Alvin Greene And The Dem Dilemma

On Tuesday, voters in South Carolina’s Democrat primary chose mystery man Alvin Greene as their nominee to run against Republican Senator Jim DeMint in November’s general election.

Only after his win do Democrat leaders question his candidacy.  Among the questions are where the unemployed veteran got the $10,000 filing fee that allowed him to run in the first place.  For some reason, no one in the Democrat Party asked that question when he filed.  No one asked that question a month, a week or even a day before the primary. 

But now that he won the primary, legitimately, and beat career politician Vic Rawl to do it, suddenly there is outrage and a demand for answers.  There are charges that unnamed Republicans or Republican operatives put up the filing fee for Greene.  Some also contend that in an open primary, Republicans might have voted for Greene.  (Curiously, no one is contending that Democrats may have voted for Republicans on Tuesday, but, hey, who cares about details?)

Among the questions that aren’t being asked:

– If this was a Republican set-up, how is it that Greene carried 42 of 46 counties?

– If this was a Republican set-up, how he did collect 100,362 (59%) of the 170,215 votes cast?

– Does this Democrat protest have anything to do with Vic Rawl being from Charleston, home town of Congressman (and Democrat Majority Whip) James (I-Name-My-Children-After-Cuts-of-Meat) Clyburn?

Start the countdown on when this will be blamed on George W. Bush.   Or Big Oil.  Or Wall Street fat cats.  Or global warming.  Or the Pope.

Maybe Greene got the money for having an “inappropriate physical relationship” with someone.

I think it really interesting that Democrats have a problem with a candidate of questionable background.  Since when do they care that there are mysteries about someone running for office?  At least Greene can prove his place of birth.

And it’s shocking – SHOCKING I tells ya – that Congressman Jim Clyburn, one of the Democrat Party’s most prominent members, would question the legitimacy of a veteran and an African-American!  Is this just yet ANOTHER instance in which established politicians are trying to keep a brother down in favor of a white-bread good-ol’-boy?  Yeah, I know Clyburn is African-American; that just makes this all the more disturbing.

Jesse!  Rev. Al!  Where are ya?  Alvin needs your help!!




11 thoughts on “Alvin Greene And The Dem Dilemma

  1. The real blame goes to the Rawl campaign for 1) failing to wage an effective campaign for the nomination and 2) not doing their homework about their opponent.

    What kind of rockheads don’t know their opponent has outstanding charges? How did the Democratic Party leadership have NO idea of this? They only have themselves to blame for not doing their homework.


  2. It’s funny that the Democrats are crying “foul” essentially because a non-politician beat a career politician. I’m guess that’s WHY he won. Instead of tearing Alvin Greene to pieces, why don’t they look at their own party/candidate and say “how bad were we that we lost to HIM?” I’m guessing they would have voted for ANYONE who wasn’t a career politician. It was an accident that he won. Maybe it was an accident that he was the one who got the benefit of NOT being Vic Rawl, but the fact that the electorate wanted a name that DIDN’T recognize wasn’t an accident.

    It’s like Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, but with porn.


  3. Spy, I wondered why it was taking you so long to get to Alvin. Classic blog!

    My normally “uninterested in politics” Soldiers have been having a field day with this one. We took one of the plasma displays off line and set it up to watch his interviews on You Tube just so we can watch the ever increasingly aghast news reporters interview him as he stumbles through their questions. The interviews have been met with dumbfounded disbelief by my Soldiers. One of my younger, normally quiet, never says an unkind word, female soldiers, blurted out “Where did they find this dumb ass” after we played the Olberman interview. She’s from Manning and had never heard of him (or Rawls either for that matter).

    Where’s Jesse when we need him? (not that we ever really have)


  4. More proof that the Dimocrats ignore We The People. Didn’ t their heroine Nancy say that we have to pass the bill to know what is in the bill?


  5. I hope some of this will rub off on Clyborn, as I was going to suggest that Pratt use humor in going after Clyborn. I didn’t know Pratt would get so much help this early. Alvin, Alvin, ALVIN! uh OK .


  6. Of course the Democratic party would have to roll out Clyburn. This way the white bread running the party have “cover” when they go against the black guy who rightfully one.

    To think this is Republican dirty trick is ridiculous.

    The establishment is too busy trying to defeat the Indian lady. Go Nikki. I voted for your once, I’ll vote for you again.


  7. he won because he is not an incumbant.
    what makes everyone so sure they want Deminted to go back to DC to his C Street buddies??


  8. Gotta tell ya I have friends all over the country emailing and Fbooking me asking “WTF?” on this topic. I explain it this way.

    1) Since reconstruction, SC blacks have been almost unanimously Democrat. They will also vote for a black over a white, hands-down, bar none, period, end of statement. I’ve known blacks who have gotten elected who have been convicted of election fraud, fined thousands (which they never paid) – and still they were re-elected by their black constituents.

    2) In SC, one does not have to declare a party affiliation. This means that a Party with an ensconced “darling”, who will win without a real challenger, can send members of the Darling’s own Party into the ‘other’ Party’s primary to vote for the least electable candidate, to make him the only, easily defeatable challenger. Happens all the time, although not usually with so sweeping and grand a result.

    3) DeMint is no idiot. He has been courting the Tea Parties and the “Kick ’em ALL to the Curb in 2010!” clubs, to maintain his office as the seer of truth and champion of the Constitution. He didn’t have to suggest to any South Carolinian the above ideas, any more than he had to have anyone provide Greene with $10,000 for a filing fee. It won’t ever be traced back to him or anyone affiliated with him. Not to mention that Rawl is a Democrat spittle-licker who thinks he deserved the Dem nom – and is probably the most insulted of all. Of course he knew he didn’t have a chance against DeMint, but this lets him out of the running for any sort of gain in political clout. Greene will stay in the race, DeMint will win, and that was the whole idea all along. These people have been playing the game for longer than many voters have been aware that there WAS a game.


  9. I am hearing rumors that Sen Ford(who was running for Governor) recruited Greene to give blacks a reason to get out and vote. Have any of you heard this, It makes sense, but I don’t have any confirmation on it.


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