The Spy's List

I started this blog as a way of putting my thoughts down, venting, jumping in on public discourse, a hobby in my retirement, recreation and intellectual calisthenics. It’s served those purposes and more. I’ve been fortunate to meet and/or correspond with some fascinating people and contribute – lightly – to discussion on important issues facing the country and my home state of South Carolina.

I don’t pretend to have any influence, nor do I consider myself a journalist or “player.” I would like to be thought of as a pundit one day, though… that would be kinda cool. So, with that qualification laid, it would be far too presumptuous of me to call this post an “endorsement.” Only important people give endorsements.

So, why am I posting a list? Because it’s MY stinking blog!

To me, the people running for office this year that are South Carolina’s best chance for reform and moving the state to economic prosperity, good schools, jobs and tax equity while, at the same time, combatting federal intervention, appear below.

This list isn’t intended to persuade anyone nor do I mean to denigrate other candidates (well, maybe some, but that’s for other posts). And, YES, this slate is completely Republican. There is reason for that.

Given the state of the national Democratic Party since – at least – Jimmy Carter, I don’t believe that particular political tribe has set the best interests of this country as its guide or the wishes of the American people as its conscious. There has been an even greater distancing and disrespect since the elections of 2006 and the ascent of Barack Obama in 2008. For someone to willfully associate themselves with the Democratic Party today indicates either a subscription to the party’s obscene trends, or an outdated and unwise loyalty to some personal tradition.

So, this is my “list.” For the curious, I’m posting Congressional candidate Jeff Duncan among the state-wide office seekers because (1) it’s my home district and (2) I’ve been able to do more research on the candidates for that seat because it’s my home district. I have “preferences in other races, but these are the ones I’ve had the opportunity to study and discuss with other folks.

Governor: State Representative Nikki Haley

Lt. Governor: Orangeburg attorney Bill Connor

State Treasurer: West Columbia businessman Curtis Loftis

State Comptroller: Comptroller Richard Eckstrom

State Superintendent of Education: Dutch Fork High School teacher Kelly Payne

Congress/Third District: State Representative Jeff Duncan

Whomever you prefer in this extremely important election year, please vote. Vote in the primary and whatever runoff(s) are mandated and vote in the November election. But, PLEASE, vote.

And feel free to take this list with you into the voting booth.

If asked, just tell the poll watchers a pundit said it would be OK.



20 thoughts on “The Spy's List

  1. Working Tommy C’s list concurs with yours (where possible):

    Governor: Nikki Haley

    Lt. Governor: Bill Connor

    State Treasurer: Curtis Loftis

    State Comptroller: Richard Eckstrom

    State Superintendent of Education: Kelly Payne

    State House District 87: Jimmy Yonce

    And yes, I really should publish this on my own stinking blog as well. Maybe tomorrow.


  2. Garnet,
    I’ll buy Connor, Loftis and Eckstrom but you can keep Payne – there is no way she’d beat Hollerman and he is the “educrat incarnate”. We may well have already lost the DoE.

    The jury is still out on governor. Haley might be a good choice but can she win, particularly with the current “turmoil and swirl” being fodder for the fall?


    • This is the first time I seen someone say reform is a bad thing. Sanford WAS a reform candidate; one who was blocked at every turn by a legislature that wants to keep THEIR pockets full at YOUR expense.

      Do you LIKE the way things are? If so, vote for McMaster or Bauer and Converse Chellis. They’ll make you SO happy!


  3. I am thinking you have been copying my notes GS, If the Columbia Tea Party endorsed candidates, all that you mentioned would more than likely be our choice. They are mine


  4. Ditto,including Jimmy Younce. I am sending a similar list to all my SC contacts & I would encourage those who agree to do the same. S. Carolinians have a rare chance for real reform. Let’s make the most of this opportunity.


  5. Ditto, including Jimmy Younce. I am sending a similar list to all my SC frÍends & family. I would encourage everyone to do the same. S. Carolinians have a rare chance at REAL reform.


  6. I ditto Jonathan Hill’s comments: agree with Charlie except on Eckstrom and undecided on Supt. of Ed. Although I don’t live in the third, but if I did I would vote for Duncan.


  7. Spy, I really appreciate your input on this and it’s nice to see we agree. I’ll be voting along the same lines as you. However, Being in the 2nd district leads me to believe that we are stuck with Joe Wilson. This year I am voting mainly to rid our state of the establishment. The “good ole boys” need to be ousted and gone for good.


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