Bill Kristol: Barrett Will Pull Out Of Race?

Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol said on Fox News Tuesday night that he has spoken to influential party officials in Washington who say they expect South Carolina Congressman Gresham Barrett, who appears to have earned a runoff for the Republican nomination for governor against State Representative Nikki Haley, will drop out of the race on Wednesday.

Haley garnered just under 50% of the primary vote on Tuesday, just missing the nomination outright.  Barrett appears to have finished with less than 23% to finish second.


13 thoughts on “Bill Kristol: Barrett Will Pull Out Of Race?

  1. My respect would at least double (lot of room for growth there) for Barrett if he were to act the part of a true gentleman and drop out of the race in a rare acknowledgment by him of the reality of the situation.

    That is, if Nikki doesn’t get over 50% overnight anyway–which has happened before in other races.


  2. Funny how it is gentlemanly to treat Nikki Haley a certain way, but politics as usual with men. If she wants to run with the big dogs then she needs to be able to play by the same rules, not special ones just for the women. If this continues, the whole thing will back-fire and hurt Republican women, badly.

    I hope Gresham goes for it! If Nikki had come in 2nd, you would be blubbering about her doing a run-off, against him.

    Sorry, the same rules must apply!

    The Pink Flamingo


  3. That would be a good thing for the Haley campaign. However the interest may drop off for the other races making it for others to win, such as Bill Conner or do you think he isn’t going to win? I plan on voting regardless. Also in my district Pratt hasn’t won as of yet,49%.


  4. I like Nikki but I won’t to see her do more for Bill. He has for her. I also agree that Barrett should drop out if Nikki got 50 percent. That clearly tells you half want her. The other half is split amongst several other candidates.


  5. Allen: I think you’re right.

    The question now is: “Who is/will be putting pressure on Barrett to drop out of the race?” Her being in the run-off with Barrett is not going to help RINO candidates.


  6. It’s not about different rules, Pink Flamingo! If Nikki had only gotten 24% of the vote compared to another candidate’s 48%, it would be clear then, as well, that a runoff would only force the front runner to spend money better directed at defeating another Democrat, which is the ultimate goal…defeating Liberals. Don’t be confused just because she is a woman. This has nothing to do with that.


  7. Despite SJR’s “expertise” on Wyatt Earp, she does not understand the tradition that a gentleman is a gentleman even when not in the presence of a woman.

    There’s no double standard. For example, Nikki did not run as a “woman” candidate. Lindsey Graham did–or something like like that. He/she’s very confusing.

    Even though Nikki’s being in the run-off will help more conservative candidates in other races, I’d rather see Barrett do the right thing and concede.


    • What would you rather have:

      Nikki Haley and Ken Ard?
      Nikki Haley and Bill Conners?

      I know which one I want. I also can predict which one the “good ole boys” want and their strategies to achieve it!


  8. DON’T FORGET – If Barrett withdraws, McMasters can challenge Nikki. This happened when Tomas Ravenel ran. The second, third and fourth place candidates withdrew and the number 5 guy forced the runoff. I would not put anything past the state GOP to try to defeat Nikki. Let’s make sure that if one drops out the other two do also.


  9. nope Barrett, McMaster and Bauer (excuse me) shot their wad. they blew it when they protected their Govinah.
    they blew it on a few other things too, yet to be told, again, so I hear


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