The Necessary Three

South Carolina has a unique government administrative mechanism called the Budget and Control Board (BCB).  From the BCB website: 

The South Carolina Budget and Control Board plays a key role in the general management of state government. This institution is unique to South Carolina and provides a broad array of services to other parts of the public sector as well as administrative and regulatory functions. 

There are six BCB divisions that control state functions from Human Resources to facilities, vehicles and property to various retirement systems insurance funds, procurement and information technology. [See the list below] 

The Board is made up of the Governor, the Treasurer, the Comptroller General, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee

The BCB is a powerful entity is South Carolina.  It’s a force within the walls that makes policy through the might of money.  This influence is why three particular elections are so important to Palmetto State voters. 

Of the five board members, three are elected state-wide: Governor, Treasurer and Comptroller General.  Here is where the people of the state have representatives in this critical policy body. 

The races for Governor and Treasurer are heavily covered campaigns, but that of Comptroller not so much. 

The Comptroller General is the state’s chief accountant and administers the annual budget that’s passed by the legislature. Only the legislature can authorize spending and nothing can be spent without legislative budget appropriation. The CG is bound by law to make sure that agencies spend every dollar only as mandated by the legislature. 

The place where the Comptroller General DOES have a voice in how state dollars are spent is on the Budget & Control Board.   Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom – running for re-election – has been the only Board member willing to stand with Mark Sanford and vote against spending on unnecessary, pork-laden construction projects, satellite campus expansions for higher education, long-term bonded indebtedness, and the like.   

Although EVERY office at every level is very important, it is particularly necessary for voters to take great care in selecting the right people for Governor, Treasurer and Comptroller General.  These three people will have the opportunity to get control of the people’s money and put it to work for the right reasons and stop it from being squandered through the usual practices of legislative earmarks and crony-directed payouts. 

To paraphrase myself, the votes of these three office holders on the Budget and Control Board are critical if true fiscal and even social reform will ever happen in the Palmetto State.  To have the best chance to oversee (and over-ride) South Carolina’s status-quo General Assembly, it is my opinion that the “necessary three” are: 

Governor – Nikki Haley

Treasurer – Curtis Loftis

Comptroller General – Richard Eckstrom



 Budget and Analyses 

General Services 

Retirements Systems 

Insurance and Grants Services 

Procurement Services 

State Information Technology 

  • Sets the direction for the State’s use of technology and
  • Supports the provision, use and administration of information technology (IT) in government.

11 thoughts on “The Necessary Three

  1. Yep on all three!

    That will be one way to kick the large, lazy derrieres of those crooks in the statehouse running roughshod over the tax payers.

    After this, we need to get rid of that pork machine and perform those functions in a more “normal” manner.


  2. There is no point in voting for a “conservative” candidate for governor if Converse Chellis stays as treasurer. He is the third vote. He swings the power from the people to the legislature.

    Lobbyist and insiders love Chellis.It is easy to see why.He is like an ATM machine cranking out dollars and favors to these good old boys.


  3. “The Board is made up of the Governor, the Treasurer, the Comptroller General, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee.”

    That would be currently:

    Mark Sanford (Governor)
    Converse Chellis (Treasurer)
    Richard Eckstrom (Comptroller General)
    Hugh Leatherman (Senate Finance Chairman)
    Danny Cooper (House Ways & Means Chairman)

    We will see a lot of turnover there. I believe that Chellis will be beaten, Danny Cooper might be beaten (there are *many* in his district that can’t stand him, and Joshua Putnam is running against him, see Frankly, even with Eckstrom having done a good job, after 12 years he needs to go back to the private sector for a while, and his relationship with Kelly Payne concerns me. Unless Hugh Leatherman loses his chairmanship, we’ll have to wait until 2012 to eliminate him, but I guarantee we’ll do it!


      • I can corroborate that. I have a friend that spoke with Kelly Payne face-to-face at the Spartanburg GOP event saturday, and when Eckstrom got up to speak Mrs. Payne told my friend “excuse me, I’m interested in what he’s saying because I’m working on his campaign.”


  4. I’m pretty sure that Mike Meilinger would fall in to the “Necessary Three” and not along with Leatherman and Cooper. Meilinger is a “fiscal reform conservative” in the mold of Sanford. And like your other two choices (Haley and Loftis) Meilinger is an outsider. Eckstrom is a longtime Columbia insider who’s on his second statewide office–and he continues to rack up the ethical lapses over all these years. He may be a fiscal conservative vote, but if you could get the same thing with Meilinger but coming from a fresh face with better ethical judgement, how can you go wrong?


  5. I agree, vote Meilinger. There won’t be emails between him and Kelly Payne on the front page of the State.

    Tired of the distractions.


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