Barrett: Retired Military?

South Carolina Third District Congressman and gubernatorial candiate Gresham Barrett seems to be trying to pull something over on voters.

Check out this campaign video:

At the 8 second point, you’ll notice fade-in text that reads:

Gresham Barrett
U.S. Army (ret.)

 Barrett didn’t retire from the U.S. Army.  Here’s an excerpt from his campaign bio:

Gresham graduated from West-Oak High School where he played quarterback for the football team and met the love of his life, Natalie. He went on to earn his Bachelors degree from The Citadel, a historic military college in Charleston, SC.

After graduation, Barrett served four years in the United States Army, resigning his commission as Captain to return home and run the family furniture store in Westminster. [emphasis added]

There’s a big difference in “retiring” – which normally means twenty years of service – and four years.  Since he went to The Citadel, it’s fair to add those four years to his total service, but eight isn’t twenty.  Claiming to have had a career in the Army is dishonest and a slap in the face of true military careerists.

The TV ad is aimed at a much wider audience than is his web site.  His campaign knows well that the little snippet with “U.S. Army (ret.)” will impact more people than does the truth.

As a (frequently) professed man of faith, I’m sure Barrett will not only expunge that little … ummmm… misprint from his ad and issue an apology for the “error.”

Don’t you think?



13 thoughts on “Barrett: Retired Military?

  1. Allen’s right!

    Regarding the video, I was mistaken. They did change something: automatically makes the presentation pic of the video the scene from the very middle. Barrett’s campaign CHANGED the timing of the “(Ret.)” title popping up on screen to avoid it being visible during the middle and therefore the representative pic but LEFT the lie intact by not removing the “(Ret.)” title completely.

    This would indicate very strongly to a reasonable mind that they’re more than fully aware of the lie they are perpetuating yet want to leave it there without being quite as noticeable to critics.


  2. barrett is probably the most dishonest amongst the R candidates. I can back up that statement with hard copy everyday of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year.

    i have nothing to gain or loose by making this political statement.

    facts are facts.

    ask Barrett how close he is to IG’s.

    then ask Barrett how come he got kicked off the Ethics Committee for the U S House in DC.
    maybe he would be willing to provide an answer, maybe he wouldn’t.


  3. Looks like his fake retired military status may have gotten him into the run-off according to the Public Policy Polling–IF there is a run-off!

    Remember, if Nikki wins it outright Tuesday night, you heard it predicted here FIRST!

    If there is a run-off, he’ll be little more than road-kill by the time it’s all over.


  4. I pointed out the simple factual discrepancy on Facebook without making any observations or conclusions and ended up having a couple Anderson GOP people jump on me for “attacking Gresham’s military record.” Wow. One guy went completely berserk!


  5. Jonathon:

    That’s very telling.

    Check this out: he was finally confronted in person and almost said something like “maybe that’s because I’m retired” before catching himself:

    He also maintains he’d vote for TARP again:


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