Larry Marchant: Paragon of Virtue


With less than a week before Tuesday’s primary, Bauer’s campaign released a press release Wednesday, saying that a Bauer political consultant, Larry Marchant, was asked to leave the campaign for “inappropriate conduct not in keeping with the goals of this campaign.”

Marchant, an influential and well-known Statehouse lobbyist whose clients include Blue Cross Blue Shield. “I told him that I didn’t want to do anything to discredit his campaign and that I would resign. He thought that it was in the campaign’s best interest. He appreciated my straightforwardness.”

Hmm… Bauer fired him, but will Marchant’s other clients follow suit?

Marchant, who has been paid more than $21,000 by Bauer’s campaign for his consulting work in 2010, said he is speaking out because the truth needs to come out. He also said he was upset by Haley’s statement last week that she has been 100 percent faithful to her husband during their 13-year marriage.

“…the truth needs to come out.” 

“…upset by Haley’s statement last week that she has been 100 percent faithful.”

From what I’ve gathered about Larry Marchant, neither truth nor concern about someone else are particularly high on his list of priorities.  But wait… here’s the best – and funniest – part.

Marchant said Wednesday: “I had to ask myself the question, when I was watching the press statements going back and forth between Ms. Haley and Mr. Folks, I had to ask myself whether I would be able to look at myself in the mirror every day knowing what I know. If I did not say anything, if I stood on the sideline and watched this happen, could I face myself in the mirror every day? And the answer was no.” [emphasis added]

So, he can look himself in the mirror – and his wife in the face – for two years and feel absolutely NO remorse or guilt about having committed adultery, but when his “partner in sin” denies having “an inappropriate physical relationship” WITH SOMEONE ELSE, suddenly he finds himself on the brink of personal despair?

Andre Bauer paid this guy $21,000 and he wants to be GOVERNOR?


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