I suppose by now, most folks have decided for whom they will vote in 2010.  Others either are still researching candidates, haven’t yet been convinced or, sadly, won’t vote at all. 

But whatever the outcome, I have a warning.

The warning is for those elected.

If you have fooled us, we will not be fooled again.

If you have lied to us, we will, eventually, exact justice.

If you do not live up to the promises you made and that we expect you to keep, yours will be a short time in office.

If you continue the practices that got us into the situations we now suffer, you will learn of the voters capability and willingness to introduce you to the consequences of the electorate.

If you don’t improve government, we will find someone who will.

If you don’t initiate good programs to help the market create jobs, you lose yours in the next election.

If you don’t make taxes equitable, the voters will spend more than money to remove you.

If our educational system isn’t fixed, you will be schooled.

If you believe citizens are only fools who will believe anything told us, believe US when we replace you.

Do as you wish.  Conduct yourselves in office in whatever manner you want.  But remember:  you’ve been warned.



7 thoughts on “WARNING!

  1. Bull crap. No one will stand with people with evidence of large white collar crimes NOW. Why in the world would that change after the election?

    Sanfraud is toast and in the pen if you believe this article, because he’s involved in a tremendous crime that the establishment has covered up to the hilt. However, hard evidence is available.


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