The Hill: Haley Part Of "New Energy in Southern Republican Leadership"

In a post this morning, The Hill’s “Congress Blog” discusses “The Big Question: What does Rep. Stupak’s retirement tell us?”  Bernie Quigley, Pundits Blog contributor, said:

The times are a-‘changing. The Tea Parties have no really novel agenda that they will institutionalize, but are really a renewal, much like churches go through renewals now and again. You can see and sense the new energy in the Southern Republican leadership meeting this week — Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal. Nikki Haley, running for governor in South Carolina, belongs there as well. These follow the contours of 21 century America of small business and regional dynamicism. Then there is the RNC and the DNC. Old-school nationalism and “one-size-fits- all” federalism. Tired. 20th century. The Democrats with Obama made the big mistake of looking back to the past: Kennedy, Roosevelt, Lincoln. Much like the South in the 1940s still hanging on to Confederate heroes. Rep. Stupak did the right thing. [emphasis added]

There are two remarkable things about Quigley’s comment.  First, a South Carolina politician is picked out for something positive!

Second, Nikki Haley is put in the company of the Republican Party’s (and conservative) biggest stars and she is (for the time being) a state legislator.  That she is being recognized by observers from out of state as part of a necessary GOP renewal is testimony to Nikki Haley’s attraction as a candidate and potential as a leader.

~ CS


4 thoughts on “The Hill: Haley Part Of "New Energy in Southern Republican Leadership"

  1. Thanks for pointing that out!

    We really need a change here. Maybe we’ll get it this time.

    Of course, we’ll eventually get REAL change–one way or another.


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