The Haley Effect Redux

So . . . South Carolina Democrats think Nikki Haley, Republican nominee for governor, has “gone national” with “no time left for South Carolina.”

For a party that is the definition of style over substance (Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barack Obama…) this is an especially sophomoric approach to campaigning.  Does anyone think Haley’s November opponent Vince Sheheen and the Dems wouldn’t sell the State House itself for the kind of publicity she’s getting? 

Most of the articles and TV interviews with or about Nikki Haley emphasize a seismic shift in the southern social and political landscape.  A minority woman may be elected governor of South Carolina.  What probably has Democrats in such a hissy fit is that the GOP has done something they have never done – nominated a minority woman.  AND, it was done with substance over style.  Nikki Haley’s gender and ethnicity are NOT the reason she’s the nominee.

And what’s the headline on the Nikki Haley cover issue of Newsweek? “The Face of the New South.”

Nikki Haley has done more to improve gender and racial political diversity in South Carolina than has the entire Democratic Party in the last several decades.

In April, I published a post titled The Haley Effect.  Following is an excerpt:

Nikki Haley’s election would be good for the South Carolina economy and domino a series of positive transformational reflexes.

Here are some of the cascading effects I anticipate with Nikki Haley’s election as governor:

  • Notice to the rest of the country and, more importantly, the state, that South Carolina has joined the 21st Century
    • An image remake for the South Carolina brand
    • Makes state businesses, products, services and graduates more attractive
      • Increased tourism
      • Increased investment
      • Growth in commercial and housing construction
  • Proves South Carolina is no longer a “good ol’ boy” enclave
    • A level playing field has been established for business and industry
    • A message to the business community – both within and outside the state – that would be a clear “Y’all come”
      • A business friendly atmosphere
      • Increased investment by both new and established businesses and industries
        • More jobs
          • REDUCED unemployment
          • REDUCED welfare and entitlement payments
          • Increased state revenues
            • Improved infrastructure
              • Lowered public debt
              • Improved bond ratings
                • Increased investment in the state
  • A mandate that puts the state legislature on alert to the voice of the voting population
    • Citizens of the state are in control of their own destiny
    • Diminished wasteful government spending
    • More “citizen-friendly” legislation

My point in all this is that Nikki Haley’s election – unlike and more so than that of any other candidate from either party – will have an impact on this state unseen in recent history.

This is what Democrats, both state and national, fear.

Has Haley “gone national?”  You’re damned right she has, and she’s taking South Carolina with her.



5 thoughts on “The Haley Effect Redux

  1. Voters chose Haley and Tim Scott in the primary because of who they are and what they believe, not because of what ethnic, racial, or other superficial category they may belong to. That’s a powerful message that should put the lie to the racial and gender politicking that pervades the Democrat Party.

    Haley’s victory should go a long way toward ending the type of scurrilous attacks that failed against her because enough voters saw through the phony attacks on her personal life and religious beliefs.

    I agree that this will do nothing but good for the Palmetto State.


  2. Republicans like me don’t vote based upon gender or ethnicity. Nikki does not look like me on gender or ethnicity. I voted for her because she is a common sense conservative in the Ronald Reagan tradition of all that is best about Republican ideals.

    If her election finally proves to some folks that we always vote for the most conservative candidate – regardless of race – well… that’s icing on the cake. But it ain’t why we voted for her. She is going to make a great Governor, not because of her race & gender, but because she is well qualified and running for the right reasons for the people of South Carolina.


  3. haley is sanfraud in a skirt. she is HIS choice for a replacement. he steers clear in order for her to have a victory but remember folks, he was AT her party, kissing his X wife…… all after seeing Maria Be Len Shapur again, not once but twice.

    and yep, markie mark is seeing maria be len shapur on a regular basis now.

    quick spy, get a picture!


  4. Your article was right on however the “good ol boys” are still alive & kicking. Although they are down, they are not out (yet). We have a perfect opportunity this year & in 2012 to demolish their hold on this state. Go Nikki!!


  5. The last vestiges of the Good Old Boys ended in
    1973. They ruled ship of state until then.
    But, during that time, the gov’t was penny pinching
    and had a bottom line. The Good Old Boys left
    a power vacuum that was never filled. Little rats
    took over the ship and it sailed on into today
    without a helmsman. Along the way, the ship
    collected barnacles, the bottom and sides began to rot,
    the sails turned to rags,and she took on water.
    Sanford came on board and attempted a restoration,
    but was almost nibbled to death by the rats.
    I remember wishing the Good Old Boys back.


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