Congressman Barrett: Concede

It was noted here earlier that “Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol said on Fox News Tuesday night that he has spoken to influential party officials in Washington who say they expect South Carolina Congressman Gresham Barrett, who appears to have earned a runoff for the Republican nomination for governor against State Representative Nikki Haley, will drop out of the race on Wednesday.”

Kristol’s point, and, presumably that of his Republican sources, is that the Haley vote total (205,000+: 49%) in the primary was more than double that of Barrett (91,000+: 22%).  Further, Haley carried 42 of 46 counties – the remaining four going to Barrett, all of them in his current congressional district.  Neither Attorney General Henry McMaster nor Lt. Governor Andre Bauer carried any counties.  That means neither of them can help Barrett in a runoff.  His only hope would be that more than half of Haley’s voters would stay home and all of his, plus some would stay with him.  Not gonna happen.  [Yeah, I know that it is possible mathematically, but not politically or realistically.]

The fact that none of her three rivals really put up much oppostion (outside the dirty politics) shows that a runoff would be a waste of time and damaging to the party.  Haley’s near domination in a four-person race – you can almost call it a landslide – is a clear message of what the voters of South Carolina want.  As is being alluded to by television pundits, the best thing for the party in the state is for Barrett to drop out of a race he cannot win and give Haley the time and clearance to run straight for the November general election against Democratic nominee State Senator Vincent Sheheen.

Rep. Haley collected more votes in a four-person race than all three Democrat candidates combined.  That’s no surprise in what is likely the reddest of the red states, and as formidable as Sheheen may be he is (1) a Democrat and (2) no other reason is needed.  By bowing out, Barrett can do a lot to flush South Carolina of the toxic politics seen in this election cycle.

But that’s for him, party officials and the Republican rank and file to work out. 



19 thoughts on “Congressman Barrett: Concede

  1. Whether Barrett will drop out of the race or not, I don’t know. But I’m not so sure Haley would have a certain victory in the run off (although I certainly would like to see that). I would expect every single Bauer vote to break for Barrett. I mean, if they voted for Bauer in the first place, that has to tell you something. So it would be McMaster’s voters who would offer the swing votes. I would assume then that most of those votes would also break toward Barrett, making the run off race pretty tight.

    But, I could easily be wrong. I thought the run off would be between Haley and McMaster. I figured Barrett and Bauer would both be in single digits. So my prognosticator is a bit off tonight, anyway.


  2. If the RINO establishment can talk him into it, he’ll concede. Haley’s presence in the run-off will probably hurt their candidates’ chances.

    You’re right: he has not a prayer of winning. I’d hate to see any more of the garbage we’ve had to endure the past couple of weeks over his fruitless ambition. If he wants to help this state heal, he can go out like a real man instead of just another political a**hole.

    And, if he bows out now, we don’t have to pick on his pretending to be U.S. Army (Ret.) in his video.


  3. And while you’re at it Barrett, take Moffly and Payne with you. Hollerman has three times the money of all the Republican candidates for Superintendent combined. We don’t need to throw away more money on an unnecessary runoff that Zais will win anyway.

    Republicans need to drop all contested primaries and focus on wailing on Democrats. This is going to be an ugly fall if the spring/summer is any indication.

    It is to early to say “I told you so” Garnet so I won’t, but Zais is the right choice for Sup.


    • Col.

      Payne isn’t in the runoff and Haley proved that the candidate with the most money doesn’t equate to being the candidate with the most votes.

      Zais’ 98,000 votes was just 1,000 more than Holleman got. The difference between Zais’ count and the next three candidates clearly shows a much closer race than that for governor, thus, the distinction isn’t as stark. A runoff for SecEd is necessary. If Zais wins, so be it, but this one is not “within the leather.”


      • Meant to say Paul Thurmond, not Payne.

        All a runoff does is blow badly needed money and Zais will win. I know we disagree on this, but he is the only one of the two candidates left who has the experience and ability to do the job effectively and potential to win.

        Had you ever heard of Moffly before this election cycle? She spent every nickel in two areas, the coast and Rock Hill. All she won was the coast and Rock Hill. Zais’ support is statewide.

        Here’s my BLUF (I guess here it would be a BLOB). We can’t afford Holleman, he’d be worse than Rex/Tennebaum (he is a Tennebaum associate) and is looking for a political stepping stone just like them. Can you say educrat?


  4. I don’t think a runoff will hurt Haley… and I’d rather have Haley at the top of the ballot… she should use the opportunity to orient herself towards the general election…

    But I still think it is a little stupid not to concede…


  5. Problem folks,

    State law is in the way, the Candidate most get 50%+1 or there is a run off. Even if Gresham bowed out, McMaster would be on the ballot, then if he bowed out Bauer would be next. So in order for Haley to escape the run off all three of her opponents would have to drop out. If Gresham wants to bow out, just let him stay in and don’t campaign, and be a block on the other two from running, unless they all agree to bow out(I don’t believe either of those two would do that BTW)


      • no, but I can give you the first time I found about the law. When Thomas Ravenel ran for Treasurer 4 years ago, Ryberg was 2nd and pulled out the Quinn who was 3rd pulled out but the fellow who was 4th stayed in and the run off was on between those two.


        • SC Code of Laws, Title 7

          SECTION 7-13-50. Second and other primaries.
          A second primary, when necessary, must be held two weeks after the first and is subject to the rules governing the first primary. At the second primary the two candidates among those who do not withdraw their candidacies and who received more votes in the first primary than any other remaining candidate alone shall run for any one office and if only one candidate remains, he is considered nominated, except that if there are two or more vacancies for any particular office, the number of candidates must be double the number of vacancies to be filled if so many candidates remain. In all second primaries the candidate receiving the largest number of votes cast for a given office must be declared the nominee for the office whether or not he has received a majority of the votes cast for that office, and when there are several candidates for several different offices, then the several candidates receiving the largest number of votes for the several positions are considered as nominated for the offices whether or not they received a majority of the votes cast. Other primaries, if necessary, must be ordered in a similar manner by the county election commission or the State Election Commission, as appropriate.

          I think this says that if the first “runner up” drops out the second “runner up” takes their place. I think they all three should drop out and get to bashing Sheheen. He has a lot of money (Yes Garnet I know money isn’t everything but it is an important something).


  6. Matthew – no problem at all, Barrett simply does not run, no ads, no nothing, he preserves his dwindling war chest; Haley spends only the minimum amount of money to remind her supporters about the runoff. The day before the election, Barrett encourages his followers to vote for Haley. He stays on the ballet, André is sent packing for good (we hope) and MacMastah can sit in his office and sulk until January.

    I think we need to change the law so you can’t run for office while you hold a different office – it would solve a lot of this “wanna be” run off expense.


  7. IMHO, I believe all three should bow out after all the B.S. that was thrown at Rep. Haley. I know its “just politics”, but these three should man up and do the right thing! Those were pretty low blows to an excellent (future) governor.


  8. Is the runoff a “closed” election: meaning, can only those who voted originally can vote in the runoff? If I recall correctly, in SC, only those who voted originally can vote in the runoff. Here in NC, you can vote in a runoff even if you didn’t vote in the original race, which I think stinks to high heaven.


    • They may vote if they voted in the GOP primary the first time, or if they did not vote at all. The run off is considered a part of the primary election. The Primary and the Run Off are considered as one election so you cannot cross over from one primary(Dem or GOP) to the other. So if someone who voted in the Dem primary were to vote in the GOP run off that would be against the law.


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