Bill Connor

In South Carolina, as in many states, the position of Lt. Governor is usually overlooked.  Certainly, the LG job doesn’t have the glam of the Governor or the day-to-day engagement of other state-wide elective offices, but there is a significance to the job that shouldn’t be ignored.

The current Lt. Governor’s website succinctly relates to functions of the office:

Under the State Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor serves as the President of the Senate and assumes the position of Governor if for any reason the Governor is unable to perform the duties of that office.  As President of the Senate, the Lieutenant Governor is the Presiding Officer and is often called upon to make significant rulings which affect the outcome of Senate votes and debates.

The last sentence is no small point.  At a time when South Carolina desperately needs to reform state government and reinvigorate the economy, every policy and political leverage will be necessary for success.  Given the current legislature’s disdain for the electorate and propensity for rampant fiscal malfeasance, having a ranger in the Senate would be a powerful advantage for reform.

I believe the “ranger” South Carolina needs as Lt. Governor really IS a Ranger; Orangeburg attorney Bill Connor.

I could regurgitate Connor’s bio, but y’all can do that on your own.  In doing so, you’ll see a lot of stuff that you might see for a lot of candidates: conservative, goes to church and prior military service – though Connor’s is more distinguished than most, including receiving the Bronze Star.

Look, South Carolina doesn’t need a Lt. Governor that can kill people with his thumb or conduct special operations against adversaries who break in line at Starbucks, but Bill Connor’s military experiences DO provide unique qualifications.  While in the service, either commanding a rifle company, as a chief training officer, as an aide-de-camp to a commanding general or teaching commissioned officers, not only did Bill Connor lead – and was recognized for that leadership – he made critical decisions. 

But Connor offers even more.  He is someone whose political and social values are not only in line what that of the bulk of the population of South Carolina, but those values are in synch with what the Palmetto State needs.  He is an impressive figure intellectually, a characteristic that will be critical in serving as a spokesperson and champion for economic development in the state.  As Lt. Governor, when Bill Connor meets with company or industry leaders to recruit for investment in South Carolina, he will be listened to.

Most importantly, Connor will be a tough citizen’s proponent when presiding over the South Carolina Senate.  I believe those who engage in the procedural shenanigans in that body that have stifled transparency and progress will find a formidable adversary in Lt. Governor Bill Connor.

The Army Ranger motto is “Rangers Lead The Way.” but I think the phrase that’s splashed across the top of the Special Operations web site fits Bill Connor even better:

“No Bull, No Bias, No Pressure.”


7 thoughts on “Bill Connor

  1. As someone with over a decade of experience in human resources, as well as several years on the regional Workforce Investment Board for an area which has tried the approach that he has proposed – bringing wealthy seniors to the coast – I can tell you it doesn’t work. The end result is communities which are extremely stratified with little middle class and lots of low-rent housing for low wage earners which negate the tax surpluses generated by the retirees.

    The real answer is to improve our state’s workforce, especially in the coastal and Pee Dee regions, to have a diversified economy which attracts good-paying industry. But you can’t force people to go back to school and improve themselves, and so long as they don’t, there is only so much one can do. Connor can’t do that, nor can anyone else.

    That said, having seen the benefits of then-Governor Carroll Campbell personally involved in many economic recruitment efforts, I’d like to see our next Lt. Governor helping facilitate the process, as long as it is in partnership with local and state efforts.

    If he gets the job in November, then perhaps he’ll apply the infantry mindset to the problem – teamwork and a committment to getting results with no concern about who gets the credit – which is exactly what we need. It would be nice if our efforts in workforce development and economic recruitment had a team player at the top in Columbia, which is something we haven’t had in a long time.

    (Can’t wait to see the barbs that will be thrown at me over this one)


  2. I want a FIGHTER for reform in that office. If we don’t, as citizens, have a truly representative government this time around, we’re screwed. The financial situation is too tenuous to be playing around with the usual favor factory gimmicks and throwing handouts around as if they were candy at a parade.

    After talking with Bill Connor in person and via email, I’m sure that he’ll fight for US instead of the special and corporate welfare interests. He understands the concept of “equality under the law.” I think in the fight for transparency and other citizen reform issues, he’s the last person in the world that the current crop of crooks in the SC Senate want presiding over them. That means we HAVE to get him elected.


  3. I have to disagree with you. Anyone who cuts in front of me at Starbucks when I’m about to order my grande, non-fat, no foam, no whip, sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte SHOULD get taken out.

    The point is moot, though, because nobody would dare. It’s a very conscientious crowd there.


  4. According to C. Speight, “not only did Bill Connor lead – and was recognized for that leadership – he made critical decisions.”

    Absolutely, and the public needs to be aware of Bill’s proven leadership.

    Today I write about a few good U.S. soldiers in six vehicles (with no air support) battling through a series of complex ambushes for 4.5 miles, and — in some instances — the fighting was as close as 10 feet away, pitting pistols against RPG-armed Taliban fighters.

    South Carolina’s own Bill Connor — pistol in one hand, radio in the other, live rounds zinging all around him — was leading those Americans in this particular fight.

    Read on …


  5. Bill Connor is the best candidate for the job of Lt. Governor for South Carolina. We need people in office who share our core beliefs in the Constitution. Bill Connor is that person. Bill Connor will fight for us and not let the good ole boy network get in his way. One of the best days I have had was when we in the Myrtle Beach Tea Party endorsed him as our candidate. God Bless him !


  6. Bill is a great candidate but he has a “Sanford” problem from his law school days. Hopefully he can put that behind him and win this thing.


  7. Once again, Ken Ard’s staff has to make a false accusation against Bill Connor. Robby Rob Rob (funny that name really fits Ken Ard) or Katie or Robert Cahaly, stop with your lies and innuendo. Bill Connor will be the next Lt Governor of South Carolina in spite of all the negative you people spew forth.


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