10 Debate Observations

After watching the dual debates by Republican and Democratic Party candidates for governor of South Carolina held by the Palmetto Family Council broadcast by WIS-TV last night, a few things got my attention.

  1. This was the first real debate held so far – or, at least, the closest thing to a real debate we’ve seen so far.
  2. Does anyone else get seasick watching Gresham Barrett sway back and forth, back and forth, back and forth like a weeble?
  3.  Seems to me the Democrats did a better job of answering the questions directly than did the Republicans.
  4. Robert Ford.  Bless his heart:
    1. “Sowf Ca-lina”
    2. “DE peepa” (THE people)
    3. I guess it’s a Louisiana accent (He’s from Louisiana.)
  5. Jim Rex seems like the Democrat’s Henry McMaster, though a bit more cosmopolitan and Vincent Sheheen a Dem Andre Bauer with a little Gresham Barrett mixed in.
  6. When asked to give a one minute promotion for bringing high-tech jobs to Allendale, Ford said:
    1. “Well, first of all, I might not need your business to come to Allendale County because my campaign manager has been in over a hundred a hundred movies and films, and we got a very complex film industry that we would propose for Sowf Ca-lina if I become governor.” 
    2. He also said this “very complex film industry” proposal would bring “100,000 jobs” to the state. 
    3. Followed by, “I did help pave the way to make the racial climate in Sowf Ca-lina better by resolving the confederate flag issue, and that’s one of the reasons Boeing and other industries is coming to Sowf Ca-lina.”
    4. I’m pretty sure this can be filed under “WHAT THE HELL?”
  7. The Republicans stood to respond, the Democrats sat.  I think it’s because the first Democrat question went to Senator Ford and he just didn’t want to stand up.
  8. Jim Rex said his “positive name ID is probably worth a million and a half to two million dollars.” 
    1. Jim Rex?  Positive name ID?
    2. He also said “I don’t know that TV ads make that much difference any more.  I watched three ads the other night and they were followed by an erectile dysfunction ad.  That was almost appropriate.”  That was a pretty stiff way to spin the fact that he hasn’t raised much money!
  9. I liked the set.  The plants made the debate very homey.
  10. Judi Gaston is MAD cool!



3 thoughts on “10 Debate Observations

  1. Argh! I missed this one–had another event to go to. Sounds like it was fun(ny)!

    I’ll have to catch snippets online.

    I think the movements you noticed in Barrett are characteristic of snakes attempting to hypnotize their victims. Unfortunately, that gooberish automaton isn’t even any good at doing that.


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