A Worrisome Gnat

I honestly don’t know what to feel about the passage of “Obamacare.” 





Ill (Oops. Better not get ill!)

I said “angry,” didn’t I?

The United States House of Representatives, have perpetrated an act of treason on the American people.  Through lies, cowardice, greed, buffoonery, chicanery and unprecedented arrogance, the will of the people – that’s ALL of us, not just conservatives or others who opposed the bill – has been dismissed.  No… not dismissed – ignored.  Waved away as if it were a worrisome gnat.

We – the citizenry – are just that, an insignificant insect with neither the intelligence nor the importance of those in Washington.  We are not smart.  We don’t know what’s good for us politically, fiscally or in matters of our own health.

We do not count. 

Oh, wait.  We DO count.  We can count those 200+ “representatives” who stomped on the throat of democracy.

And in November, you can sure as Hell bet we can count ballots!




5 thoughts on “A Worrisome Gnat

  1. We may not have to wait until November. Many primaries start in June as in SC.
    We need to focus on our state houses, our county and town councils. Most incumbents in SC are behaving like the ones in DC. We have until March 30 to recruit citizens to run against incumbents in SC. The primaries (both Demokrats and Republicans) will determine who will be representing you in many of these cases as the winner will face no opposition in November. Don’t let anyone go unchallenged. We need to remind our elected official who is in charge, “we the people” and not “them the lobbyists.”

    In 2008 we took out 5 incumbents here in the upcountry of SC, including the number 3 senator who betrayed the people on the immigration bill. It can be done, but we must do more than shout our anger and frustrations. Put these emotions to work and we will prevail. It may not be a total overhaul, but every single incumbent we defeat is a step in the right direction. We must stop the selfish greedy interest groups from running and ruining our municipalities, states and nation.


  2. We need new blood in elective office. every chance I get I will be voting for new people.

    The old guard GOP has let us down again…throw the bums out.


  3. I put together a new 3-Min. YouTube Video, Democrat Health Bill ‘Bad Plumbing’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itlgELAW1vM

    Bad Plumbing–Call Joe The Plumber
    Procedural Bill Gets House Vote
    This is the story of valiant Republicans, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Rep. Virginia
    Foxx (R-NC) who lost most efforts to force House Democrats to hold a direct vote on
    the health overhaul bill. Democrats are operating under a special procedure to let the
    House automatically approve the $940 billion measure. The House debate on the health
    bill takes place on Sunday, March 21, 2010, and thereafter. Music for this 3-minute
    CoastalDigital video is Hannibal’s Song by Bad Plumbing. Yes, it also refers to
    Joe The Plumber (Sam Wurzelbacher).


  4. Obama may have just sold the voters the rope we’ll hang the socialists (at least the ones in the Democrat Party) with. This November will be bloody.

    However, Roan is right: we have to work NOW, immediately, to get good people in the primaries for local, state, and federal offices.

    Carefully choose the liberty candidates–must be FIGHTERS! We need no more establishment corporate welfare clones. We need no more pigs feeding at the trough!

    The next step is to volunteer and WEAR OUT SHOE LEATHER!


  5. I agree that many SC republicans are just like DC democrats, they need to wake up as well. As of right now the Tea Party movement is not looking to form a third party, this I can’t promise to be true in the future. We in the Tea Party are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore. The republican party as a whole has a golden opportunity to reclaim power in November and they probably will based on health care alone, however I do believe it is the Republican party’s last hope as people are fed up with their B.S. too. I remember the republican revolution of 94, it sure didn’t take long for them to cave to special interests and help steer our country to the left.
    We in the Columbia Tea Party are not endorsing candidates but we are going to target many SC republican legislators in both the primaries and general election. I have nothing against the republican party (I use to be one) I just expect if you claim to be republican then follow the damn platform, if you did that, then there would be NO NEED for the Tea Party
    I apologize for my rant but I am still a tad upset over the health care vote, rest assured though, we aren’t going away


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