The Spy Confesses!

It was in Bel Air, Maryland a year or so ago. My family and I were in a pizza joint following my grandson’s T-ball game. I was – as usual, facing the front of the establishment and generally unaware of the patrons behind me.

Suddenly my son said, in a hushed yet firm voice, “It’s Linda Carter!”

Sure enough, a man and a woman walked past our table and there – THERE – was Wonder Woman!

I audibly gasped. She was in the area for an LPGA event. We were in THE SAME LOCATION SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Yes, I’ve had a “crush” on Linda Carter for a LONG time and now, we were breathing the same air.

Clearly, this constitutes SOMEthing inappropriate for, you see, I was (and am still) married to someone other than Linda Carter – though my wife truly is Wonder Woman.

I felt the need to confess this impropriety because, well, I’m hoping to get more hits to my blog and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a reputation as a “bad boy,” get a CNN interview and, dream beyond dreams, see my name on a Fox News scroll …



7 thoughts on “The Spy Confesses!

  1. Strange that you should mention that!

    You see, I once had an inappropriate physical relationship with Nastassja Kinski.

    It’s also sad but true that no one has ever believed me no matter how much I’ve bragged about it over the years and shown them all the magazines with PICTURES OF HER in them.

    For that matter, Louise Brooks and I once carried on though usually I don’t go for dead chicks–no matter how hot they are.


  2. If only we had Wonder Woman’s “truth lasso” for all of this.

    Since we’re being so open, Carrie Underwood was in town for a concert recently, and… well, I really shouldn’t say any more.


  3. The interesting thing is that neither Will Folks nor Larry Marchant can produce a single iota of proof of any inappropriate “goings-on” with Nikki.

    I, however, do have solid proof that NOTHING happened between them.

    I have been in the same room with Nikki Haley on multiple occasions. In those instances, NOT ONCE did she make a move on me. Given that I am infinitely better looking, funnier, can read better, have better hair, am better at shuffleboard (thanks Bar None), and am generally much more desirable than both Folks and Marchant COMBINED, there’s no way they got anywhere with her.

    Carrie Underwood, on the other hand… she just won’t take “no” for an answer.


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