms. Payne comes from a school district (lexington 5) that has not seen a tax that they don’t like. They perform well, because the district consists of a high socioeconomic population, thus masking those less fortunate students. When you weigh in for socioeconomic status, Lexington 5 just does not look as good. I did this while I worked at the SC state Dept of Education.

    Recently, I served in a panel put together by the Greenville GOP that asked question from three candidates for superintendent Needless to say, Ms. Payne’s answers were typically educratic. She touted programs that don’t work and indeed, were thrown out by California many years ago (e.g., Reading Recovery and Whole language vs. phonics). As for furloughing teachers…please note that they plan to furlough teacher working days, which are a joke. Most teachers show up on these days, there may be a little workshop and most go home for the rest of the day. Nothing will be lost if they do away with these dates. Professional development is a joke, and there is nothing professional about it.

    The general assembly has allowed the education establishment to lead. As you know there is little difference between the members of either party. Hence the blame should be to those incumbents, who yes, as a majority belong to the GOP today.

    Until someone decides to take a hard look at teacher preparation and focus on subject matter vs. fluff, nothing will change. The fact that a Physicist, Biologist, Chemist, etc from a university who has proven to be a good teacher is not allowed to teach in a high school (they are not certified in a university setting) speaks volume of our government-run education system. To be certified one has to take history, philosophy, psychology of education, among other courses that do absolutely nothing to improve the delivery of instruction.

    It’s a shame that we have good professors retiring at a young age, who enjoy teaching over research and would love to help high school students learn, but are kept out of K-12 classroom because of their lack of certification. Knowledge of subject matter takes a back seat to certification. Until we reverse this, nothing will change.

    And by the way, the most prepared and knowledgeable candidate in the Greenville GOP sponsored debate was Mr. Zais. I did not know him until that day, but he sure stood out, as expressed by many who prior to the debate WERE endorsing Ms. Payne.


    • You validate the point of my post, which is leadership has nothing to do with party loyalty. As for your observation that “a Physicist, Biologist, Chemist, etc from a university who has proven to be a good teacher is not allowed to teach in a high school (they are not certified in a university setting) speaks volume of our government-run education system. ” I first heard that from Kelly Payne.


    • Roan is all about control, maybe because he might be getting paid to be Controlled Oppisition. Is Roan Garcia Quintana getting paid by Dark Horse Stratigies? Is Roan Garcia Quintana getting paid be Jim Lee, the UN, and the NSA? Who is paying Roan Garcia Quintana to break up the Patriot Movement in South Carolina?
      Inquiring minds want to know, I want to know!

      I wouldnt believe anything he says!


  3. I was at the debate where Mr. Quintana was a panelist. I remember it was by far the worst panel I have ever seen. This man’s questions were three minutes long. It was obvious that he really enjoyed hearing himself speak and was only looking for certain answers when he asked the question.
    There is only one candidate that I have seen actually address specifics for Superintendent, it is Ms. Payne. She is the only one that has taken on the reckless spending and misplaced priorities from the beginning.


    • Jim,

      You are entitled to your opinion. That is the beauty of our nation. I regret that you found the panel boring. The questions were made up by a committee of educators from all levels. We had 6 pages worth of questions, from which we selected 15, 5 for each of the 3 areas probed: administration, teacher preparation, student achievement. This was supposed to be a serious forum. It was not meant to entertain, but to inform. We chose questions that those outside education may not understand but those seeking the top education post in the state should. As for the three minute question…that was the last question and I wanted an answer that did not include excuses, as educrats tend to come up with more excuses as to why children cannot learn than approaches as to how they can learn. All the other questions were read as approved by the committee. I have worked at all levels of education, including the US Dept. of Education for the Reagan Administration. This is a topic for which I have a lot of passion. If you haven’t done so already, check out my website.

      A friend of mine taped the entire event. I will try to ask him to put it up on YouTube for all to see and decide for themselves. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of those who attended found the debate quite informative.


  4. JW Ragley is a typical political consultant, if his mouth is moving he is spinning (lying). The man could not know the truth from a lie if is life depended on it.

    These consultants have disproportionate power in this state because they work for weak, amoral politicians.Zias should know better than to hire this porker. But these politicians will do anything to be elected.


  5. I can’t believe Mick Zias hired JW Ragley. I am going to confirm that today, and if that is the case, Zais just lost my vote. A man is known by the company he keeps; JW Ragley is the bottom of the barrel.


  6. JW Ragley is not worth the time of day that you guys are investing in him.. He is just another wanna be. Don’t trust him, nor anyone associated with him.


  7. Charlie –

    There you go again….putting words in someone’s mouth they didn’t say. Just because you attempt to imply a “hidden meaning” of my tweets doesn’t mean you’re speaking the truth.

    You’ve missed the whole point by a wide margin. The issue I raised in my first tweet was for 12 years, the State Superintendent of Education has spent most of their time fighting to score political points against the General Assembly, not trying to solve the state’s problems. That has to stop. The next State Superintendent needs to work with legislative leaders and work with the next Governor if we’re to make some significant improvements in education. Being a bomb thrower won’t move the ball down the field; all it does is ruin the playing field so that nothing gets done.

    As far as cutting a bureaucracy, and I mean really cutting one, General Zais is the only candidate in the race for State Superintendent to have done so in his career. He streamlined administration at Newberry College because it had grown too large and too inefficient. Charlie, that’s a big difference between your chosen candidate and mine: one of them has actually done the cutting, and another just talks about it.

    Please let me know the times Ms. Payne has cut a program in her school or the things she has done to save taxpayer’s money in her profession that she can take credit for doing. If possible, quantify it. Please tell me how many times she has had that one-on-one meeting where she has told a employee that their employment is being terminated because that employee wasn’t meeting standards or the money wasn’t there in the budget. It’s easy for her to say she’s going to fire the bureaucrats; it’s totally different to have actually done it.

    Finally, for all the haters out there, I’ll leave you something to keep your wheels spinning. Gen. Zais, Ms. Moffly, Dr. Nelsen, and Dr. Burgess are all employed by private employers. Ms. Payne is a public employee, and she has participated in a forum in Myrtle Beach and a forum in Columbia, both in the middle of school days. Who is paying for her to take days off from her job to campaign?

    The answer: the taxpayers. Taxpayer funded leave to hit the campaign trail. Nice work if you can get it.


    • JW – Thanks for reading my blog. No, Ms. Payne hasn’t fired anyone, but she’s been in the trenches of the South Carolina education system. That’s combat experience that shouldn’t be marginalized. She’s had “one-on-one experience” with students and parents – routinely.

      Surely you aren’t suggesting that public school teachers are intellectually beneath those with PhD’s or armored with bureaucratic credentials.


  8. So JW Ragley believes state employees are not allowed to have vacations?

    As long as Ms. Paine follows the rules of her school, she should enjoy her time off, be it in a campaign mode or other.


    • Kelly Payne is the only teacher who has been given permission to take time off from work to campaign. What about her students? There have been other teachers who wanted to run for Educational Superintendent. How is she can and no other can? (Politican Eckerstrom and 1995 graduate of Political Science.)

      I still don’t know which candidate I like the best. All the above just makes me think.


  9. Garnet,

    I enjoy your writing but I think you’re wrong on Zais vs Payne. Mitch is a typical general but he has vastly more experience in administration than Ms. Payne. We are not hiring a “state teacher”, we’re hiring an administrator for a huge bureaucracy. You titled the article “Lead or Follow” of the two, who has more leadership experience?


    • I didn’t attempt to compare the two candidates. The point of my post is that Mr. Ragley seems to promote “getting along,” especially with the Party and I think the students and parents should be the authority for the Department of Education. All that experience and intellect is lost if the point of the candidacy is to suck up to the state GOP.


  10. I’d rather hire someone for a small bureaucracy.

    I love to see two candidates arguing over which one will be cutting more of the non-teaching, breathing my air, no-loads in the educational bureaucracy.

    So far, Kelly Payne has been much more believable though she is not perfect–but then, do we ever have a “perfect” candidate?

    I’m willing to listen to the “General” some more as well as Payne on these subjects. I think they both need to work harder on drastic plans to gut the bureaucracy.


  11. Let me state off the bat that I am a Kelly Payne fan so my opinion is a biased one. With that being said, if the solutions to our education is as Mr Ragley states “we need to work together instead of throwing bombs”. In a perfect world we could work together on REAL solutions. What Mr Ragley seems to imply is that if you don’t go along with the program, then you need to keep quiet and go along with the status quo. I have been quiet long enough! What we need is real reform in our public schools with new ideas and someone with the kahoonies to get them done, Kelly Payne is that person.
    Anyone willing to stand up to the establishment and NOT accept the status quo, will get my vote and my support. It is ironic that only the ones willing to make a stand against business as usual are the ones getting smeared in in this campaign with a non story, story.
    I have a 5 year old son that will be starting in the public school system next year, as I can’t afford private school. I do NOT want business as usual. If it takes some bomb throwing to make changes for the better (it sure can’t be worse than the state of our education system as it is), then I say BOMBS AWAY!!!! go KELLY!!!


  12. Might I add that Ms. Payne is the only candidate involved in PUBLIC education – not private. If we want to talk about a state board of regents, then the other candidates (Burgess notwithstanding) would be immensely more qualified.


  13. Let me say too that I am, as of this moment, a Kelly Payne supporter. I am voting for her not because of her party affiliation (I have traditionally voted Republican) but because she’s willing to say what she believes is right regardless of who she might offend. That is what this state and, moreover, this country needs right now.

    I am sorry Mr. Ragley but your comments absolutely DO imply that Ms. Payne should go along with the current system because it is run by members of her party. That’s what a lot of people in this state believe. After having lived in another state for a number of years, I can say that is a very common Southern (or at least South Carolina) mentality. We need to wake up and see that the answer to the problems in the state are not voting in more of the same.

    Lastly, I can say that the fact that Ms. Payne is a teacher is the biggest reason she gets my vote. I have an insurance background and having worked for a major carrier, I can say the most successful agents were ones that were promoted from working in the trenches, for and with other agents. I believe the same concept will hold true here.

    Oh, and your comment about her taking vacation days on the taxpayer dime to campaign is honestly stupid. Surely you are not suggesting that she not take time off because she is a public employee or that she should not be able to chose how she spends that time. As someone with a child in her district, I can say that if I have to pay teachers for time off, I would rather them be using that time to fight for something they believe in rather than going to the beach or getting their hair done.


    • Kelly is not the only teacher who is willing to stand up. She is the only one that has connections to get out of school. Other teachers don’t get the same opportunity.


      • You are wrong. Ms. Payne is getting no special treatment. But, considering your willingness to make things up, you won’t believe it. Contact the principal @ Dutch Fork High if you wish, but at least do a LITTLE research before making accusations.


        • You are wrong. You deleted my last post. Her principal might have given her permission but I know of teachers who asked to run. They all got NO for an answer.


          • Who? What teachers? What schools? Sounds like they have a major complaint for administration and/or the teachers’ union. Have they initiated complaints?

            Give me specifics so I can look into it because denial for someone to run for office is against the law. ANY citizen can run for office.

            I’ll file a FOIA request based on the information you provide.


            • I am sure you might find some of those teachers on Wednesday, April 14 at the “Enought is Enough” rally. Teachers are standing up. There are MANY not JUST ONE who are willing to run.


  14. Sure, I’ll throw no more bombs, I’ll gladly hand deliver them from now on. Enough is enough of the same old drivel and lack of anything changing for the better!

    Ragley, you’re a leech. You are scum and you are the quintessential example of what is wrong in this state. Keep towing the party line and see where it gets you. You good ol’ boy types have run this state into the ground and it is time for you to go. We’re coming for you and we will not stop until you are all eradicated like the fungal growth that you are. Keep it up and you will become a casualty of people who truly love liberty and want the best for our state.

    Zais is just another good ol’ boy wanting to tow the party line instead of doing what is right. That has gotten us NO WHERE! We need people who will stand up for what is right no matter what. What is this state’s fixation on old, self-righteous career politicians!? Yeah, Zais is employed by a private organization, but if anyone thinks his position is not highly political, they’re morons.

    There is a true revolution brewing and it is not going away. The people are tired of the cronyism and destruction of liberty that has been going on for so long. You better examine what side you are on because we’re coming for the good ol’ boy types whether you have a “D” or an “R” next to your name. No more will we sit idly by while you people continue to destroy our state.


  15. Until I had my first child, I ignored the stupidity of our state’s politicians, as most people do (that’s right, you’re not as important as you think you are). However, now that I have a child who will be entering the school system in a few years, my attention is now a little more focused. First, I pray that she’ll be able to go to private school. I’m certainly not a snob (I went to public school in another state and am glad I did), I just think our public school system as a whole is garbage. Yes, there are good teachers out there, but you can’t exactly choose which teachers your child gets for every class for their entire school careers.

    Second, I don’t care if you have an “R” or a “D” or an “I” or a “@” or a “^” or a “(” or a “#” or a “{” next to your name, as long as you do something productive. News flash to those in the G.A., you know nothing about running schools. I’m a little perplexed as to why Mr. Ragley thinks that the Superintendent (head of our school system) should work with people who either know nothing about running schools, or who have proven who that they are terrible at it. To the next Superintendent: we elected you, YOU to run our schools and to fix what’s broken. We didn’t elect anyone else to do it. Sure, we may have elected them to fund you, but not to run it.

    To Mr. Ragley’s point: I was in a job interview once and they asked me how I handle criticism. Without missing a beat, I said “it depends on who it’s from.” Those in the G.A., who have never worked in, much less run, a public school shouldn’t be making the decisions. The next Superintendent will welcome your ideas and suggestions, but is in no way forced to use them. After all, it’s his/her area of expertise, not yours.

    Mr. Ragley, at my current job, I help manage the budget for the company I work for. Part of that budget is medical benefits. Do you think that your doctor (the one YOU picked) should consult with me on everything? Should I have a say in the health decisions of my employees? Am I now a medical expert? Think about it.


  16. A few retorts.

    First, working collaboratively with your colleagues is paramount to success. Had Gen. Zais simply “gone along” with the group when he first arrived at Newberry, the school would probably have closed. They had presidents who “just went along” and the results were nearly fatal for the college. The truth is he built a vision and got his proponents and opponents to buy into it, and everyone agrees Newberry is in a far better place today than it was 10 years ago when Gen. Zais first arrived.

    Second, it is taxpayer paid vacation. Ms. Payne is drawing a paycheck for those days she is campaigning. Other candidates, many of whom are elected officials running for another public office, face the same criticism. What is different between them and Ms. Payne, both of whom draw paychecks from the taxpayers.

    Third, Charlie, again, putting words into my mouth. I said nothinh about degrees or intellectual ability.

    Fourth, Mick has experience teaching in a public classroom. West Point is a public school and it is not exactly your typical institution of higher education.

    As for the degrading comments about Gen. Zais, that is typical of Payne supporters. They have spread such trash throughout the campaign because they fear our campaign. Instead of debating substance, Payne supporters post personal attacks on a decorated 31-year Army Veteran. Shows how much class, or lack thereof, they possess.


  17. And Ragley has the audacity of accusing Payne supporters of spreading trash. That is really fresh. He wouldn’t know how to run a campaign if it didn’t involve tearing down the opponent.


  18. Ragley is first cousin to porky Pig, and brother to Pinocchio. lying is his first nature. He should go to church and go on a diet.


  19. My child goes to Dutch Fork- she is interested in Ms. Payne’s classes. I am not- however- going to let my daughter enroll in her classes. Given her romp record between the public sheets with Richard Eckstrom, I do not want Ms. Payne’s poor life choices to rub off on my daughter, Rosie. She asked me why I wouldn’t let her in the class, and I told Rosie that Ms. Payne is no one to look up to. She is no roll model.

    I’m undecided for the most part in this race. I usually lean Democrat with my voting. I know one thing- I will not be voting for Mr. Eckstrom’s mistress.


  20. With all due respect, BroadRiverQueen, Ms. Payne is an adult, single woman. What she does or does not do in her bedroom is truly up to her. She has done nothing wrong even if she did have a fling with Eckstrom. Eckstrom is separated from his wife, after all and is also an adult.

    Would you prefer we only have eunuchs in office? There is nothing wrong with single adults “romping” with whomever they please. I would hope that your opinion of her is not motivated by jealousy.

    Lastly, not to be a stickler for detail, but the term is “role model” not “roll model.” Especially given your assessment and disgust with her supposed “roll in the hay” with Eckstrom she’d actually be considered by people who think like you to be a superb “roll model.” I’d disagree, but had to point out the irony.


  21. And CNChapin, I still have yet to read an article that actually shows an affair. I’ve seen emails from someone that appears to be stalkishly in love with Ms. Payne. That is about it as now the topic has changed from one of substance to an unsubstancial one thanks to Queen.


    • I agree 100%. I have seen nothing to say that Kelly even touched the man. I only was able to see that Eckstrom might have some stalker tendencies.

      I was just trying to make the point that even if the accusations (unproven) were correct, it would be meaningless since they are both adults and not in a relationship.

      I just fail to see how it is even remotely a story, much less a criticism… of either of them really.


  22. Jay,

    Since I know you are reading this thread, I had a real honest-to-God question about Mick Zais’ platform, and not some pot-shots towards either you or him like those from some of these folks on here.

    Here’s my question:

    The SCGOP platform states “[i]n addition to improving public school performance, a system of school choice that includes tax credits, scholarship granting organizations and vouchers would offer more compassionate and better opportunities for all children in South Carolina.”

    The RNC platform states “[w]e support choice in education for all families, especially those with children trapped in dangerous and failing schools, whether through charter schools, vouchers or tax credits for attending faith-based or other non-public schools, or the option of home schooling.”

    Does Mr. Zais have any issues or problems with either one of these platform planks? If not, can you explain what form the school voucher program that Mr. Zais supports would look like? I already know that he supports “a [tax credit] program targeted to students attending low-performing schools”, but I am referring to vouchers, not tax credits.

    Thank you.


  23. I’m with Jim. I’ve seen nothing that proves an affair either. And Broad River Queen, if you don’t like her position on the issues, that’s fine. But to take aim at another woman for “what everyone else in the state is saying about her” proves my earlier point. People in this state can’t handle someone who bucks the system. It’s so much easier to bash her for her personal life than take issue with her on what she believes in. Instead of smearing any of the candidates, why don’t you find something of merit (or at least something that has been proven) to take issue with.


  24. Matt:

    Thank you for the question.

    Gen. Zais supports an large menu of options for parents.

    Within the public system, he supports public charter schools, public magnet schools, single-gender schools, Montessori-style schools, vocational specific programs such as the Boeing-specific schools being setup at Stall HS, public virtual schools, public online charter schools, year-round public schools and public schools that are setup to manage students with discipline problems, like the Infinity School in Newberry County.

    He also strongly supports homeschooling. Many students at Newberry College were home schooled and have done very well at Newberry. He would also support hybrid models. For example, a student could take English and foreign language online at home, via the SC Virtual School that is a public school or a private provider, and then go to a traditional school for say math and science instruction. Or it could be a dual credit program at a local technical college taking English and history, while taking an online math and physics course. But the ability to mix and match courses from different providers can save tax dollars, decrease class size (one of the benefits of online learning is smaller classes in traditional public schools) and of course, enable students to learn in an environment that best suits their talents.

    Gen. Zais would support two types of tax credits. First, he supports tax credits for individuals and corporations that make donations to a scholarship granting organization (SGO). This has been his experience at Newberry College. Currently, an individual can receive a tax break for giving money to Newberry College, the University of South Carolina, Clemson University, South Carolina State University or any other institution of higher education. He supports allowing the same deduction for money given to SGOs that would give scholarships to students in elementary and secondary education. Why should it only be a charitable gift for higher ed? Why not allow those charitable gifts to be used for the 65-70% of the student population that will never attend college, but maybe could attend a high school that is better suited to their needs. Second, he would support an individual tax credit, refundable or not refundable, for low-income families or families living in under performing school districts to send their child to a school of their choice or home school. In some parts of South Carolina, the public system options mentioned above aren’t available, but a parochial school might be available.

    Vouchers inherently come with government strings attached and government intrusion into how a religious or private school would be operated. He does not support vouchers for K-12 education because of the government strings attached to voucher programs and government intrusion in religious or private schools.

    But as a whole, Gen. Zais believes in the following principle. As policy makers, the goal of our education systems should be to find the educational environment that best fits the child, not force every child to fit the same education environment. Every parent and teacher knows that every child is special, but different. They learn at different rates, they mature at different rates, they have different levels of ability and they have different interests. Every high school should strive to produce productive, self-sufficient, civic-minded and taxpaying young citizens. Some will go to college, some will go to technical college, some into the military, some into an apprenticeship and some into the workforce. As a society, we should provide parents with lots of options so they can find the best fit for their child and give their child the best chance to receive an excellent education.

    I hope I have answered your question thoroughly.


    • Thank you for the response Jay. I now have a much clearer idea of General Zais’ positions. As a comprehensive school choice supporter, there is a lot I find appealing in Zais’ positions, including on tax credits (though I would rather see the individual tax credit available across the board and not just to some families). I can’t say that I agree with Zais’ position on vouchers, but I understand where he is coming from. One of the untold successess of the Democratic Party and education establishment is that, even in a state like South Carolina, they’ve managed to turn the word “voucher” into a dirty word. I just find it ironic that the idea appears in both the SCGOP and RNC platforms yet it is championed by relatively few politicians in nour party. Ultimately I’d like to see a candidate talk in terms of having the per-pupil portion of education funding “follow the student” whether to a public, charter, or private school.

      Anyway if Mr. Zais can advance the ball forward on the issues you articulated and pave the way for increasing options for parents then I think he’ll make a successful superintendent. He might have my vote.


  25. so Jay, there is only one person in support of you on the comments, Broadway queen, which if it doesn’t tell you that she is dramatic enough, I bet she is even more dramatic in real life. Seems to me that Broadway Queen is either your alter-ego, or your crazy lover, am I correct?


  26. No smart kid Grant. I rarely visit this blog and this is the first time I’ve commented on it. I don’t need alter-egos. But thanks for resorting to classless personal attacks; always the easy way out.


      • Garnett – if it makes you feel better, I frequent your site and enjoy your take on things. That said, I’m supporting Zais for this office.

        For the record, I couldn’t pick Mr. Ragley out of a crowd and I think he needs to hire a grammar checker for Mr. Zais’ website.


    • I was merely connecting the dots, I was not using “classless personal attack,” but evidently you just decided that you would just attack me. Thats fine with me. Also, the last time I checked, West point wasn’t really a public school, since you need a recommendation from a senator to join…


  27. Sorry Charlie. I’ve been accused of being untruthful, but for the people who really know me, they’ll tell you I probably “tell it like it is” too often. But you’ve got a fine site.

    The Colonel, new website is forthcoming and we’ll do a better job of copywriting.


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