Who Will Answer?

I wanted to know what the candidates for State Superintendent of Education thought of Lexington Rep. Nikki Haley’s budget amendment that requires a specific portion of a school districts funding to “be spent on site.” 

On Wednesday (17 March) morning, I sent the following email to Dr. Gary Burgess, Mr. Frank Holleman, Ms. Elizabeth Moffly, Dr. Brent Nelsen,  Ms. Kelly Payne, Dr. Tom Thompson and Dr. Mick Zais

Lexington Representative (and gubernatorial candidate) Nikki Haley introduced and obtained passage of an amendment to H.4657 – General Appropriations Bill 2010-2011 – that alters the Department of Education budget so as to require 70 percent of a school district’s per pupil expenditures be spent on site.

 As candidates for State Superintendent of Education, I would like to get your reaction to this legislation.

So far, I’ve gotten responses from two of the seven candidates.  On Monday, the 22nd, I’ll post all replies received.  It would be good – I think – to have the opinions of all of these potential office holders, but we’ll see who thinks the issue important enough to address.


2 thoughts on “Who Will Answer?

  1. GS–This is awesome that you did this. Glad that you have already two responses. Hope that you get them from all seven to post.


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