The military means more to South Carolina than jobs, contributions to the economy or even patriotic obligation. It’s an ingrained tradition, a cultural standard, an essential component of Palmetto DNA. In fact, both icons of the state flag pay homage to South Carolina’s military heritage. To Sandlappers, only one’s religious devotion trumps the respect and loyalty held for our nation’s armed forces.

In South Carolina, the most military area is, arguably, the coastal region and, in particular, the 1st Congressional District. Home to the critical naval facilities in Charleston as well as The Citadel, the state’s own military school, the “First” is also where some of South Carolina’s most storied battles were waged by some of the country’s most legendary warriors.

It is, then, not only appropriate, but expected that the First be represented in Congress by someone with more than just a passing knowledge of military and defense affairs.

In this year’s election, there are a number of candidates running for that seat; some playing off of family legacy, some with decent political credentials. ALL of them can lay at least some claim to being “conservative,” but in this impressively diverse slate of candidates there is but one who also represents the critical understanding of the needs of the armed forces and the vital connections those needs have to South Carolina – Katherine Jenerette.

As most know, Jenerette wears the uniform of the United States Army (Reserves) as a First Lieutenant. But she is more than a part of and supporter of our national defense, she is also a visionary.

Regular readers of this blog know of my concern for America’s cyber defense – protecting our nation’s information grid. I’ve learned that Katherine Jenerette is the ONLY candidate in the First, probably the only one in the state and maybe the only congressional candidate in the country to recognize and address our national cyber-security.

Calling it “the next arms race,” Jenerette sees the very real danger posed by hostile entities – governments among them – to our digital infrastructure. She understands, and will no doubt go into political battle for our military. These days, with uncertainty around the globe and – sadly – our own government, having a combatant in congress is essential. I believe Jenerette will storm The Hill and fight those battles.

For that reason – and others – I’m adding Katherine Jenerette, candidate for South Carolina’s First Congressional District, to my “list.”



5 thoughts on “Jenerette

  1. She is a nutty whackjob and you obviously didn’t spend 5 minutes around her. Check her background a little bit better. she runs for something every 2-4 years and gets pounded. Maybe 5 losses so far. She can’t even win here home polling place. She ran against a man who gave her a job when she was farther down then down. She has never worked on a local GOP campaign, only national or bigtime state campaigns just to pad the resume. And by the way, the trial starts on the 14th.


  2. FROM BIO: SC SENATE ELECTION 2004: “…the good old boys’ worst enemy…”

    At 35-years old, as the Republican candidate for the South Carolina Senate in 2004, Katherine Jenerette scored an upset victory in Horry County, including North Myrtle Beach; which makes up nearly 70% of the SENATE District population.

    Katherine, a Pro-Life, 2d Amendment, US Constitutional Strict Constructionist, nearly unseated one of the most powerful ‘Good Old Boy’ Democrat Senators in the state – Sen. Dick Elliott. Until this election, Elliott had never lost an election in Horry County, and was first elected to public office in the segregation era of 1962.

    After a bitter, hardball campaign; Senator Elliott only managed a slim victory of a mere 1,880 votes out of over 30,500 votes cast mainly because of his Democrat base in the western counties coupled with a major ‘error’ in the voters guide, published two days before the election. In the voters guide, Jenerette’s party affiliation was switched to Democrat (D) and it identified Democrat Senator Elliott as the incumbent (R) Republican candidate in the Senate race.

    Jenerette would have been the only female Republican Senator in the State of South Carolina and one of the Senate’s youngest members. Katherine Jenerette did this without the support of the Republican Party Leadership, some of whom encouraged her to accept a deal to withdraw from the race as she faced off against the ‘old guard’ from both parties.

    In 2006 one influential political pundit described Katherine Jenerette as “…an independent-thinking conservative who’s not afraid to buck the status quo, Jenerette sent shockwaves through the Palmetto political landscape.” Katherine Jenerette’s near win of a powerful Senate Seat in 2004 earned her a reputation in many political circles as “the good old boys’ worst enemy.”

    Despite being outspent 10:1, Katherine had the 2nd best Senate race in South Carolina among ten Republican candidates who challenged incumbent Democrat Senators. Katherine’s 2004 campaign endorsements and supporters included the South Carolina Citizens for Life and the NRA – National Rifle Association.



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