President Desperate

President Barack Obama is desperate to save his administration and the Democratic Party.  This video, released by the DNC, is a call to the minorities that helped bring Obama to power in 2008.

He claims to have made “great progress” since coming into office.  He includes health care “reform” legislation – passed against the will of more than half the country, as one of his accomplishments.

He also says the nation “is back on the path to prosperity.”  Seriously.  He actually said that!

But LOOK OUT!  “The health insurance companies, Wall Street banks and the special interests … see the [November] elections as a chance to put their allies back in power and undo all that we’ve accomplished.

For me, in THAT’S what the health insurance companies, Wall Street banks and special interests have in mind, I gotta say I’m all for ’em.

Then, he gets to the meat of his message:

It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African-Americans, latinos and women … stand together once again.”

Curiously, the video ends with the following image:

This continues the cult of personality the Democratic Party has built around and for Barack Obama.  There is no difference between this promotion and that of Kim Jong Il, Josef StalinChairman Mao, Adolf Hitler or Chuck Norris.

This video really illustrates the desperation Obama and the Democratic Party are feeling.  Poll numbers of every stripe from every state in the country are clearly showing that the Democrats are in really big trouble seven months hence.  They may well lose both houses of congress, crippling Obama’s agenda and, possibly, making him a lame duck (one term) president.

Much like Bill Clinton, when there’s trouble, Obama reaches out to those over whom he has the most influence.  Whenever Clinton was having a hard time he headed straight to the nearest black church.  They swooned, hollered “AMEN!” and, like Monica Lewinsky, put a smile on his face.

Obama WAS able to energize young people, African-Americans, latinos and women, and there’s not a thing wrong with that.  Good on him!  But, he clearly believes  young people, African-Americans, latinos and women are incapable of independent thought.  He believes that they will simply do as he says and not pay attention to what he is actually doing.  He believes young people, African-Americans, latinos and women have not progressed past 2008.  He believes it and he’s counting on it.

This is HIS Hope, because that’s to what the desperate must cling.


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