Swap Steele For Palin

I’m not registered to any political party, but that hasn’t kept me from telling Republicans and Democrats what to do.  I’m particularly voluntary towards Democrats, primarily because they apparently have no clue on what’s right and what’s stupid.

Still, I’ve offered my sterling advice to the GOP as well.  I advocated for Sarah Palin to be John McCain’s running mate in 2008; a piece that was picked up nationally and, no doubt, influenced McCain to make that choice several days later.

I also promoted Michael Steele as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Having seen him as Lt. Governor in Maryland and as a senatorial candidate, I believed Steele was a good choice for moving the party to new and more expansive areas of the national electorate.

Well, I missed that last one.  Steele hasn’t been the positive influence I expected and, though I enjoy his jabs at the Obama Administration, overall, I don’t believe he’s been as effective as the party needs him to be.  Now, he’s gotten into trouble with the rank-and-file over comments made regarding the war in Afghanistan.  No matter one’s opinion of that conflict, the Chairman cannot be a focal point of division within the party.  The primary purpose of that position is to raise money for the GOP.  With Tea Party candidates challenging established Republicans across the country, there needs to be a solid unifying force running the show, and, right now, Michael Steele ain’t it.

But Sarah Palin is.  Face it, folks, Palin isn’t presidential timber.  My advocacy for her as a Vice Presidential candidate was for the same reason as every other running mate in history – for the votes.  Yeah, yeah – “heart beat away,” etc. – but, Veep candidates are about marketing, not governance. 

Marketing… that’s Palin’s strength.  She’s been on the stump for a variety of candidates in this off-year election cycle and has a pretty good batting average so far.  Sarah Palin as Chairman of the Republican National Committee would draw in the Tea Party crowd while still appealing to the traditional membership and even moderates.  Her ability to draw in new voters, party members and potential candidates will do more to make the Republican “tent” larger than anything or anyone since Ronald Reagan – maybe even more so .  Her talent for skewering Obama and the Democrats is keen and her personal appeal unmatched in the GOP.  In fact, on the national political stage, Palin’s ability to raise money is likely on a par with Obama and the two Clintons.

Sarah Palin can, in one visit, promote a candidate (in a general election, not a primary) AND pull in thousands of dollars for that candidate and the GOP.  Where Michael Steele has failed, Sarah Palin will shine and, with it, the Republican Party will make huge, historic and dynamic advances.



8 thoughts on “Swap Steele For Palin

  1. I think Palin would do a better job in the areas you indicate, but she would not be accepted by moderate Republicans.

    She’s smart, savvy, self-assured, and dedicated. But the mainstream media has lambasted her for being an airhead and many insecure Republicans, especially those who lean to the pro-choice side, half believe the calumny that she’s poorly informed.

    Her foreign-policy instincts are dead right and Reaganesque, but so few folks understand how wildly wrong Obama’s foreign policy is that they can’t see how right she is. What’s wrong with a message of freedom, why no support for the protesters in Iran, why the overt and covert support for Hamas? Why is the following question from the quiz here so sadly true?

    3. As President, Barack Obama refrains from seeking swift retribution for criticism of his government’s policies, if it comes from: 
 A) The governor of an American state 
B) A Republican Congressman 
C) A member of the American press corps 
D) One of his own supporters in the American military 
E) The President of Mexico, Iran, or Venezuela.

    Steele’s a good man, but his instincts are askew. So far he’s proven to be the wrong man at the wrong time.

    You and I share a disability: we were Cold War warriors and we know the seen and unseen measures that it takes to win, why the American Experiment is worth fighting for, and why a strong America is the only guarantee for world peace. The crowd in charge now wants to cut us down to size, make us into France or Belgium. Palin knows and breathes this. Steele is pretty sure that this is the case. GOP moderates subconsciously know this but just want to get along.

    Despite Steele’s leadership, I’m pretty sure that the GOP will take the House this November and will get closer to 50 in the Senate. But that’s in part because the Dems will broadcast their arrogance and make even some of the mainstream media start wondering WTF.

    The real fight for 2012 will begin in earnest on November 3rd the day after the elections. The lame duck session is gonna be a doozy and it would be great if Steele could explain the stakes and shenanigans to the public during that and the following regular session when the newly elected take their seats.


  2. NO, NO, NO! Endorsement of John McCain was
    almost too much for Sarah to bare. To be hamstrung
    by NATIONAL REVIEW and HERITAGE agendas –
    absolutely not.
    You know she’s really pulling for J.D. Hayworth.
    Leave her be.
    As for Republicans and Michael Steele – Oh well.


  3. Sarah Palin is doing a great job, and does not need to be hobbled by the entire GOP. Beside that, the position entails a lot of fundraising which means the GOP can not afford the likes of Lindsey, Newt, and Mitt canceling speaking engagements while their bruises heal.


  4. I don’t call myself a Republican or a Democrat. I call myself an American and I believe if more people did this, life in America would be better.
    After all it takes all parts to make a whole.

    Lately, people keep trying to limit those parts. taking taking taking… until we no longer have a whole country.


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