Let Them Eat Tea Cakes

The following passage about the April 15 rally at the State House is from the University of South Carolina student newspaper, The Daily Gamecock:

A few of the legislators came outside and gathered near the top of the State House to watch the proceedings unfold, laughing at some of the more creative signs brought by the group.

“It’s interesting to see the number of Confederate flags or semi-Confederate flags,” said Rep. Todd Rutherford, a Democrat from Columbia.

Rutherford said he thought the crowd would be much larger.

“I don’t see it all making a difference inside,” he said pointing to the doors of the State House. “These rallies are kind of routine for us.”

In short order, Rep. Rutherford implied the crowd was racist (or semi-racist), insignificant and with a message of no consequence.

It would be convenient to write this off as just another dismissal by Democrats.  And, though Rep. Rutherford likely gets his instructions from the White House mothership, in South Carolina his attitude is that of most of the General Assembly.  Well, except maybe for the racist part, ’cause there are more than a few of them in the legislature. 

So, for all who attended or supported the rally or for those who agree with the message it was trying to send, according to Rep. Todd Rutherford, the doors to the State House are not only closed, they’re sound proof.


3 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Tea Cakes

  1. There was quite a diverse crowd there in terms of flags and signs. I saw maybe two Confederate flags that I recognized as such.

    The Tea Party is NOT a neo-confederate movement but, just as in the crowds of various eastern European countries that gathered to bring down the fall of the Soviet Union, the Confederate flag pops up occasionally as one of the long time classic symbols of resistance to tyranny.

    After all, being a “rebel” has always had a strong element of “cool” within it–especially in South Carolina.


  2. I saw Todd and on of his cohorts from the LBC. By their body language they were trying to recreate another setup the same as the CBC did in Dee Cee with their walk thru of the protesters against Politburo Care. Of course Todd and his buddy learned from the myth of racial slurs and spittle gate, that numerous camera would record the even and not give them a chance at pulling a Clyburn and Cleaver.


  3. I was standing next to Rep Rutherford when he walked out but paid no mind to him as I did not know who he was other than some other hollow headed stuffed suit. He did have an air or arrogance to him, though.

    What’s funny is that they think they are insulated from us, but they will soon realize that they are not. The doors to the statehouse may be sound proof, but it is no matter when we kick them in and commence to shouting in their smug, self-righteous faces. You might be able to ignore a rally on the front steps, but you surely can’t ignore a mob in your office shouting down your neck. We’re done taking it off of these condescending jerks.


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