What's The Point?





Given the rather substantial buttocks thrashing he, Henry McMaster and Andre Bauer experienced in Tuesday’s South Carolina Republican gubernatorial primary, ya gotta wonder why Congressman Gresham Barrett is pursuing a runoff. 

Yes, he earned it.  Yes, it’s his right to do sol and, it’s even fair that there is something of an obligation to those who voted for him.  But how much sense does it make? 

Is Barrett putting his own ambitions above the best interests of his party? 

Is Gresham Barrett more important to Gresham Barrett than the wishes of a plurality of South Carolina voters?  If he had been running for the Democratic nomination, he wouldn’t have made a runoff because he would have had fewer than 50% of the Dem votes in a Republican state! 

What’s the point?  The point is to further diminish Nikki Haley.  It’s another version of the year-long attempt to marginalize the one candidate in this race that represents progress.  

Nikki Haley earned 49% of the primary votes because people were energized by what she represents.  They rejected the racism, sexism and anti-reform approaches by prominent members of her own party. 

That ain’t gonna change, Congressman. 

Get the point? 



13 thoughts on “What's The Point?

  1. I believe you might be right Spy. I’m ready for the run off and will proudly vote for Nikki once again. The thing that irks me most about Barrett pursuing this is the wasteful spending that he is doing as a result. He doesn’t respect what the majority thinks nor does he care what it cost. For any voter, that should be very telling.


  2. Yes, he got a 22 round across the butt cheeks, something I always wanted to happen to Micheal Moore. He has to run, sitting is not an option and he’s too scared to walk.


  3. Barrett is the typical politician. He wants big government. He wants money, fame and power. Most of all he loves himself and is too arrogant to think about anyone else. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong with politicians in this state and in this country. He says one thing and does another. He misrepresents his principles and values and he is quickly sold to the highest bidder.

    It is ironic that someone who thinks so highly of themselves can simultaneously be willing to sell themselves out for any reason.

    I hope that the McMastah and Bauer supporters have enough sense to help send the establishment in this state a clear message at the polls during the run-off. We’ve sent the message once, let’s do everything we can to send the message louder and clearer this time!

    Thank you Nikki Haley and, seriously, thank you Nathan Ballentine! Nathan is truly one of those guys who is in it for the right reasons and instrumental in our battle to restore individual liberty. He is all too often over-looked in my opinion.


  4. Working Tommy, I think you’re probably spot on.

    In runoffs, only voters with “a dog in the fight” traditionally show up. Even if 70% of the voters supporting McMaster and Andre were to show up and vote 100% for Barrett with Haley just getting her original voters, she still wins. However, if he drops out, McMaster gets the chance and then Andre if McMaster declines.

    The smart thing to do is for Barrett to pull an “Alvin Greene” for the next 11 days (He’d probably get more votes but Haley’d win anyway).

    Sheheen has a bunch of money and can now wait until the generals to spend it. If we don’t rally behind the Haley, we’ll wind up with an empty suit named Sheheen in office. Voting none of the above is not an option.


  5. oh but there is juicy tib bits about Barrett coming out too…. haven’t ya;ll heard yet?

    hmmmmm….. I hear he has big trouble.


  6. Well, it seems to me as though 205,895 folks voted for Haley, while 215,317 folks voted for the other three candidates… I would say, the “point” is that more people voted against Nikki Haley than voted for her. So, why would he drop out?


    • Peep – not the case that they voted against Haley. In primaries, generally, only people with “a dog in the fight” show up. In other words, they showed up to vote FOR a candidate. The total number of people who show up for the run off will be proportionally reduced next Tuesday.

      By your logic, Sheheen should not bother to run since 405,000 people voted for the Republican and only 197,000 showed up to vote for the Democrat


      • Colonel – it is not the case that they voted against Haley? Well, they sure as heck did not vote FOR her, now did they? And now that their “dog” is out of the fight (if they voted Henry or Andre), is it not permissible that they may in fact pick a different “dog?” – a “dog” that is not Haley? And yes, the showing may be less in the runoff, but then, perhaps not all of the people who originally voted for Haley will show up as well.

        And yes, by my logic Sheheen is wasting his time. Does anyone here think otherwise?


  7. RGA Chair Haley Barbour needs to clear the field by bringing in some surrogates like himself, Pawlenty, Jindal, etc. The Barrett campaign has to be running of fumes ($$$) so the best way to put him away is to cut his air off. Gresham would be a fool to put in his own money or sign a personal guarantee. If it goes into next week, then the status quo good ole boys will start launching grenades.


  8. What Barrett’s political machine is going to do, right now and for the next two weeks, is to try to seduce the people who voted for McMaster and Bauer over to his camp, with public endorsements and the lesser candidates’ support. Meanwhile, there will be even more “Hollywood confessional” disclosures about Haley to put the voters off her. What some of you are forgetting is that even those who adamantly support a candidate in a Primary will often forget to come out for her/him in a runoff. Barrett is counting on those flash-in-a-pan voters to reduce Haley’s victory and enhance his own runoff push. Does he actually believe he can win it? He has obviously been told that he can, and there must be reasons for his consultants and cohorts to think that… Watch the media for the next two weeks and see how they prove me right. The good ol’ boy Old Guard Republicans do NOT want to be forced to support Haley.


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