"I've Had a Very Appropriate Relationship with Nikki Haley for Five Years"

By “Working Tommy C

I knew things were bad here in South Carolina but the coordinated and, I imagine, VERY expensive smear campaign against Nikki Haley is a HUGE new LOW for SCGOP politics.

I, myself, have had a five year, VERY appropriate relationship with Nikki Haley as a friend and a supporter who has frequently emailed back and forth with her on many different political matters. I’ve saved all my emails and texts, too. I can tell you that these lies by Bauer and Folks are attempting to portray her in a way that has NEVER occurred to her constituents as far as I’ve heard. We like Nikki in SC State House District 87–a lot.

Nikki Haley is a fighter and in Lexington County we’ve got one of the most conservative and activist Republican county party organizations in the state. We like fighters and recognize that now is the time that if we don’t have fighters in office, we may see the collapse of not only our state but our entire country.

Strange as it may sound to some, the only thing I’m wondering now is if Nikki will walk away June 8th with 51+% of the vote or not.

Yep. I’ll say it: I suspect we may see her win the primary with no need for a run-off. That’s a lot to expect out of a candidate who seemed hopelessly locked in third or fourth place just a few WEEKS ago. But I’ve known from the beginning that if Nikki could just get enough folks to hear her and understand what she’s all about, they’d support her in a heartbeat over any of the three, nearly indistinguishable good ol’ boy establishment clones.

And, yea, verily, it has come to pass. The recent allegations have only intensified the effect in my estimation. People in South Carolina have been whipped into a frenzy. The other candidates in the race are frantic now–and for good reason. They should, if there are any rational voices in their campaigns, have a LOT of fear regarding what is to come. Their campaigns have been virtually wiped off the radar of public attention.

Sorry if I sound as if I’m a political expert–I ain’t and I don’t know many who claim to be such that are expert enough to be right even most of the time in their predictions–but this whole man-made disaster of a gubernatorial election bears a striking resemblance to some events in the 1980s and 1990s that I witnessed in another state.

I’ve seen political backlashes before. Both of them were in Alabama when I lived there–one occurred after a similar personal attack and another happened when a corrupt Democrat Party in Alabama in 1986 nullified the results of the primary for governor and put up their own choice instead. In both cases, the sympathy and outrage backlash caused a landslide of monumental proportions resulting in the defeat of those who so grievously abused the voters with their lies and subterfuge. In one case, a man simply made district judge. In the other case, a man became the first Republican governor since the Reconstruction era.

I think Nikki Haley is about to make history, too. People are mad as hell at the good ol’ boy establishment here and combined with the tea party movement–which has been VERY strong here with Nikki Haley as a frequently featured speaker (NONE of the other gov. candidates could show up without getting booed)–we are about to see a perfect political storm hit South Carolina that could end the careers of many who have stooped to such hellish tactics.

You see, the problem with the establishment political manipulators is that they invariably underestimate the collective intelligence of the electorate. This is mostly because these so-called “experts” confuse apathy with ignorance or lack of intelligence. If the manipulators were to maximize the expectations that most folks have with politicians: “take care of business and leave us to hell alone” they’d try to stay under the radar as much as possible and only present a smiling face and their names in big letters on large signboards everywhere possible. And that is a frequent tactic used to gain office in this state.

Unfortunately for the politicians, they’ve grown so fat, happy, corrupt, and powerful that they’ve also grown very arrogant. They’re not just walking over us now. We’ve got the Jabba the Hut proportions of Jake Knotts standing on our throats now.

Make no mistake about it: this is war. And I’m not saying that WE are the ones declaring war. I’m saying that corrupt government has been waging war on us, the citizens, for a very long time. It is only now that it’s getting difficult to breath down here that enough folks are starting to ask themselves why they’re putting up with this garbage.

And, of course, with perfect comedic timing, here come the good ol’ boy clowns like Glenn McCon-artist and Jake “Pork” Knottzi defiantly refusing to grant us the transparency and accountability that we not only desire, but justifiably and indignantly DEMAND from them.

And, from the more serious among them, out slide the long knives in happily coordinated and unfounded attacks on Nikki Haley’s character. They’ve made a critical mistake however. Nikki Haley represents the frustration We, the People are feeling right now. We, the People, recognize that We, the People are the real targets of those attacks.

The establishment manipulators may have quite a hangover the morning after the primary. If history repeats itself and Nikki Haley rides the wave of a huge surge of voter resentment, they’ll be having to plan a way to fight a popular sitting governor who will take her message straight to the voters again and again as she fights to put in full accountability by making ours the most transparently functioning state government in the history of South Carolina, if not the entire United States.

And you know what? She won’t be alone. She’ll have thousands of activists from around the state–regular working folks–helping her achieve the same ends. This is TRUE power to the people. The fat and happy hogs wallowing in state and federal funds at the statehouse should be afraid–VERY afraid.


12 thoughts on “"I've Had a Very Appropriate Relationship with Nikki Haley for Five Years"

  1. To my knowledge, Haley has been endorsed by only one Tea Party– Myrtle Beach. As far as her being a “Tea Party Favorite,” and “the other candidates unable to show up without being booed,” Boiling Springs Tea Party endorsed McMaster, Tea Party of the Lakelands endorsed Barrett, and the Laurens Co. Tea Party decided not to endorse anyone, but our straw poll showed McMaster in the lead amongst our group. Furthermore, we had Henry McMaster speak at our Freedom Rally in April, and I can assure you he was NOT booed, but was very well received. Most of the Tea Party groups around the state have not endorsed anyone.


  2. Nikki is bringing sexy back to the Republican Party, in a heterosexual way… that’s a change. We haven’t been this sexy since Ike was sleeping with his Jeep driver!

    This is GOOD news. It’s so much better than our homophobe cousin who rented a boy from RENT-A-Boy to take on vacation. It so much better that Larry Craig’s wide stance.

    I just pitty her poor husband, unless he was getting a little extra on the side too!


  3. Great post Working Tommy C. So glad to have somewhere to keep up with you, now that the ‘blog that shall not be named’ will no longer get my traffic in this election year. We need a place to go, and I hope Garnet Spy will be that place.


  4. Maybe not all the tea party groups have “endorsed” Nikki…but I guarentee that if you talk to most of the self-described tea partiers, Nikki has stronger support than any of the other candidates. Not that the other three are completely disgusting…just that Nikki’s message is more in line with what the average tea partier wants in their elected officials.

    I live in Spartanburg County and attended the Boiling Springs Tea Party on April 15. McMaster was the only Gov candidate who could make it. He was very well received and of course no one booed him. A few days later he got that groups endorsement. But in talking with lots of folks milling around the park that evening at that tea party rally, Nikki was still clearly the favorite. One of the most important values that these people are looking for is someone who is from outside the system and willing to challenge it. By any objective analysis, Nikki Haley is that kind of person–and Henry McMaster most certainly is not.


  5. Okay, maybe I generalized a bit on the booing. I do remember Barrett being booed quite lustily in the upstate, however. I think he has avoided such events since. The other candidates have been mostly afraid, I suspect, of risking what Barrett mindlessly endured.

    Every event but one I’ve been to at the statehouse has had Nikki Haley speaking. That one event was closed to politicians speaking. I’ve not seen any of the other candidates bother to show up. If they had I would have been at least one person in the crowd booing them. I’m sure I would not have been the only one.

    Boiling Springs Tea Party is an exception in many respects–whatever. I appreciate Matt pointing out that the crowd is Tea Party, at least. How anyone can twist their minds up in a knot in order to support that goofball McMaster is not going to be a happy camper very long, I suspect: http://www.scfirearms.org/TheDefender/DefenderMay2010.pdf

    McMaster’s an obvious product of the Richard Quinn RINO establishment machine. He’ll pander to and fawn over the tea party folks now but he’ll be using the Constitution for a Depends diaper when he gets into office. He won’t make a serious effort at following through on anything. Mark my words.

    If they woo you, they’re going to screw you. First it was Grooms and now it’s McMaster. McMaster is about as transparent as a chunk of granite. And that’s about as active as he’ll ever be. Vote for him if you want a rock that won’t roll. He’ll appreciate your giving him the governor’s office as a retirement home, however. Maybe Bauer can come over and be his nurse.

    If you want a fighter, Nikki is IT. I honestly wish they were ALL fighters but it’s pretty obvious who’s put everything on the line for us working folks and who has not.


  6. Hev,

    Thanks! I’ve enjoyed this place since it opened. Glad you’re here as well.

    Garnet Spy has been solidly principled and consistently conservative in his postings and that’s more than I can say about 99% of the blogging folks out there.

    And yes, I got paid a single figure sum to make the above statement but then, I’m a just another gun-for-hire in the sleazy world of SC politics =:>)

    Seriously, if anyone would pay me for shooting off my mouth about anything I wanted to say, I might just take that job. Then again, I do love my day job–which I’d better keep.


  7. Nikki Haley will get the outright nomination next Tuesday. Jake Knotts should be forced to resign by the state GOP, if not the national GOP…if they weren’t secretly rooting against Haley of course.


  8. Good one TommyC. I’ve been to a lot of Tea Parties, and Nikki is the only candidate that regularly attends. The good ole boys are shaking in their shoes.


  9. I am Columbia Tea Party organizer, and can honestly say there are only 2 Gunernatorial campaigns that did not approach me trying to tie themselves to the Tea Party and Nikki Haley is one of them. It is true that she has spoken or attended all of our events and the simple reason is H3047 and her two and a half year fight trying to get it passed. My personal opinion is that without transparency and accountability the Tea Party has no effect, there is only one candidate out there fighting for it. That is why as far as I am concerned and I can only speak for myself as Columbia Tea Party does not endorse, there is only one Tea Party candidate and that is Nikki Haley. Actions speaks louder than words and Nikki has a record of actions, not words.


  10. Thanks for pointing that out, Allen! Very good true what you say about action vs. words.

    Thanks, Kenneth! I think you’re right: there’s an earthquake about to hit South Carolina.



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