Crashing The Party

I received the following email and thought it might be of interest. I was aware that Supt of Ed candidate Kelly Payne’s signs were disappearing in coastal counties, but didn’t know it was so pervasive among the Tea Party preferred office seekers.

“Just so you will know who I can I am a concerned Myrtle Beach voter and I think a good article for you to post would be to ask the question why are all the yard signs of the Tea Party Candidates disappearing? Bill Connor, Kelly Payne, Thad Viers, In Myrtle Beach some of the 1st Congressional Candidates as well such as Ken Glasson , yet the establishments Candidate yard signs seems to multiply. Is this happening in your area?
“Does this mean the estabishment has waited out the grassroots candidates in hopes they will be running out of money and not be able to replace the signs?”


Curious, yes?



12 thoughts on “Crashing The Party

  1. JW Ragley has teenage/college boys tearing down signs. General Zais is losing votes left and right over this Ragley guy.

    Too bad too, Zais may have been top notch, but any general that can’t control a guy like Ragley can’t be much of a leader.


    • I met Zais today. He is very intelligent about Education. One of the Ten Commandments states “Thou shall not bear false witness.” Therefore, you can’t blame Zais for what MIGHT another person does. Only until you have prove that Ragley is doing it you are breaking one of the Ten Commandments. No, I am not a holly rolly…. but if you blame then show the evidence.


  2. I’ve had the same thing happen in the campaign against Lindsey Graham in 2008. Our signs were torn down but Lindsey’s popped up all over the place. Amazing what millions of dollars will do to win a campaign the crooked way.

    This time I’ve had yard signs knocked down in my own yard.

    If this is coordinated as it appears to be in at least some of the campaigns, it is a sure sign of desperation on the part of the establishment.


  3. I didnt say I didn’t like Kelly. She seems quiet. I am not the only one that thought that. She has to get TOUGH because if she gets this position she is going to have to. She will be going up against a lot!


  4. I know for a fact Ragley has the boys tearing down signs. I know the kids.

    Ragley is a pig, and Zais will do anything to get elected, so Ragley can do as he likes as long as Zais thinks he will win. But I tell you, it is looking less and less like he will win. Ragley has cost him a ton of votes from people that should have been shoe-ins.


  5. Unless there is a proof hear-say is meaningless. If you know the kids as you claim, how why would they tell you the opposition they are tearing down signs? I wouldn’t tell you anything. I work for no candidates. I do ask tough questions when something doesn’t sound quiet right.


  6. Union –

    First, way to be a man and put your name on your wild and false accusations. You are a coward. Second, the Zais sign team includes 2 people: myself and a Newberry College student. We have spent our time putting put road signs, not taking down other signs. Third, there are 2 culprits for any signs disappearing: county road departments and rain. Putting up a yard sign at an intersection along a right-of-way is guaranteed to be removed the next time a public works department from a city or county comes through. Anyone with campaign experience knows this, and we also know which counties are most strict about enforcing these regulations. As for the rain, God delivers it to the great state of South Carolina in the months of April, May and June. What happens when PAPER gets wet? Its structural integrity fails. If your campaign bought cheaply-made PAPER signs like the Payne campaign, the rain storms that have happened or will continue to happen will damage your signs. They’ll fold into themselves or fall apart. Then you need to revert back to culprit #1, who will pick up damaged signs because they are an eyesore. My advice to you is to call the country and city road departments and ask if they have your preferred candidates’ signs.

    Zais road signs have also gone missing and after calling the affected counties, they were not picked up by county workers. Most likely, folks are stealing the signs for the steel posts and selling them to scrap metal companies. However, in one county where Zais signs have gone missing the spot where the Zais sign was now has Payne yard signs in it. Can’t prove directly who was behind it, but I’ll let you speculate on the culprits.


  7. Okay you’ve been called out Union, put up or shut up – if you’ve got proof, time to come forward.

    I worked for Ravenel years ago putting up signs, what Mr. Ragely says is true, put them up in the wrong places and they’ll be taken down by the city. Put them up in other places and wayward ‘utes will take them down with no political agenda other than personal entertainment. I’m sure there are people (‘utes and adults) who will tear down signs because of their political agenda, I’m just have a hard time believing any campaign would run the risk of doing so.


  8. Mr. Ragley,
    Only you and one Newberry student put up/take down ALL the signs across the entire state??? That’s impressive. How does that leave you any time to follow Ms. Payne around in her car?


  9. Abba:

    We put up signs, not take them down. With a little planning, an early alarm clock and double set of tools to install road signs, they go up pretty easy. Despite this blog’s contentions, I don’t follow the Payne campaign. I do video tape Zais appearances and if other competitors are there, they get video taped too. The other campaigns have done the same thing, it’s a common campaign practice. One time I happened to be on I-26, a public highway, the same time as the Payne campaign…on a school day…during school hours…but that’s another issue this blog and others don’t want to address.


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