Duncan Campaign Surges

Earlier this week, fellow blogger Earl Capps joined The Spy in promoting the candidacy of South Carolina State Representative Jeff Duncan for the state’s Third Congressional seat.

With a conservative voting record in the State House, Duncan will help a growing House Republican membership get back to the conservative and ethical principles which, when abandoned by the House GOP leadership, cost them their Congressional majority. Republican congressmen like Jeff Duncan will help regain the majority – and provide the consistent commitment to ethics and principles needed to keep it – which is why Third District voters should vote for him in the upcoming Republican Primary.

That wasn’t the only good news for the campaign this week.  Duncan won – overwhelmingly – a straw poll at a Third District Congressional debate last night in Aiken.   

  • Jeff Duncan 49%
  • Mike Vasovski 19%
  • Richard Cash 13%
  • Joe Grimaud 10%
  • Rex Rice 9%
  • Neal Collins 3%

Now, straw polls aren’t scientific nor are they conclusive, but the margin Duncan garnered and the distance between him and the second place candidate cannot be ignored.

But possibly the biggest news for Jeff Duncan this week was the April 16 endorsement of his candidacy by former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee.

With Jeff, what you see is what you get.  Jeff Duncan is a consistent conservative whose beliefs don’t change with shifting political winds.  Jeff Duncan doesn’t need a poll to show him how to vote, and his beliefs don’t conveniently change when it’s an election year.  When Jeff votes, he simply follows the Constitution of the United States of America.

I can almost see and hear Fred saying this.  Leaning forward in a high-backed leather chair, puffing on a cigar and, in that distinctive baritone and an almost “gee whiz” manner, schooling us on Duncan’s qualifications.

AND, as Senator Thompson noted in his endorsement, Jeff Duncan is one of only 11 candidates in the country to be endorsed by the Club for Growth.

Jeff Duncan is the kind of pro-growth, fiscal reformer who would help change Congress the moment he is sworn into office.  He has an outstanding record in the South Carolina General Assembly, consistently voting to lower taxes, limit government, and expand individual liberty.  And even more impressive than Jeff’s record of service is his history of leadership on issues like spending reform and school choice, even when it meant standing up for principle against his own party leaders.

All this – and more – is testimony not only to Jeff Duncan’s personal popularity, but a clear message to candidates for all offices that integrity and legislative record are important to voters.

At this pace, Jeff Duncan will likely win the Republican primary outright on June 8.  But he won’t admit that or even entertain such a notion.  My understanding of him is that Duncan takes nothing for granted (voters) and never quits a fight.

Not bad attributes for someone representing you in Congress.


9 thoughts on “Duncan Campaign Surges

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  3. Spy… FWD this to you, pls post on SCHotline… js

    ‘I do not know jeff but for the record the definition of integrity is; “True to ones self” and so I ask myself is the devil not true to himself x10? Why should I vote for Jeff though my gut says he is the good guy… schotline can you help me out here?’


  4. This is nothing but fluff and spin.

    To win the Third Congressional seat, the candidate will need to win the Upstate; Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee counties. A straw poll in Aiken has little substance.

    I like Fred Thompson, but he did a terrible job campaigning for the presidency. He did not win the state. Not sure if this is a plus.

    Give me some substantial information demonstrating that you are the best conservative for the job. FYI, being a member of the state House is strike one.


  5. So two bloggers who don’t live in the 3rd District are saying Duncan is surging + a straw poll, so that makes Duncan surging?

    I don’t live in the 3rd either, but not sure why these indicate that Duncan is surging.

    Are there legitimate polls out there?

    What about fund raising numbers?

    What about indications of effectiveness of advertising or grass roots support?


    • You seem unfamiliar with technologies. I talk with politically involved people in SC every day. I run ideas by them and they me. Getting the “pulse” of an electorate and a campaign doesn’t require physical presence as it did, say … in the early 1900’s.

      As for polls, they’re done over the telephone and, usually, by someone located elsewhere. Fund raising numbers aren’t – nor should they be – a reflection of a campaign’s success, especially in these ecomonic times.

      There’s more to political operations than what you read in newspapers OR blogs.


      • Good point. I access the internet via bailing wire and tin cans.

        Seriously, are there legitimate polls for the 3rd district, or just straw polls?

        What are Rex’s grassroots operations like in Pickens and elsewhere vs. Duncan’s in Laurens and elsewhere?


  6. Jeff Duncan has a substantial record of being a true to the roots conservative in the House, he has never received a grade lower than an “A” on the annual report card issued by the SC Club for Growth. In addition, he has been endorsed by the National Club for Growth and Erik Erikson (the editor of RedState). So far, Rep. Duncan has done very well in the counties you have mentioned, but you have left out a large portion of the district. There are also Greenwood, McCormick, Aiken, Edgefield, Saluda, Abbeville and Laurens Counties. His fundraising numbers have also shown great strength. There are several people running that claim to be conservatives, but he is the only one with a proven record that shows he is a conservative. The choice is clear in SC-03, Jeff Duncan is the only man for the job. For additional information, you can visit his website, or read the endorsements from Erik Erikson, The Club for Growth and SC Senator Shane Massey on his website.


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