Applause For Clapper

President Obama has nominated retired Air Force Lieutenant General and current Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence James Clapper to be the next Director of National Intelligence.

Hell yes!

Jim Clapper is one of if not THE most gifted minds in the intelligence community.  He is tough, popular with the troops/personnel and a visionary.

In every position he has held, Clapper has improved processes and, more importantly, the thinking culture of intelligence activities.  He listens to his experts and gives them the leeway to accomplish and achieve.  Clapper is personable, affable, even and is respected by rank-and-file, executives, colleagues and Congress.  He has the best interests of this country at heart and he shapes his vision and, with it, his workforce around that goal – with great result.  Jim Clapper gets this respect not because he commands it, but because he earns it. 

This nomination is the most clear-cut “no brainer” of the Obama administration and, in my opinion as a retired intelligence professional and a student of history, ranks with Eisenhower’s selection as Supreme Allied Commander.  It makes that much sense for all the same reasons.  Not only will Clapper be able to coalesce the U.S. intelligence community, he will be able to effectively work with our foreign partners to integrate mutual interests.  His reputation for integrity and intellect will persuade the hesitant and reassure the uncertain, both foreign and domestic.

President Obama gets a gold star for this one.



2 thoughts on “Applause For Clapper

  1. Glad to hear someone ” in the know” say this. Thanks for your comment Spy. I worry about some of the appointments of late, but you seem pretty spot on and trustworthy.


  2. Obama seems to err on the side of caution when it comes to the super-duper important positions like SecDef and DNI.

    I may question his judgement if he appoints Lindsey Graham to SecDef at the end of the year but I’ll gladly support Graham’s appointment thereto. =:>)


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