A "Bright Light"

I posted a piece yesterday on comments made by author Bernie Quigley about SC State Representative (and gubernatorial candidate) Nikki Haley.  In that article, Quigley stated; “You can see and sense the new energy in the Southern Republican leadership meeting this week — Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal. Nikki Haley, running for governor in South Carolina, belongs there as well.

Curious, I thought, that a candidate for governor in South Carolina would get this kind of attention.  I wrote Mr. Quigley and asked him what brought Rep. Haley to his attention and why he thinks she stands out.

His response, in part:

Nikki Haley explains the new energies of the Republican party I think more than anyone. The Southern leadership conference this week correctly showcases Sarah Palin as “superstar” – she is a rough diamond like Andrew Jackson – but Nikki Haley brings the same tea party qualities in a more comprehensive, thoughtful and finished package.  Haley is an all-around leader who understands the times that are awakening possibly better than anyone. I wrote a small piece about her a little while ago, published in The Hill, where I write a “Pundit’s Blog” column. It is here: Nikki Haley – The new face of the South. [emphasis added]

He followed up with She’s a bright light and suggests a new cultural phase.”

Contributors, volunteers, political spectators and, most importantly, voters need to think about what Mr. Quigley says, go deep and ask – “Can this be said about any of the other candidates for governor?”

With all the problems confronting South Carolina, with her future very much at risk, asking that question is necessary and the answer pretty much obvious.

~ CS


4 thoughts on “A "Bright Light"

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  2. Every other candidate for governor has brought a lot of negative attention paid to our state.

    Nikki Haley is a huge POSITIVE who could turn the reputation of this state around in one term.

    The establishment crooks in the statehouse hate her with a passion due to the fact that with her bully pulpit being the governor’s office, she will utterly destroy their corrupt cabal merely by pushing legislation that will bring power to the people and transparency to our government.

    Look at what she’s accomplished so far by being a mere representative. It’s not much of a bully pulpit but she’s gotten her on-the-record voting bill through the house. Without Nikki Haley–one single person in office willing to fight and inviting and marshaling a lot of outside support–that would not have happened.

    BTW: we’ve got another fighter wanting to take her place in the house district 87 seat: Jimmy Yonce. He’s the only fighter running. He’s also the only one running who isn’t a lawyer, paid lobbyist, nor is he a tax and spend politician.

    He’s going to fight the system based on the principles of equality under the law and consent of the governed to protect our inalienable rights just as he has done in the past with ABATE and his working with other grass roots organizations. He will be OUR voice instead of being another establishment clone.

    Please take a look at him here:



  3. Folks, if you want Haley to be around in November, you’d better start chucking money at her campaign. She’s way behind in funding and won’t live to see the light of day in the primary without divine finnancial intervention. The mistaken tarring of Haley with the Sanford brush has made her a weak candidate in a field of weaker candidates – A.K.A. “The Seven Dwarves” (though I think we’re down to six now?!? Been on vacation and haven’t been paying attention)


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