Actor Knows SC Politics Best

Actor Steven Weber has weighed in on the Alvin Greene controversy.  Weber’s piece appears on The Huffington Post, which should give you an idea of the slant therein.

New York native Weber, best known for his role in the 90’s sitcom Wings, is imminently qualified to comment on South Carolina politics from his “six-bedroom, 5,200-square-foot house on 2.57 acres in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood.”

The post follows without comment – at least, not from me…

Newly Elected South Carolina Senator Alvin Greene’s Acceptance Speech



I want to thank the thousands of voting machines that elected me.

I want to thank the ballots for making you think of Lou Rawls and Al Greene, who I liked a lot. As a kid. I think Lou Rawls is dead. Which helped.



I look forward to representing the people of South Carolina, wherever they are.

I want to thank God for the envelope with money in it that He sent me, along with the note telling me to run for senator.

And I want to thank all of of you for making all of this and all of me possible. And God.



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