The One

This is the twenty-first post I’ve published on Nikki Haley in a year.  There was one other, the first, that was about Haley, but I didn’t mention her by name because she didn’t announce her candidacy until the following day.

The Chief Executive needs to have a strength that comes from the voters – a populist. But not the current flavor of populist who spouts certain sound bites and strategically appeases one-issue groups. No, I mean the classic populist – one who rises from the ranks of and truly speaks for the citizenry. With that populism, such a governor would not only speak with authority, but (s)he would be feared because of that authority.

South Carolina’s 116th Governor should be someone the voters believe in enough to rally behind his/her policies and willing to make that support tangible by supporting legislators of the same mind.

Nikki Haley has the credentials for leadership; she’s tough – proven by the fight she waged in the House and continues with the Senate on transparency in legislative voting; she is smart; she has an extraordinary business sense; she is synchronized with the people of the state and, particularly, young people. 

Nikki Haley is – and will be identified as – an agent of change for a state desperate for reform.  Not the kind of change bastardized by Barack Obama, but real and good revisions to government and public policies that will genuinely help South Carolinians.

Electing Nikki Haley would not only be smart politically, but it will be an outstanding public relations event.  Although ones gender should NEVER be reason to elect or reject a candidate for office, the undeniable fact is that finally electing a woman as governor would have a very positive impact on South Carolina’s image.  And the Palmetto State could use a positive image make-over.  And with a clean slate and a chief executive that reflects the 21st century and a business-friendly environment, the future of the state will be very bright.

For South Carolina’s 116th Governor, Nikki Haley is The One.


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