State Treasurer's Currency: Lies

Earlier this week, I published a post questioning S.C. State Treasurer Convers Chellis’ practice of putting obvious campaign materials on his official website. I had done a previous article about Chellis engaging “Deputy State Treasurer” Scott Malyerck in campaign activities.

Others have caught on. has published an account of the editorial board’s meeting with Chellis/Malyerck on Wednesday. Their conclusion is the same: the State Treasurer is using official state resources to campaign.

Further, questions Malyerck’s qualifications for the post that pays him a four-figure salary. His career as a political operative is outlined, leaving the reader to determine the propriety of his employnent.

The piece also documented Malyerck’s inventiveness in trying to explain his presence at the meeting and other aspects of the Secretary’s appointment calendar. Throughout the questioning by the UpState journalists – and Malyerck’s juggling – Converse Chellis said nothing. As his Deputy lied in his presence, the State Treasurer said NOTHING. Allowing lies on your behalf is tantamount to lying yourself.

As said:
“Malyerck’s presence at our meeting was a clear violation of state ethics laws, and his manner in the meeting indicated that assuring Chellis’ re-election is most of what he does.

“The fact that the taxpayers are giving him $117,160 per year, at least in part to help Chellis run, is disgusting and unethical.

“The fact that he offered three different justifications as to why he accompanied Chellis was ridiculous.

“The fact that Chellis felt no need to comment on the issue when we were questioning the men at our office was telling.”

I’m pleased to see mainstream media outlets pursue such misdeeds – aw, hell, CORRUPTION – by public officials.

State Ethics Board? YOUR turn to catch on. Oh, bring the Attorney General with you.



12 thoughts on “State Treasurer's Currency: Lies

  1. Converse Chellis is without a doubt the weakest statewide candidate the GOP has ever fielded. He is thin skinned, lazy, and rarely if ever is up to telling the truth.
    The newspaper’s account of his being quiet while Scott lied is amazing. How could any self-respecting republican vote for him after that? What was it Scott told- 4 lies? 5? WOW.
    The GOP must do better. Loftis will be better than Chellis, and if he is no good we can dump him in 4 years. But that Chellis has to go.


  2. SCHotline exchanged several emails with the SCEC’s Cathy Hazelwood this week and in short they will do nothing about the Herald-Journal report has been officially submitted to them as a complaint… And so in short those that say we live in a state with less than zero accountability, transparency and oversight are absolutely 100% dead on!

    ~Jeffrey Sewell


  3. Several things about this entire situation do not surprise me. First, the idea that Chellis would bring his henchman to a campaign meeting with the press isn’t surprising. Second, it doesn’t surprise me that the SCEC is going to bury the whole thing. After all, Chellis lost $60 million and no one has really done anything about that either.

    The shame of this all is that it DOESN’T surprise me. I suppose this means I have come to expect this from the SC government. As long as we continue to let things like this go on, situations like this will continue to happen.

    Since the powers that be will obviously do nothing about this, speak with your vote on June 8. No one who calls themselves a Conservative would put up with this from their elected officials.

    ~Ric Webb


  4. It astounds me that Chellis sat there, listened to Malryck lie several times, and said nothing. If he were a child his mom would be spanking him for that behavior. I am an adult and my mon would be after me with a stick if I acted like that!

    What kind of state do we live in when the Republican establishment is supporting a man like Converse Chellis?


  5. Converse Chellis showed that he lacked moral courage. By allowing the Deputy State Treasurer to attempt to lie their way out of a situation is damming enough. But to remain quiet on the subject during the following days is even worse.
    A real man, a real conservative, would have stepped up at the newspaper and said he made a mistake. Now, with the passage of a few days and still no comment from Chellis, it is clear that he agrees with the deceitful actions of his deputy.
    Chellis must go.


  6. Converse Chellis and Scott Malyerck are just more gangrenous flesh that the voters need to cut off the corrupt body of state government we have today.

    What this state needs is a heavy dose of antibiotics in the form of candidates like Curtis Loftis who are willing to heavily reform the way we do business.

    What we are facing here is the socialist economic system of fascism. Such an economic system leaves in place privately owned businesses but the government controls and regulates them to the point that they might as well own them. The government then feeds off the private sector until it kills the businesses, starting with the smaller ones, until they’re all either dead or totally controlled. Obviously it is not a sustainable system:

    Such a system requires an army of middlemen in government and inside the businesses themselves. The State Treasurer’s office is key to the good ol’ boy fascists. Such an office can either hide what is really going on or it can easily document and publicize what is really going on.

    Once the fiscal mechanism of the vote-selling favor factory is fully engaged in funneling money to favored corporations and individuals–as is happening today, flagrant–in-you-face abuses like those of Chellis and Malyerck are not just more likely to occur, they are inevitable.

    The arrogance that comes from accumulation of power, privileges, and money WILL express itself in many ways. Abusive people get their sick thrills from stepping on people.

    The psychology of these individuals make them the political equivalent of gold chain covered, gun-toting, pimped-out car driving drug dealers. Why would they bother to achieve such social standing, even if illegal, if they can’t show off how powerful, rich, and privileged they are? They’re incapable of hiding what they’re so proud of–just as Scott Malyerck was incapable of restraining himself from showing off what an incredibly arrogant boor he is at the Lexington County Republican meeting earlier this month:

    Chellis and Malyerck do not respect others. The only emotions they know are fear and anger. They are fearful that someone will take what they have and they will respond with anger towards those that dare attempt to tear them down. They’ll lie to your face and snicker about it afterwards thinking what a fool you are to think you can do anything about it.

    Do not underestimate the implications and impact of such low-grade political monsters as Chellis and Malyerck. They are the ones that, step-by-step, acclimate the citizenry to such abuses to the point that they’re not even remarked on anymore. They are the sinners than pave the road for even worse sinners to come. Chellis and his cronies need to be squashed like the bugs they are.

    People engaged in politics, more than any other field, need to be looked at in terms of abnormal psychology. History has shown us many examples of sick individuals who are attracted to the power and privilege of ruling over others. There’s no sense of sacrifice in these people. They are there to pillage. The spoils system is just a beginning for them.

    We, as regular, everyday, working citizens must continually be on our guard. Even those who would righteously replace corrupt politicians will have to be carefully watched and cajoled if necessary to keep fighting corruption. A lackadaisical attitude can be as bad as a corrupt one.

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. I’ll be d—-d if anyone can demonstrate to me that such a doctrine does not apply to the citizenry watching over their government even more than it applies to the military defending our borders. It’s time for responsible citizens to step up to the plate. A good first step is to actively work to get reformers like Curtis Loftis in public office.


  7. Converse Chellis is the dirtiest politician in SC. I just saw a smear ad he is running against Loftis and I wanted to puke. It is the lowest form of political speak.

    Thanks to the Spartanburg paper for showing Chellis’s lies in clear light of day.

    I hope the GOP leaders repudiate that man. I think the voters will, but the leadership needs to do so as well.


  8. Garnet,,

    Equally telling to me is that Converse Chellis is Treasurer due to the actions of the legislative leaders, Hugh Leatherman, Glenn McConnell, Bobby Harrell and Dan Cooper. Their silence also speaks volumes about them.


  9. The State Newpaper in Columbia has said nothing about this or anything else in the Treasurer’s race like the fact that Chelis thinks that a CAFR is an audit. He really said that, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it on youtube myself.


  10. I saw a forum where Chellis and Loftis were together. Loftis kept asking Chellis to prove his many statements. He kept saying “show me the audit” if you have one. Show me your work schedule if you have one, etc etc.

    Chellis never showed an audit. There is no audit on the internet. He never showed a different calender.I think it is all a lie and Chellis just to get through the election and Chellis should be ashamed of himself.


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