Romney Endorses Haley

Former Massachusett Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has endorsed SC Representative Nikki Haley (Lex.) for governor.

Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC today posted the following:

“Ann and I got to know Nikki Haley during my campaign for president and came away enormously impressed with her as a person of character and as the spokesperson for a new generation of leadership for South Carolina. She has a proven conservative record of fighting wasteful spending and advocating for smaller, more efficient government. I’m honored to call her my friend and prouder still to endorse her campaign for governor.”


5 thoughts on “Romney Endorses Haley

  1. I put this on the wrong one at first

    The thing is Mike Huckabee is more conservative than Mitt Romney. Huckabee has backed two establishment guys in our state but it is only because they backed him and they will endorse him in 2012. Ideologically, Haley has more in common with Huckabee. Huckabee supports the Fairtax, Haley supports a state consumption tax. Romney does not, he is supposed to be this great conservative and he defends the current system. Huckabee was against the Wall-Street bailout, Romney was not. Romney was not even against the GM bailout. I don’t understand this anti-Huckabee stuff on the right. Romney was much more liberal as governor than Huckabee. Huck raised taxes with a vast majority dem legislature that could override any veto if he tried, Romney raised fees( same thing). Romney gave MA socialist healthcare, Huckabee did not. Huckabee did everything he could to promote the pro-life cause. Romney supported abortion until he ran for president. The main reason conservatives don’t like Huckabee is because we are embarrassed to have a plump white guy from the south that is a Bible-believein Christian. We just don’t think he can win. That sucks and a lot of conservatives are going to be surprised after he carries SC in the 2012 primary, his running mate will be Mike Pence (whom he endorsed) and he will take the White House.


  2. I’m with Egg, who really cares what Mitt has to say about the SC Governor’s race? His opinion on large families and Massachusetts might be interesting but they won’t affect my vote.
    It would be far more useful if Ol’Strom or Fritz we’re around to give their blessing – Senators DeMint or Graham might hurt more than they help and none of the 6 dwarves really has state wide approval sufficient to make a huge difference. However, in this race, it may well come down to a minor difference at least in the primaries.
    Huckabee is on record supporting Bauer (an interesting choice by Huckabee in my opinion). Now Mitt is coming out for Haley. It will be interesting to see who else decides to throw their “powerful” outside influence into SC’s election cycle. One thing for sure, Ol’Enos will be getting the President’s support – I hope the voters of the 6th district show him just how little they care.


  3. It’s just a way to get some attention for the campaign. We’ll see if it pays off. Nikki is hardly a Mitt Romney type of Republican. I can’t imagine her ever promoting a form of state sponsored socialized medicine as he did.


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