Chellis Campaigning With YOUR Money?


The following image is from the front page of the South Carolina State Treasurer’s web site

NOT candidate Converse Chellis’ website, but the official online presence of the State Treasurer.

“…a common-sense conservative approach to government?”

“Treasurer Chellis discusses why stimulus was a mistake?”

These are campaign points, not policies.  Check out that “Twelve Point Plan” and see if it doesn’t smell like a stump speech.

This appears to be a misuse of state funds and facilities and wouldn’t be the first time Mr. Chellis has been loose with ethics rules.  I wrote just ten days ago that the Treasurer was using his Deputy, Mr. Scott Malyerck to assist in his campaign.

So, if Converse Chellis will be this cavalier with state resources, what else might be going on in the Office of the State Treasurer? 

According to the website:

The State Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the investment, cash management, and safekeeping of the State’s general and restricted funds and a portion of the assets of the South Carolina Retirement Systems.  We also provide fiscal management services, which include receipt and disbursement of all funds, coordination of all banking services, issuance and maintenance of all State debt and trusteeship of unclaimed property.  We work with and communicate regularly with the State’s credit rating agencies to keep issuance of the State’s debt so as to achieve the highest credit rating possible.

“The State Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the investment, cash management, and safekeeping of the State’s general and restricted funds and a portion of the assets of the South Carolina Retirement Systems.”

So, any of you willing to send ol’ Converse off to Starbucks with a twenty and expect him to give you back your change?




15 thoughts on “Chellis Campaigning With YOUR Money?

  1. The same exact document is on his campaign website. There is no effort to hide the fact that Chellis is running this campaign on the backs of the taxpayer. Deputy Treasurer Scott Malyreck is Converse’s campaign manager that makes $117,000…paid for by the taxpayers.

    Look at Converse’s campaign disclosures and you will note that many normal campaign expenditures are MISSING, as they have been provided by the state. While looking at the disclosures, look at all the banking money that has been contributed. Look at all the money contributed by people and companies that do business with the State/Budget and Control Board, from bond attorneys to investors- anyone that can fleece the state has given to Converse, and of course he has “given” to them!


  2. Converse Chellis needs to sell that fancy SUV, start working 5 days a week like the rest of us, and find that missing 60 million. Maybe if he does all three he has a chance, but I don’t think he is up to the task..


  3. The news tab on the Chellis campaign site is an identical match to the news section on his official state funded site.


  4. Converse Chellis is probably reading this post and the responses and is thinking, “Isn’t that MY money? They gave it to me, right? If I’m responsible for it, I get to do whatever I want with it, right??”

    Sociopaths like Converse Chellis have no conscience. If you discuss principles with them, they’re clueless. It’s all about playing games and racking up points. Cheating is just another game-playing strategy to them: if you don’t get caught, it’s all right to do.


  5. I saw Mr. Loftis last night at the Yorktown event. The media sought him out for interviews. The other candidates came to him asking for joint photographs. He was met in the parking lot by people that wanted to talk and he barely got away to give a speech somewhere else. He had the biggest smile on his face you ever saw.

    He has the Big Mo like I have rarely seen before.


  6. I have met Loftis twice and both time I was impressed. He is brillliant on the topic of fraud waste and abuse. He got my vote when he talked about the state “losing” 13 million dollars that was supposed to go to children with Autism.


  7. I kind of have to disagree with you, Spy. I’m not necessarily a Chellis supporter (I kind of like Loftis), but I really don’t have a problem with what’s on his website. Yes, it’s more of a campaign ad, but I don’t have a problem with an elected official saying “here’s my platform”. I kind of want to know what his plans are, even if it’s mostly campaing BS. I think being able to ready what he wants to accomplish is kind of nice, as long as it’s taken in context.

    Where is the line? What can he say about his plans as Treasurer without it being considered merely “campaigning”?

    Not a big Chellis supporter, but I don’t see this as a big deal. In fact, I’m kind of all for it. I wish other elected officials said publicly in writing what their plans were. That way we have something to hold them accountable for.

    And I don’t send anyone to Starbucks for me. My order it too complicated to trust with anyone but myself and the barista who’s concocting my sweet caffeinated nectar.


    • Once in office, it isn’t appropriate for a person to promote himself, especially during an election year.

      The twelve points Chellis proposes may be an appropriate agenda for a Treasurer to pursue, but instead of saying “I am asking the General Assembly to strongly consider these twelve suggestions,” Chellis should actually send these points to the legislature via official correspondence. If the legislature doesn’t comply, he could advise the public what he has tried to pursue and what was rejected. But he won’t do that because he was initially appointed by the General Assembly and is a part of that “good ol’ boy network.”


      • No doubt you’re right about his intentions. I just think the line between promoting a platform and being “transparent” about your goals and what you’re doing to attain them can become blurry. I don’t mind it, personally. Like I said, it gives us something to hold him accountable for.


  8. You are right it is not a “big deal”. But it does show what the guy is about. He uses the office to further himself. That is old school good old boy.

    Chellis is sucking at the tit of government. We need givers, not takers.


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