Massey Withdrawing From Race For The 3rd

Very reliable sources advise me that South Carolina State Senator Shane Massey is withdrawing from the race for the state’s Third Congressional seat.

Sen. Massey (from The Spy’s hometown of Johnston), has had trouble raising funds in a district with two other high profile candidates.

Rex Rice is well connected to the State House Republican establishment and has gotten the endorsement of former Arkansas Governor, presidential candidate and Fox talking head Mike Huckabee.

State Representative Jeff Duncan (Dist. 15) was recently endorsed by the conservative national Club For Growth, one of only a handful of House and Senate candidates nationwide to be so recognized.

Aiken physician Dr. Mike Vasovski is also running for the 3rd Congressional seat, but he has a name recognition problem in the district that marginalizes his candidacy.

Of these three remaining candidates, the one that is a true reformer and represents the values and ideals that South Carolinians want in Congress is Jeff Duncan.  There is just too much “old guard” embodied by Rex Rice to expect the seismic changes that will be necessary to rescue the country from the debris of liberal spending and social legislation.

Jeff Duncan is the type of Congressman the state will need when the Republicans reclaim the House from Nancy Pelosi.  Speaker John Boehner and South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan will work well together, and both the nation and the Palmetto State will be better for it.


5 thoughts on “Massey Withdrawing From Race For The 3rd

  1. The thing is Mike Huckabee is more conservative than Mitt Romney. Huckabee has backed two establishment guys in our state but it is only because they backed him and they will endorse him in 2012. Ideologically, Haley has more in common with Huckabee. Huckabee supports the Fairtax, Haley supports a state consumption tax. Romney does not, he is supposed to be this great conservative and he defends the current system. Huckabee was against the Wall-Street bailout, Romney was not. Romney was not even against the GM bailout. I don’t understand thing anti-Huckabee stuff on the right. Romney was much more liberal as governor than Huckabee. Huck raised taxes with a vast majority dem legislature, Romney raised fees( same thing). Romney gave MA socialist healthcare, Huckabee did not. The main reason conservatives don’t like Huckabee is because we are embarrassed to have a plump white guy from the south that is a Bible-believein Christian. We just don’t think he can win. That sucks and a lot of conservatives are going to be surprised after he carries SC in the 2012 primary, his running mate will be Mike Pence (whom he endorsed) and he will take the White House.


  2. Huckabee is a conundrum. I’m read he won’t seek the presidency. Methinks he may be comfortable as a talk show host.

    Romney’s executive credentials are outstanding. OK, we can argue points about taxes, etc., but in addition to Governor, he did an unbelievable job with the Salt Lake Olympics. May not sound like much, but there was so much corruption and mismanagement with the Olympic Committee at the time, things looked lost. He shaped it up in a hurry and put on a great event.

    I’m not endorsing anyone – as if it would do any good – but Romney is not a negative.


    • I don’t trust him. I am more conservative than Huckabee on some issues like subsidies and things like that. It may not be either. I like Chris Christie 2012. Woodrow Wilson was elected governor of that state just two years before becoming president so why not Christie. He has been bold recently by cutting wasteful spending. Not being one of these RINOs that says he will cut taxes across the board, they never do. Christie is taking away teachers pension plans that these teachers never even paid into. Also look out for McDonell, Mike Pence, Rick Perry. These are some interesting curve balls. Pence would unite the party the most. In a positive way.


  3. You didn’t mention Neal Collins. I don’t think he really has a chance to win the primary, but if you’re gonna mention the Dr. Vasovski guy I thought Neal should get a shout out, esp. since he’s a good young Republican.

    As for Huckabee, lots of conservatives have problems with him. The whole “social justice” thing isn’t really the track that conservatives are going down right now. Huckabee supported many many tax increases as governor and was liberal on issues like immigration and pardons. So aside from the social conservatism, Huckabee doesn’t really stand out as a great leader on fiscal or security issues. Someone once told me that the FairTax movement was populated by a lot of populist types who simply want to latch onto an issue to somehow prove a newfound “fiscal conservatism”. I don’t know how true that is, but people like Huckabee and Rex Rice seem to fit that bill.

    Then again, Romney ain’t no conservative hero, although he’s somehow managed to assimilate himself pretty well with the CPAC folks.


    • We need to worry less about the greatest conservative hero of all and put up some folks than can stop this and throw Obama out of office.


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