Jake Knotts/SC Dems: Brothers In Racism

Both South Carolina State Senator Jake Knotts (R-Lexington) and South Carolina Democrats have revealed their own particular flavor of racism in this year’s election cycle.

Knotts is the idiot who now famously called President Obama and South Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley “ragheads.”  Maybe that should be the “r” word.  He apologized, but it doesn’t count because Knotts is a serial bigot and “d” word.

South Carolina Democrats, appalled that their own white-bread candidate for Senate, Vic Rawl, lost the nomination in the June 8 primary to Alvin Greene, tried to overturn Greene’s 59% win.  Greene is an African-American with an odd background who happens to be facing a felony obscenity charge.

African-American and defeated Democrat gubernatorial candidate State Sen. Robert Ford(e) (D-Charleston) said the vote was tainted, that voters intuitively knew Greene is African-American and that’s why they cast their ballots for him.  “No white folks have an ‘e’ on the end of Green.” Ford(e) said.  “The blacks after they left the plantation couldn’t spell, and they threw an ‘e’ on the end.” 

I’ve heard a lot of cultural “observations” about African-Americans in my time, but extra-vowelization is a first.

Leading the charge against Greene’s primary victory is none other than South Carolina’s 6th District Congressman Democrat Jim (I-Name-My-Children-After-Cuts-Of-Meat) Clyburn(e).  Clyburn(e), the African-American U.S. House Majority Whip contends that Greene was “a plant” and further blamed the voting machines as reasons why he won over Rawl.  Of course, Clyburn(e) says he doesn’t know who might have planted Greene, probably because it still wouldn’t explain how Greene got that 59%.

But … aren’t they the same voting machines used in Clyburn(e)’s 90% primary win?  And the same used in white guy Vincent Sheheen’s win over Robert Ford(e)?

Clyburn(e) said something very revealing:

Clyburn … told TPM in an interview today he believes at least two other Democratic candidates on Tuesday’s primary ballot were planted by people with deep pockets and nefarious motives.

“The party’s choice in the 1st Congressional district lost. The party’s choice for U.S. Senate lost. Sounds like a pattern to me,” Clyburn told TPM. He said Greene was one of three Democratic candidates in three separate races whom the state party didn’t back or even recognize. All three candidates are African-American.

The party’s choice in the 1st Congressional district” was Robert Burton, a white guy. who lost 56% to 44% to African-American Ben Frasier(e), .

So, “the (Democrat) party’s choices” – white guys – lost to African-Americans and this upsets Jim Clyburn(e).  Like Jake Knotts, Ford(e) and Clyburn(e) seem to be upset that a minority candidate would get the approval of so many voters.

As I wrote in a previous post;

And it’s shocking – SHOCKING I tells ya – that Congressman Jim Clyburn(e), one of the Democrat Party’s most prominent members, would question the legitimacy of a veteran and an African-American!  Is this just yet ANOTHER instance in which established politicians are trying to keep a brother down in favor of a white-bread good-ol’-boy?  Yeah, I know Clyburn is African-American; that just makes this all the more disturbing.

To its credit, the state Democrat Party rejected the appeals to throw out Greene’s primary victory.

Isn’t it interesting that the South Carolina Republican Party can nominate (or nearly so) two minority candidates, one for governor and one for Congress (Tim Scott(e), 1st District) without the least bit of angst?  Oh, and Scott(e) is favored in a runoff against Strom Thurmond’s son, Paul.   And, even more ironic, those “right-wing, nut job, redneck ‘tea baggers'” are a huge majority of the base electorate for both Haley and Scott(e)!

As the late Marvin Gaye(e) sang:

Oh, mercy mercy me
Oh, things ain’t what they used to be



6 thoughts on “Jake Knotts/SC Dems: Brothers In Racism

  1. Clyburn (e) had no problems with Wilson’s GOP consulting firm running T-Bone Benjamins campaign to replace the Bobblehead


  2. I respect the decision of the Democrat executive committee to deny the challenges to an obviously legal election. A few years ago, the Lexington County Executive Committee had to deal with a challenge to an election on the most flimsy of excuses by someone who apparently was wanting to stay in office until he died. Except for a handful of members, we overwhelmingly voted to uphold the election. It was no favor to anyone but only done after consideration of the truth of the matter and in full interest of doing the right thing.

    As far as Clyburn is concerned, in 2020, all we have to do in order to upset the apple cart is to put down white if you’re black and black if you’re white (information the government has no right to know unless they’re planning on reinstating the 3/5ths compromise). Once enough of the information used for racial gerrymandering is corrupted in such a manner, it is virtually useless in most cases of rigging the elections by gerrymandering.

    More than anything, what this state is suffering from is a Democrat Party that has not fought in any serious way to do anything other than maintain the “turf” of a few entrenched and very powerful elected officials. Otherwise, they’ve allowed the Republicans to steal their issues and bribe their way to the point that they’ve largely subsumed the Democrat Party and allowed the Republican Party, thereby, to become as much like big government, big-spending liberals as they are like the conservative party they used to represent.


  3. I say we take the comedy club on the road
    to the gulf and then Arizona.

    Aren’t we being too reactive, fighting in their
    arena. Maybe we should choose the issues
    and stay on target, for instance:
    1) Eliminate positive law (set by case law).
    2) Foster free enterprise and free trade.
    I suspect these are one and the same.
    We then own the “arena of realpolitik, the politics of reality”
    to steal a line from “Remains Of The Day”.
    We offer a remedy for economic problems (racial problems included).


  4. Clyburn has always reminded me of a “40 acres & a mule” carpetbagger. Are the people in his district better off now than they were 10-15 yrs ago? And to imply that Gregory Brown is a Republican plant is laughable. I do think he would have been a much better choice than Clyburn. Maybe one day the people will decide they deserve better & dump Clyburn


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