Lane Kiffin: Karma's A Bitch

The University of Southern California-Which-Is-Not-The-Real-USC has been hammered with massive penalties after serious eligibility violations centering on running back Reggie Bush in 2004.  USC-W-I-N-T-R-USC has 14 wins wiped from their record for the 2004-05 season and will lose 30 football scholarships over three years.

This is an unfortunate start for new Southern Cal coach Lane Kiffin, a big mouth brat with an ego the size of Neptune who gave the finger to the Tennessee Volunteers and their fans after a monster 7-6 season in Knoxville (following a 5-15 record with the Oakland Raiders).  Honestly, I was happy to see all the chaos his departure created at UT.  As a South Carolina alum (still hurting from the 31-13 loss we took at Neyland in October), I was downright giddy to see all those folks in effeminate orange hanging Kiffin in effigy, slamming him in the press and eviscerating him online.  The Volunteers were in distress and the team in shambles:

Whether he’s a snake, weasel, or just your garden variety spoiled brat, it’s really of no great circumstance. What matters is that Lane Kiffin is done with Tennessee after just one year and on to bigger and better things. In his wake, he leaves a program that was likely better off having never known him at all. 

Lane Kiffin is leaving Tennessee in a state of rubble and shrapnel. And if Carroll’s a worm for leaving the Trojans high and dry, Lane Kiffin’s a snake of the highest order. As of Tuesday night, that snake was on a plane to La La Land.  [Fox Sports]

Lane Kiffin ran off to Hollywood only to find his star on the Walk of Fame puked on by Pete Carroll and the NCAA.  I join with the population of Rocky Top World in reveling in Kiffin’s misfortune.  It’s kinda like that guy in a real expensive sports car that darts through traffic, cutting people off, getting all the green lights and making better time than anyone else – then you get down the road and see him pulled over by a cop… Or, better yet, crunched up in a heap at the foot of an overpass piling.

Ahhhhhhhh karma.  You have taken a massive dump on USC-W-I-N-T-R-USC and caught Lane Kiffin in the splash; and for that, we are grateful.



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