Jake Knotts' Sock Puppet

According to Politico, South Carolina Lt. Governor and erstwhile Republican gubernatorial candidate Andre Bauer may not be all that much Republican after all:

In an interview with POLITICO, Andre Bauer wouldn’t commit to endorsing Haley if she were to beat Barrett and become the nominee. “I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get to it,” he said. [emphasis added]

It’s one thing to be a RINO on policy, but this public spittle-in-the-eye is going a bit far.  I know that Bauer may just mean that he won’t endorse Haley and, instead, stay quiet and it doesn’t mean he’ll vote or support the Democrat candidate.  But the point is that he’s a prominent Republican and if he’s gonna stay a factor in the party, it seems to me he needs to support his party, especially in an election for governor. 

Whether it’s sour grapes at having finished dead last in the June 8 primary, or because he’s a whiney l’il bitch or because State Senator and noted bigot, sexist, reform hater and Andre Bauer puppet master Jake Knotts told him to say it, for the Republican Lt. Governor to be so vague in support of the potential party nominee in the general election says a lot about the man and his true agenda.

South Carolinians should be REAL glad this man won’t have a chance to be the governor.  His intentions certainly seem to be for the betterment of something (or someone) other than the Palmetto State and her citizens.

It should also give pause to those considering voting for Gresham Barrett in the runoff.  If Bauer is supporting him, might it be that Barrett has the same fourth place agenda as Bauer?

Though my election is over, my goals remain the same and there is only one candidate I can trust who has the character and judgment to accomplish these goals: Gresham Barrett. [WSPA]

Ouch!  Can South Carolina expect more Jake Knotts if Barrett beat the odds and is elected? 

So here’s a challenge to both campaigns:  No matter the outcome of the June 22 run-off, will you commit to supporting the Republican nominee in the November general election?



6 thoughts on “Jake Knotts' Sock Puppet

  1. I’ll be honest, I am Nikki Haley supporter.

    Carl Gullick was my rep. It was at that time that I stopped, “holding my nose” and voting for candidates with an R next to their name.

    Never again will I do that. Wes Hayes, my state Senator will never get my vote. Barrett? I never thought much of him. Seems like a featherweight to me. I


  2. I don’t mind if Bauer expresses his heart and supports the Dem in the general election this fall.

    But then, I really WANT him to get out of the Republican Party after all the stunts he and his kind have pulled in his desperate bid to be governor.


  3. He’s trying to figure out how to work his new
    obameter. Someone should tell him to stop, it’s
    not reprogrammable. Those things
    “went off” at the same time about four days ago,
    first time since the health care crisis and they all
    read “JUST RIGHT”. Soon, people are going to
    JUST “catch on” anyway.


  4. At the time, I was one of the few people who backed Sanford’s decision to stay on the job. Those of us in the know, know what a turd Andre’ Bauer is. Sanford is many things to many people, but to me he’s a fantastic fiscal conservative (I am very libertarian when it comes to “values”) who saved South Carolina from the likes of Andre’ Bauer, Jake Knotts, and Glenn McConnell by staying in office. Thank you, Mark Sanford!


  5. Funny, no one climbed such a high and mighty assumption of importance when Mike Campbell failed to endorse Andre after being whipped in the 2006 lite gov run-off. Maybe if a hue and a cry had been raised in some righteous faction THEN Andre and others might better understand what you think he ought to do NOW. In short, situational ethics is situational ethics and no one has a monopoly on it.


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