Marking Up the GOP’s 2012 Contenders

The next presidential election is just over two years away and it’s time to get serious about who should challenge Barack Obama.

A series of candidates are already forming and some are making initial forays into key states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.  PAC’s are starting up and feasibility studies have been put into motion.

The first real salvo in the battle for 2012 comes this November.  The off-year election will give potential candidates a pretty clear picture of Obama’s weak spots and, most likely, provide Republicans with a much more solid electoral base from which they can launch a campaign assault on the Oval Office.

So, who will lead that charge for the GOP?  I won’t predict, but I will suggest a ticket that I believe will not only win, but put into office the leadership needed to turn the United States back into the country she used to be.

First, Sarah Palin.  No!  For all the entertainment value she provides and the grass-roots excitement she generates, Sarah Palin is not presidential timber.  As I suggested in an earlier post, Palin would be much better suited for and considerably more effective as chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

Marketing… that’s Palin’s strength.  She’s been on the stump for a variety of candidates in this off-year election cycle and has a pretty good batting average so far.  Sarah Palin as Chairman of the Republican National Committee would draw in the Tea Party crowd while still appealing to the traditional membership and even moderates.  Her ability to draw in new voters, party members and potential candidates will do more to make the Republican “tent” larger than anything or anyone since Ronald Reagan – maybe even more so .  Her talent for skewering Obama and the Democrats is keen and her personal appeal unmatched in the GOP.  In fact, on the national political stage, Palin’s ability to raise money is likely on a par with Obama and the two Clintons.

I like Mitt Romney.  Yeah, he has some contradictions, but he’s smart, he has sterling business credentials and his organizational and leadership skills are superb.  But …    I think Romney’s talents would be better suited as Secretary of the Treasury.  His fiscal management style would be perfect to work the economy back into shape from that venue and he could serve the presidency much more productively by refashioning the nation’s economic policies.

Tim Pawlenty has his own impressive credentials as a two-term governor of Minnesota, but neither his national appeal nor his political base are strong enough for a presidential campaign.  Still, he has aptitudes the country desperately needs.  Pawlenty would be a superb Secretary of Health and Human Services, a position from which he would be able to slam the door on costly and illogical entitlements.

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is an extraordinary public servant and politician and his record in Austin puts him at the top of the contenders list.  However, so much damage has been done to “homeland security,” his considerable talents may best serve the president and the country were he to become either Secretary of Homeland Security or Secretary of Defense,.

During the 2008 Republican presidential debates, one person stood out as the one I would like in the Situation Room during a crisis; Rudy Giuliani.  Whatever anyone might think about the Mayor, Giuliani is as tough as he is smart.  He cuts through the BS and red tape, identifies the root of problems and bulls his way to solutions.  Rudy, though, is not likely to be electable on a national scale, so use him to the best advantage of the nation.  If Rick Perry would become Secretary of Defense, then Giuliani is a natural for Secretary of Homeland Security.

Mike Huckabee has driven himself into being more a media personality than serious political contender.  So, let’s leave him there.

Newt Gingrich is probably the smartest person on the American political landscape.  He knows Congress and the national electorate.  Personal baggage notwithstanding, we need a man like Newt Gingrich in a decision-making role in our government.   However, I don’t think that role is as president.  Rather, the former Speaker of the House would be invaluable as Vice President.  As the president’s point man with Congress and as a savvy muse, Gingrich would be a version of Dick Cheney with a more domestic political focus.

A team like this would be a dynamic and effective leadership group to the new president.  My preferred candidate is no lightweight nor is he unfamiliar with the ways of Washington and the world political order. 

A brilliant leader with an unsullied reputation, General David Petraeus would bring dignity and honor (back) to the White House and to our government as a whole.  As a military commander, Petraeus has been engaged in a wide and extensive range of social, fiscal and political decisions and he is an internationally recognized and respected figure as noted in his Wikipedia profile:

In 2008, a poll conducted by Foreign Policy and Prospect magazines selected Petraeus as one of the world’s top 100 public intellectuals.  Also, the Business Executives for National Security awarded Petraeus their 2008 Eisenhower Award. Also in 2008, the Static Line Association named Petraeus as its 2008 Man of the Year, and Der Spiegel named him “America’s most respected soldier.” As 2008 came to a close, GQ (December 2008) named Petraeus as the “Leader of the Year: Right Man, Right Time”, Newsweek named him the 16th most powerful person in the world in its December 20, 2008, edition, and Prospect magazine named him the “Public Intellectual of the Year”.

In 2007, Time named Petraeus one of the 100 most influential leaders and revolutionaries of the year as well as one of its four runners-up for Time Person of the Year.  He was also named the second most influential American conservative by The Daily Telegraph as well as The Daily Telegraph’s 2007 Man of the Year.  In 2005, Petraeus was selected as one of America’s top leaders by US News and World Report.

Not only would a Petraeus/Gingrich ticket mount a serious challenge to Barack Obama in 2012, I believe it would win.  And once inaugurated into office, the team as I’ve suggested would do positively for the country what Obama and his fellow travelers have done negatively to it.


140 thoughts on “Marking Up the GOP’s 2012 Contenders

  1. I like Newt, but as you said before he has a TON of personal baggage. If God can forgive him, so can I, but the first year or more of his campaign would be spent ducking and dodging questions about questionable book deals and infidelity. With Uncle Barry on the ropes, the last thing we want to do is give the left a target so they can pull a Kansas City Shuffle and distract the country long enough to squeak out another election victory. I do, however, agree that Patraeus could be the ace in the hole, but here’s the issue: though national defense should always be our top priority, the country will be focused on someone who can get us out of this economic mess. This is why my early favorite is (drumroll please) Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana. By the time the 2012 election rolls around, he will have completed two terms as governor. He has an exceptional record of leadership and results. Indiana is one of only two states with a budget surplus, and he’s the main reason why. Business is booming in Indiana and it’s largely in part to the radical concept that you can’t spend more than you make. We need someone with his track record, leadership, character, and integrity to restore honor and fiscal sanity back to Washington.


    • Is the GOP going to lumber in the same fateful direction that gave us the discredited GWB followed by the twin disasters McCain/Palin?
      Hello, the American voters are sick of politics as usual, neverending wars of aggression, deficit spending, cronyism, bureaucracy metastasis, loss of civil rights, pushy Big Gov intervention into the market and every facet of life, taxes, etc. Only one man can redeem the GOP — Ron Paul.


      • Will the GOP continue to shoot itself in the foot by ignoring the most qualified most constitutional candidate… again?!

        Our Last real hope for America, I won’t settle for less.

        Ron Paul 2012


    • Let me ask you, which of the 2008 Republican candidates has had a greater impact on the GOP in the intervening two years? Unquestionably it is Ron Paul who motivated many to enter Republican Party politics, run for party seats, and begin re-shaping the Republican Party.

      Also, if any of the 2008 crop has more than passing relevance to the tea party movement it is Ron Paul. Many of his supporters helped initiate the movement. On 12/16/07 they created a shock wave with their tea party money bomb, raising the most ever online in a 24-hour period. The tea party is not a monolith. You will find pockets of it that are heavily influenced by Ron Paul supporters.

      In ordinary times Ron Paul might be deemed to old to run. (He is a fitness buff BTW.) This time there may be so much mayhem in the economy that more voters will agree that we can’t afford military conflicts like those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Voters may turn to someone who actually understands monetary policy and the economy, and how liberty is the best environment for prosperity to flourish. That would be Paul. The others may mouth platitudes but their vision is obscured by a Keynesian fog and they would lead us toward even thinner ice.


      • TOO, dammit! I hate not being able to edit my comment.

        I meant to say “might be deemed TOO old to run.”


    • Ron Paul is to the GOP what Dennis Kucinich is to the dems. We want his vote when we need it, but no one really takes him seriously. He has some good ideas as it relates to the economy and fiscal conservatism, but his national defense is a joke. He’d wait until we were attacked before he decided if it was worth it for us to get involved. I don’t need someone who’s going to kick down the door, shoot first, and ask questions later. But, there are times where preemptive actions may be necessary, and at times like that, I’d want a hawk who can make the tough choice


      • To your point about Ron Paul’s stance on national defence- Dr. Paul is a strict constitutionalist. You are correct in the assumption that he would not engage any member of our armed forces by executive order or without the consent of congress by declaration of war.(ie illegally) Further, he is not a hawk in the sense of placing diplomatic solutions behind bombing the hell out of em’ to achieve a peaceful solution. A loss of just one soldier in an unjustified conflict is a failure by us all. So yes, he would most likely think before acting, but do not confuse kindness with weakness. We as Americans have to stop allowing our fear to numb our reason. Support our armed forces by doing more than just buying a bumper sticker.
        P.S. A pre-emptive strike is initiating a war not preventing one.


      • I take Ron Paul seriously and I am a doctor.

        It wasn’t until my son started talking to me about Dr. Paul and as pragmatic and dismissive as I am at times, he finally convinced me to examine him through his YouTube videos and I found myself waking up from a bad dream realizing that I was the fool all along for supporting the likes of John McCain and falling in the Sarah Palin love fest hysteria.

        It is very easy to understand Congressman Paul’s message for it resonates what is great about our nation and unites people from both political parties and I am a true believer that Ron Paul can win in 2012 if the other rigid souls like myself stop listening to the chatter from talking heads in our media and start to do a great deal of soul searching to see the brilliance in his philosophy.

        Let me explain to you that Ron Paul was right about the economic collapse as he had warned the people for years about the housing and our current asset bubbles. Each time he has spoken, his wisdom embodies a sense of humility and reason that will overcome the grasp of evil that has controlled us by playing on our basic emotion of fear.

        I find myself constantly reading blogs every single time an article is written about Dr. Paul just to achieve a greater understanding of the pulse of the people and oftentimes I am humored hearing words like “isolationist” when describing Dr. Paul’s foreign affairs even though his ideas has been supported by more active members of the military than all other candidates combined during the 2008 Presidential campaign. Surely if his ideas were so far-fetched as those who attempt to marginalize Dr. Paul claim he would not have such a broad spectrum of support from members of our armed forces. I’ve learned that when reading posts and articles, those who claim Ron Paul is an isolationist instead of a non-interventionist, they are either manipulated by those in our media into a frenzy or they are ignorant to the distinctions between those two words or they are attempting to marginalize him because they fear his voice of reason will unite people instead of dividing us across a wide array of minor differences that really don’t mean much in the whole scheme of life.

        What amazes me most is how my fellow Republicans sing the praises for Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain even though their voting records are highly inconsistent to conservative ideals and in years past, we would have called them socialists or economic interventionists. I am deeply sorry for supporting McCain this past Presidential race and in hindsight, I am glad he lost for it has allowed a much needed fracture in the GOP base to occur and new voices to resonate a more reasonable tone. In regards to Sarah Palin, I could not vote for her either. There is one thing that will not settle well in America and that is anyone who quits in the middle of a game and in her case, she resigned as governor of Alaska which shows me she doesn’t have the depth of character to handle some of the most pressing needs in American history.

        Isn’t it time that we start facing the facts and deal with reality? Should we continue making the same mistakes over and over again while expecting different results? If you ask me, I am very humbled and optimistic that once people start pushing aside the insanity of repeating the same old mistakes and start searching for truth by not accepting what Rush Limbaugh says as gospel, we might start moving forward in solving our problems in a more reasonable way that not only helps Americans, but also shines a light of hope for the world to see.

        Ron Paul is clearly the best choice we have and I welcome you to the peaceful rEVOLution that can bring about real and lasting hope for mankind.

        God Bless


      • I’m a military combat veteran and have many friends still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you support a strong national defense you should support Ron Paul. Here’s why…

        One of the main problems we have over there and why so many of our troops are dying is that this not a war (it is a policing action) and is thus covered by different rules of engagement. If war were declared, and we didn’t try to preemptively stop something that might happen in the future, playing something resembling cops and terrorists, we could fully engage the enemy and destroy them. Right now we’re making enemies where none existed before because we don’t even know who we’re against! When you’re life is on the line you inevitably treat any possible threat as the enemy.

        There’s a reason that Ron Paul got the most contributions from active duty military in the 2008 presidential election. Maybe you should defer to the experts?

        Food for thought.


      • Actually, Ron Paul’s vision of national defense is no different from what we have today. He has repeatedly stated that he’d leave the Department of Defense alone. He’s extremely supportive of having a strong Army, Navy, Air Force, and defense technology. What he wants to toss is our ridiculous military spending. Is getting involved in every conflict around the world really in the interests of the American people? We have hundreds of thousands of troops in Germany, Japan, Korea, South America, let alone the Middle East. We’re bogged down in a terrible “war” in Afghanistan that shows no end. This is wasteful and unnecessary. There is a stream of academic thought that also points to the idea that our overpresence around the world is a contributing factor to terrorism.

        Ron Paul’s foreign policy is one of reason. The real joke is how most Americans have been conditioned to believe that having troops in 130 different nations and 2-3 simultaneous wars in the Middle East is making them “safe”.


    • Ron Paul is to the GOP what Barack Obama is the the Democrats. We don’t need to swing the pendulum so violently. What is needed is a reasonable anti-Barack that the right and the moderates can not just accept, but follow. Proven leadership will take Obama down.


      • lol … Ron Paul is to the GOP what Thomas Jefferson was to the “Founding Fathers” the pendulum definitely needs a violent swing to the Constitutional “Right” or this country is going off the cliff …
        No more milquetoast RINO’s that compromise on principle!

        New poll shows Ron Paul-Barack Obama election would be close


        • Dr. Ron Paul, my congressman is “the defender of the Constitution”. All those other dwads are just “puppets in waiting”.
          Those who want more of the same (endless wars and economic destruction)will vote for them.
          Those who want Constitutional Liberty will support Dr. Paul!


      • Your analogy is misguided at best. For Ron Paul to be to the GOP as Obama is to the Dems would require Ron Paul to go back on every campaign promise he ever made, to lie to voters, and to make backroom deals with wall street fatcats, lobbyists, and NGOs. You obviously have not checked Ron Paul’s record as he is one of the few politicians who has never done any of these things. Ron Paul has the most consistent voting record, he uses the Constitution as the voting litmus test, he is honest with voters, he never entertains lobbyists and DC hacks, he returns surpluses and will not take a pension, and he works tirelessly for the cause of liberty.

        We don’t need an anti-Obama, that will keep us on this treadmill of destruction. We must get rid of all the infidels on both sides of the isle and allow honest people who have no DC and Wall Street connections to fill leadership positions.


  2. Spy,
    Thoughts on Govenor Jindal – he seems to be one of the few nationally known Republicans you overlooked?


  3. You forgot about U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham!!!

    He’s in the military just like Petraeus but he’s got the additional bonus of being able to get all the moderate votes of those lost souls caught in that ethereal wonderland between political parties.

    He has no principles so he will appeal to EVERYBODY–DUH!


    Seriously, if more recent historical patterns hold up, some fence-straddling political wimp in the tradition of Bob Dole or John McCain will weasel his way into the nomination and do his duty as the pre-designated loser.

    Then again, we live in interesting times and in an age of the “Spirit of ’76” and the “Principles of ’98,” we may just see the strongest reformer take the Presidency in a landslide as Reagan did.

    I don’t see Petraeus as setting the world on fire, however. Not sure who will catch on, but we’ll need divine intervention to win if some milquetoast liberal like Mitt Romney gets the nomination.


  4. We need someone with good business sense. I also believe that if you’re going to be commander-in-chief you must have served in the military as a qualification.


    • That’s just not practical. It’s idealistic, but not practical. I think a person with no military experience could make a good Commander-in-Chief if he’s surrounded by good military advisors. For example, if Patraeus doesn’t end up on a ticket, he needs to be Secretary of Defense or something like that in the next administration.


  5. We certainly do not need to continue to enable the CFR and it’s minions moving us toward a NWO. We do not need a military person either. To restore our Constitutional Republic requires elected Jeffersonian statesmen who understand the founding principles and the challenges we face today. There is only one many on the hill who fits that category and he is Ron Paul. A good VP would be Peter Schiff or Gary Johnson. Judge Napolitano for AG. We can not continue to keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome. Gingrich is a 33rd degree mason and CFR member. Enough is enough.


  6. The problem with Newt Gingrich IS his decision-making. Grades aren’t everything, but check out his under-graduate average at Emory University. Besides, he thinks he’s a military expert, so even if he were brilliant and even if he was a good decision-maker, it might be useful to have more diversity on the team. Here are some better choices to run with David Petraeus – Senator Tom Coburn a doctor from the Western part of our country; Steve Forbes, a Yankee publisher and a businessman, Alan Keyes, and Ron Paul. The latter need no introductions! The country is looking Right – Newt Gingrich is not and probably never has been, a true member of the political right.


  7. 1) Presidential timber? Not enough, since George Washington,
    to make a rocking chair.

    2) Cabinets? Not enough timber for a rocking chair, much less

    3) Too hard to right? Knocked down on PORT side,
    mast in water.

    4) RR scared me, you know, surrounded by all those germans.

    5) Smoking pot and liking Ron Paul? I like Ron Paul.

    6) NEW WORLD ORDER? You are giving up or you have an agenda.

    7) Newt Gingrich? Is that a kind of gecko?


  8. Hmmm, Charlie, if you don’t think college grades good predictors, how about a performance grade, and one more recent than 40 years ago. Doesn’t 1998 seem like yesterday? What grade would you give Gingrich’s Speakership? If you use the Contract with America as a scorecard, he didn’t do that well. His biggest failing was probably the plank requiring Congress to live under the laws the rest of us live under. Remind me to write a book about that one!

    Mailing lists, PACs, etc. How do you think Obama got elected? Certainly not by being well-known and having all those things you think a successful candidate has to have. You are right that someone has to have them, however, and the candidate has to be acceptable enough to conservatives to pull in all those assets.

    Have you heard of the Colorado Model? I think any candidate can win today, if he/she has the Right biogrpahy, idealism and presents well. They cannot lack energy like Dole, speaking ability like the Bush Presidents, or smarts like McCain. And they really HAVE to be conservative this time – “center-right” won’t get it. The left is going to be on the run, let us pursue them and take the victory! A victory that will mean something!

    If my choices (mentioned in my post above) lack anything, it is certainly NOT brains – all of them, imho, are smarter than the Newtster (who, planning a public/political career smokes pot with their students and fools around with their teachers?) – it’s FRESHNESS. Newt is the least fresh, refurbished maybe, but not fresh.

    Why don’t I give you the value of networks and you give me the value of Newt-otherness and we reason together to find a candidate?

    BTW, I have to add this note: Ron Paul is fresher and smarter than Newt and if we are unlucky and the war comes to us, will be an overwhelming favorite because if the war is here, Ron Paul and the Libertarians will become like John Waynes and suicide bombers will have to watch out! Dr. Paul might be a little like Ross Perot, but he’s nothing like Lyndon LaRouche, who, if I remember correctly, went to jail for mail fraud.

    P.S. I loathe slander and libel, so if I am wrong in any particular, please someone straighten me out – normally I would not discuss personal failings, but in order to select a President, we have to look hard, very hard, at anything that goes to the candidate’s character. We do not want to find out, too late, that they are not up to the job.)


  9. Who owns this blog? Who makes the decision as to who gets on “the list”?

    Dr. Ron Paul is most certainly a contender and can bring people together. During the ’08 primaries, Dr. Paul received more support from military personnel than ALL the other GOP contenders put together! So what does that say? And why do blogs such as this one continue to ignore that fact?

    During the ’08 primaries, Dr. Paul made history with one of the largest shows of financial support in GOP history. So what does that say? Who owns this blog and why do blogs such as this one continue to ignore that fact?

    During the ’08 primaries, Dr. Paul’s supporters included enlisted military personnel, veterans of all wars (including the co-founder of Rolling Thunder), Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, … and people who previously had given up and had dropped out of the politics because they know it’s a rigged farce – with too much media bought and sold to spew nonsense to direct people where the money changers want them – involved in more war and needless bloodshed of innocent people – remember: Iraq had nothing to do with 911. This country has spent over $1,000,000,000,000.00 (that’s 1 trillion dollars ) in wars since 911 , killing mostly innocent people and wasting the Earth with depleted uranium and other hazardous materials . The wars aren’t about doing what’s right, they’re about making money for people invested in the war machine. They spend lots of money on pro-war propaganda and brainwashing the public. It’s time to wake up. All that money and resources could be much better spent. I see plenty of need in our own country’s infrastructure and schools. We should do as Dr. Paul suggested and issue letters of marque on the perpetrators of 911 and leave innocent women and children alone to live in peace. Those calling for more needless bloodshed are showing who they are.

    Question everything, America: Who owns this blog? Who makes the decision as to who gets on “the list”? The money changers who don’t know you and don’t care about you? or You?


    • I own this opinion blog. There’s nothing conspiratorial, just my own thoughts. In expressing those thoughts, I have stirred that Ron Paul disciples to a remarkable point of outrage. That wasn’t my intention, nor was it my intention to disrespect Ron Paul. In my personal opinion, I don’t think him viable as a national candidate nor do I believe he would be able to effect his stated policies were he to be elected.


      • Yeah he’s not viable after all Ron Paul won almost all the televised debate polls and recently won the CPAC presidential poll…

        If the GOP nominates anyone other than
        Ron Paul I’m going to work for the Dems and I’ve been a Republican for 3 decades…


    • Ron Paul should be on your list. By excluding him you include only Big Government ideas that have failed the republic and bankrupted us. His candidacy excites people, after you take the time to understand his views, which are pro-peace, strong defense, and limited government.


  10. Let’s Review 2008 Presidential Candidates

    What about Huckabee?



    Stick a coin in her, pull her string and hear her sing Palin?

    How about Petraus?

    Who can beat Obama?





    Trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted a year and a half ago that by 2012 families who have lost their jobs and homes will be squatting in abandoned shopping malls. And he also predicted a viable third party made up of former democraps and former repugnantcans. Celente’s predictions have a 90% rate of coming true.


  11. Newt is a friggin joke. I’m sick of these liberal Republicons getting respect. I just don’t understand it, are people this dumb? Are they this ignorant of the ideas that founded our country? Are they this ignorant on war and money? What a sad, pathetic state of affairs. Reagan helped put Dr. Ron Paul in office yet he is disrespected all the time. These ideas are not extreme, they came out of Reagan’s mouth and Bush’s in 2000 before he went Neocon. I’ve had it with the ignorance!


  12. I agree with a lot of Ron Paul’s fiscal policies. I agree with smaller, limited government. I agree with a free market economy. But, I think he panders to Muslims. He refuses to admit that Islam played the central roll in 9/11, and he refuses to admit that when it comes to fighting the War on Terror, radical Islam should be a focal point. If you can’t admit that, you’re either stupid, naive, or pandering for votes. Either way, he couldn’t get my vote.


    • “…when it comes to fighting the War on Terror, radical Islam should be a focal point.”

      I think when Saudi Arabians attack your country, Saudi Arabia should be a focal point.

      RON PAUL 2012!


    • Islam did not play a central role in 9/11 just as Christianity did not play a central role in McVey’s bombing of the Oklahoma Federal building. Blaming a religion is ludicrous. Blaming extreme radical Muslims is fine. Just because there are extreme, far out groups who call themselves Christian doesn’t mean that mainstream, true Christianity has anything to do with that.
      We also need to look in the mirror. WHY do people hate us? 500,000 Iraqi children is just the tip of the iceberg and that was before we went in and took down Hussein.
      Read “Three Cups of Tea” and recognize the way to solve the problem of radical Islam is not bombing but educating. Ron Paul is the only one who has had a clue about what this country has been experiencing. Watch the debates; the others were clueless. Oh, and Romney will consult his lawyers before he consults the Constitution. God help us.


    • Al-Qaeda is our enemy, not Islam. And if you don’t know what motivates them, how will we ever end this so called “War on terror”???? You can be for a strong national defense but against unnecesary pre-emptive knee jerk reaction wars.


  13. So you don’t think Dr Ron Paul has the support he needs?? You don’t even put him on the list?? The American people want a president who will not be a PUPPET!! Nor do they want one that will be Beholding to the Fiat Moneymakers….


  14. Mitt MassHealthCare Romney? Now that’s hillarious. You are all going apecrap over ObamaCare and yet you want to nominate another Socialist. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over that does not work. When are you moron NeoCon’s going to wake up? Ron Paul will blow the field away in 2012 becuase enough American’s have figured out the NeoCon’s cowtow to the Globalists.


  15. Hi All
    I voted for Richard Nixon along time ago Was at the 1972 Democractic Convention so I,m old Republicans and Democrates are all the same no differance same ajenda different way of getting there. After reviewing all the canidates only Dr Ron Paul stands out. Argue the points and if you find someone else let me know


  16. We conservatives must distance ourselves from the Neo Cons and their never ending war syndrome if we want to win elections. We can blame Obama (and rightly so) for deficits, but this stupid bush/iraq war has been a waste of over $trillions, and I am sad to say, many of our young people. Ron Paul would follow the constitution, and God willing, the republic might just survive


  17. It is time to include Dr. Ron Paul in your 2012 polls.

    Dr. Paul actually believes what he says, unlike Newt Gingrich.

    Dr. Paul actually openly questions 9-11, in that we as a society, have no idea what happened on the day of September 11th and we have never had a full investigation.

    I challenge anyone to prove nineteen Arabs engaged, exercised and financed the carry-out of the 9-11 attacks. Prove this very thing happened when it was never proven in any court, where the 9-11 commission even declared their report was a whitewash.

    So you mean you can’t legally see how to prove that?

    With no official answers on 9-11, why is everyone affixing blame to Islam? Maybe they did, maybe they did not. Until the day we have a real 9-11 investigation, there is no point in beating a dead horse.

    Also, Dr. Ron Paul only supports war in defense of our national interests. He has gone on record in denouncing the “wrong-headed” wars in Iraq, Yemen & elsewhere.

    War is only the right action when we must defend ourselves from attack, not play global policemen. Many of our wars like the war in Korea and Yemen have been about nothing but some liberal nanny-state empire building & have caused blow-back.

    Being anti-wrong headed wars is not being anti-war. Ron Paul has always been anti-wrong headed war. He supports limited foreign entanglements and welfare-state alliances with no one. As did George Washington.

    Instead of saying that his policies could not be implemented if elected, why not support his policies by studying their consistent voting record?

    Ron Paul is officially the only politician who has openly voted in a constitutional way, throughout his whole career. He voted against the Patriot Act, and every wrong-headed war the United States has ever taken part in.

    But given his support of war when it comes to defending the homeland, his actions are also largely credible. His constituents seem to think so, and they have kept supporting truly constitutional government for over thirty-some years.

    Enough with all the RINOs and globalist types such as that Guffaw Gingrich of the liberal CFR. Let us support a real statesman, whom with 3/4 of the military behind him, can ignite a new hope for America. And they’ll all have the backing of the U.S constitution, something no politician has dared to promise.

    Ron Paul for 2012 – New Presidential poll means actual hope and change.


  18. The MSM and ruling class in this country made the same arguments about Robert Taft as Ron Paul, “Taft can’t win.”
    Yet Taft was the Republican MAJORITY LEADER 1947-49 and
    Minority Leader when Democrats controlled Congress.
    Eastern establishment Republicans have laughed about how they stole the Republican nomination from Taft in 1940 and 1952. Well, those people are going down with their cronies at the Fed. Ron Paul may stand nearly alone now in Congress; but, libertarian ideas are advancing while liberalism and “big government conservatism” are waning. “Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano” and “Stossel” are mainstream and becoming very popular.


  19. If the GOP had any sense, they’d nominate Dr. Paul. Anybody else, and we might as well concede defeat to Obama.


  20. Mitt Romney gave Obama the green light on socialized medicine when Romney in 2006 signed socialized medicine into law in Massachusetts.
    Now that people have awaken to government forced medicine and insurance, Romeny is not going to recover from what he started in Massachusetts. Basically, if Republicans are against Obama medicine, then they are against Romney medicine.


  21. Sounds like the same old tired field of has-been Republicans. Petraeus is an empty fainting suite. Palin is a quitter.

    Ron Paul will make a great POTUS.


  22. In 2008 the republicans George Bush and Henry Paulson stole a huge amount of wealth, in the form of Bank of America stock holders equity, from me and gave it to Merrill Lynch stock holders. I will never support a fake neocon rino David Horowitz style Trotskyite republican. The republicans must nominate a real conservative who understands how liberty and limited government is the foundation for economic prosperity if they want my vote and support. So far, Ron Paul is the only potential candidate who fits this description. Hopefully after the November elections some others will step forward. As for Newt, Romney, Perry and the rest of Garnet Spy’s list, I would rather see Barry get re-elected. If the countries going down let the Dems get the blame.


    • I’ve got to agree with you there wholeheartedly. If we stupidly elect one of the neocon morons presented for consideration in this blog, conservatives will be blamed for the fallout. Let the Dems share the blame with Bush and his cronies. Or we could look for a candidate with a rational philosophy on economics and foriegn policy.


  23. This list almost made me throw up in my mouth. Praising guys like Giuliani and Romney makes me sick to my stomach. You should look into how much money Guiliani profited off the banker bailouts and 9/11. And Romney, you actually think the guy who instated Obamacare in Massachusetts is going to repeal it on a national level? Give me a break.

    How bout candidates who ACTUALLY follow the Constitution? Like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Judge Andrew Napolitano.

    Putting a neocon, warmongering Republican who is no different than Obama is not going to change anything! It will only further bankrupt us and lead to more loss of freedoms. We need to listen to Eisenhower’s advice and end the military industrial complex! And End the private Federal Reserve!


  24. Who am I – in order of importance? I’m a Christian first; father of 7; married 18 years to the same woman; conservative Constitutional principles.

    Pre-May 2007…
    -Voted for G.W. Bush twice – Republican all my life.
    -Thought the war in Iraq was justified.
    -Until May, 2007, NEVER heard of Dr. Ron Paul.
    -Thought McCain and Bush were conservative.
    -Was not involved (except I voted).
    -Thought Fox News was conservative.

    Then…I woke up.
    -Someone told me about Ron Paul. I started to follow him in the 2008 Presidential election in May 2007. Ron Paul is like a virus – if you allow him to get under your skin with his staunch principles and integrity, I’m telling you, HE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE! If you’re like me, I’d vote for RON PAUL’S BRAIN in a bottle before I’d vote for any of the candidate mentioned above. He’s forgotten more about the Constitution than the combined knowledge of the collective lot.

    I remember Romney saying in a debate, that he’d “consult his lawyers”. Jeesh. The you have Lady-Slayer Newt Gingrich who was cheating on his wife while persecuting Bill Clinton for doing the same (why not put Mark Sanford on this list)? Sarah Palin hooked her star to liberal John McCain (and had her spine removed). She abandoned her service to her state for MONEY. The Bible rightly states that the ROOT OF ALL EVIL is money. That’s why Ron Paul is so adamant about exposing a very real and dangerous threat to our liberty that NO OTHER CANDIDATE TALKS ABOUT – the Federal Reserve (a private banking cartel that OWNS YOU – AMERICAN SLAVE).

    I could go on about the others, but I’ll just make one point. Ya gotta love the “Tea Party”. “We’re gonna TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK” they say. But they can’t really put their finger on who took it (so guess what folks – you won’t get it back if you don’t know who stole it). Take a look at to see some interesting information on why Ron Paul is the right choice for people who want to “take our country back”. Maybe you can’t vote for him but sure the hell learn what he stands for.

    In the last quarter of 2007 he raised $20,000,000, as much as Obama and Clinton and twice as much as McCain and $14,000,000 more than Huckabee. And that’s with all the negative, jaded, slanted, slanderous press he got from the very beginning. Wake up folks – this is not rocket science. Think outside the box for cripes sake.


    • Ha – gotta love the brain in the bottle!

      One small note…money is not the root of all evil, according to the bible; Love of money is the root of all evil.


  25. Newt Gingrich… the idiot who had the senate and the house and still couldn’t rid this Republic of the leftist liberal BS that plagues us.. Look at all the leftist unconstitutional crap BUSH put on us. We need a Man who is not owned by big oil or big business. The man that fits that description is Ron Paul. WE NEED SOMEONE WHO FOLLOWS THE CONSTITUTION TO THE LETTER. Lol- liberal socialist I want state sponcered heath care Mitt Romney? Some of you who call yourselves conservatives better wake up. You are the farthest thing from conservative if you vote for the likes of Bush and McCain.


    • There’s only one member of this entire Congress, who has been consistently conservative in voting for ONLY small government…..NO banker bailouts….and constitutional laws since his very anointment to office.

      And it’s not big Barry Obama who voted the Patriot Act in over and over again…..nor socialist George Bush who did the same thing as Obama.

      Say it with me everyone……..It is Ron Paul!!

      Going by the media, you would think that everyone would understand this by now. Ron Paul’s been talking more sense on TV than any of these sellouts in the past one hundred something years.

      The Mises institute currently shows how we can go from an over-bloated liberal mistake of government, to a small fiscal conservative government in less than three years. Action plan step by step lights the way.

      Dr. Paul consistently votes against wrong-headed wars. But he’s not anti-war, and like Rand is in favor of any legal war that defends this nation from attack.

      Only problem is, ten years and counting yet we still have not even resolved the events of 9-11. We don’t have bulletproof evidence of anybody who did it.

      So why in the holy jeebuz do we have poor General Petraeus out there attacking foreign countries who did not attack us, trying to find who did it??!?

      Senseless! We need wars in self defense only. We need marks on the terrorists & a new 9-11 inquiry. Over 600 billion in there could have saved jobs abroad.

      Ron Paul has got it right. No bailouts, no wrong-headed wars, fiscal small constitutional government.
      Ron Paul with the Military to RESTORE America – Because FREEDOM is POPULAR!


  26. Petraeus/Gingrich? Are you kidding? We need someone to come in and get our fiscal house in order. That would be Chris Christie. Then we need someone who is NOT part of the war economy to establish a more sensible foriegn policy and a more sensible monetary policy. That would be Ron Paul. That’s the ticket.


    • Frank,

      I agree with you about the GOP, THE NEED for a conservative candidate and your preference to let Barry keep the Presidency if the Republican Party is just going to elect another liberal; but, at the risk of losing a new friend, I want to say a few words in defense of people like David Horowitz. who has been in the jaws of hell, has been a part of that hell and is doing everything he can to let us know what he knows. Horowitz, like Whitaker Chambers, Gene Genovese, and Bella Dodd (my ug political science teacher), are different from you and me, but they are like the canaries in the mine, more sensitive than we are and sometimes annoying. But we better to listen to them, even if we do not always take their advice, we should not dismiss them.

      One other thing…for Frank of Katy, TX, Merrill Lynch stockholders did not get rich because of TARP. At least, I don’t think so…I think the leadership of MLPFS and other bankers were bailed out, but stockholders? They are worse off, imho, than if the market had been allowed to right itself. That’s my instinct and free market training talking – do you KNOW? I don’t, but look at the numbers – Bank of America is selling for 13 now; MER (which does not exist anymore) was 99.5 in Sept. 2008. And worse than that, Merrill stockholders got fewer shares of BOA than they had of MER – doesn’t sound like a good deal at all for stockholders of the old MLPFS company.


  27. Why are is this comments section being flooded by only Ron Paul supporters? The “unelectable” Ron Paul.

    C’mon Romney supporters, where are you? Tell us how he is more electable than Ron Paul.

    Pawlenty supporters? Huckabee supporters? Are you out there? Because for candidates that are so much more electable than Ron Paul you would think there would be a ground-swell of support. Thing is, I can’t find any.


    • Yes, JA,

      You are raising the same question I was trying to raise, but you did it better. Thanks so much.



    • I watched the most recent debates with Texas Governor Rick Perry and was unimpressed with him. He spent more time playing the “good ole boy” attitude and I think he is another RINO. It is time we unite as Republicans and wash our hands clean from people like him.


  28. The only person that has a 20+ year of a consistently-conservative voting record is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.

    I don’t care about someone’s ability to give glamorous speeches or look good for the camera (like Obama), or how rich they are etc… I only care about their voting record and their strict adherence to the constitution.

    There’s no question, without any shadow of doubt, that Ron Paul has by far the most immaculate conservative voting record in our entire government.

    He never voted to raise taxes or vote for anything that oversteps the boundaries of the Constitution. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself.

    Ron Paul 2012. Period.


  29. It saddens me that American voters are so ignorant, and believe everything they see and hear on the establishment Democrat / GOP biased main stream media stations.

    They research nothing on their own to find the things neither side’s media reports mention and this is obvious when we see election results.

    In election after election, they jump out of one pot of boiling water and right into the other one – over and over again. There is no learning.

    There is only one hope for directional change in this country, and you will never find it by going with the flow of who the media says is going to be the winner, and simply throwing your vote for the who the media makes out to be the winning team. Choosing that scenario as a reason to vote for someone is ignorant at best.

    I want real difference.

    I spend the time and research candidate’s voting histories on numerous issues and compare them to their quotes. (and Newt is nothing but politician double speak as well)

    There is only one man worth voting for if you want to actually see a difference and it is hands down –

    Ron Paul

    Many are concerned about his foreign policy and mislead by the media to think that he is weak in defense. He is by no means weak on defense, he wants wars declared legally, the way they are supposed to be declared, the way the Constitution states it must be done, and that is by a vote from congress, not a Presidential dictatorial decree – like this never ending quagmire we are currently in was started.


  30. Newt Gitrich is a JOKE. Leaving his dying wife for some bimbo??? That will go over like a church fart once it’s ressurected in the MSM. He would last all of 5 minutes in the primary. BTW, nobody wants JUDY RULEIANA either!


  31. When will you people wake up and understand that RINOs and Neo-cons hate freedom, liberty and the American dream??? The Romney, Newt, Huckabee, and Palan supporters need to be shipped off to Canada because they truly have no idea that these folks HATE you and your Constitution! Bush and his Neo-cons did more to destroy the American dream than anyone besides Obama!

    Please, wake up, stop reading Time magazine and watching Corporate TV and use your brains!!!


    THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CONSERVATISM Real Newt Gingrich, New World Order Globalist God Endorse Ne…wt Gingrich? Real Newt Gingrich Gingrich Gingrich’s Ex Speaks Out, And It’s Ugly for 2012? No, thanks.By Michelle Malkin Gingrich claims he is not a member of bohemian grove, a freemason, or for world government't Get Fooled by the New Newt – He’s the Same as the Old Newt


  33. Ok, so I’ve taken the time to do my research on Ron Paul. While he’s not my ideal candidate, there are several things that I agree with him on. If he were on the republican ticket, I’d support him. But I still think there may be better options. I agree with him on his fiscal policies. I agree with him on immigration, abortion, and healthcare. There are, again, several things that I disagree with him on. While I understand and agree that we shouldn’t necessarily be the police of the world and stick our noses in every little thing, I think it’s foolish to allow potentially dangerous situations to brew overseas and be reactive as opposed to pro-active. This situation with Iran is a perfect example. Here’s an Islamic country who is hellbent on the destruction of Israel, our ally, and ourselves. Based on what I gather about Paul’s foreign policy, he’d be inclined to just wait it out and see how things develop. I also have a feeling he’d condemn Israel for preemptively striking Iran. I have a huge problem with that.

    Also, I still don’t understand his position on Islam. For the previous poster’s who said that McVeigh was a Christian, that’s complete and total bunk. His parents were Christians, but he himself was agnostic. So, to make the correlation between McVeigh and Christianity and 9/11 and Islam isn’t accurate or fair. This religion of Islam along with Shariah Law is NOT a peaceful religion. It is one of totalitarinism and control. Also, it goes beyond religion. It is a political ideology as well, a theocracy. The Hadeeth documents the political philosophies and campaigns of Mohammad, and it’s abundantly clear that they are to convert the world to Islam by force, which Jesus teaches to spread the gospel through love and by example.

    To say that Islam didn’t play any role in 9/11 is shortsighted and naive. Also, while I understand the idea behind the “we provoked them, so they attacked us” philosophy, I still think it’s naive to think that’s the complete and total truth. Yes, they hate us because of things we have done, but they hate us more for who we are and what we stand for. We are a free nation. Our women are well-educated and can make choices for themselves. This goes against everything taught by Shariah Law, and they HATE us for it. So even if we didn’t do anything to “provoke” them, they’d still be hellbent on our destruction. There is no negotiating with terrorist. There’s nothing we can do to get them to stop hating us other than not being who we are, and that will never happen. We have to kill them before they kill us. Period. I need a candidate who believes that.

    Mitch 2012!


    • Jaron, I know what it is you are saying but with due respect you and the 9-12 groups need to educate yourselves more on what does or does not cause terrorism.

      The attacks were because of terrorism and Sufi Islam, not because of “Muslim Islam” as that is the same as blaming an entire religion for the actions of supr3macists.

      I want you and others to read the quotes below about a great and well-meaning Iranian Arab leader, Cyrus the Great whom inspired our own US Constitution.

      “…… Cyrus, King of Kings, King of Persia, King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akad, King of Elam and Anshan, King of ……., King of all nations of the four quarters, have dictated a new world order, for the man to be free, for the man to live as he pleases and be protected by The Law, all men to have rights, all men to have dignity, all men to freely choose their religion, respect to all’s religion, respect to all’s tradition, respect to all’s property, respect to all’s humanity……”
      “I did not allow any to terrorize the land of Sumer and Akkad. I kept in view the needs of Babylon and all its sanctuaries to promote their well being. The citizens of Babylon… I lifted their unbecoming yoke. Their dilapidated dwellings I restored. I put an end to their misfortunes.”

      Cyrus did not allow his army to plunder and loot the newly conquered country. He promoted the welfare of his new Babylonian subjects and supported their religious temples (sanctuaries).”

      As you can see, there was nothing about Sufi Sharia law in any of this. They just expressed the principles of universal freedom. Leave alone and let leave alone!

      If we were to ascribe the actions of Sufi Islam to all Muslims, or neo-Zlonism to Judalsm; then we are no better than the worst of our enemies anyway.

      In the first place because neither Sufism or neo-Zlonism are even a religion. They are just radical extreme movements, each bent on being the “only” ruling government. More or less due to money not spirituality.

      But in the second place, because both ideologies are based on Marxism and can be considered to be just old fashioned supremacism. Supremacy is just the old wasteful might vs right that Obama and FDR just loves.

      Racism is effectively COMBAT through re-education and outright war on the institutions which support the ideology, IE: The National Endowment for Democracy & globalist CFR think tanks which financially arm them to attack the people. For that we have armies which can go into Turkey, the HQ of these racist movements, & wipe out the terrorists on both sides. Very easy to solve.


  34. Gingrich is a backstabbing toad. Petraeus is a mindless tool of the industrial/military political establishment. Rick Perry, Huckabee, Pawlenty, are all borrow-and-spend, business-as-usual losers.
    With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?

    I am a physician. I have been a delegate to the last two Iowa GOP state conventions. My wife was a delegate to the national convention in 2008.

    We are going to be supporting RON PAUL in 2012 (or someone like HIM).

    Our country needs to reverse course; not deviate a little to the right or left.
    Anything less is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


    • I love this reply from the wife! You Rock, Mrs. Doc!

      From the family values wing of the GOP!


  35. We live in a Welfare/Warfare/Wall Street State.
    I’d like to share two Great Myths of the false left-right paradigm of the twin wings of the Ruling Party that I have discovered over the course of my awakening and independent studies. I think that they can help begin to explain why our world is on the precipice of annihilation and subjugation by totalitarian government.

    Myth #1: Fascism and communism are polar opposites.
    They are both branches of the same Marxist tree–and this Myth has been thoroughly discredited by a great many scholars and intellectuals. For an exceptional examination of this very subject, check out the insightful documentary film “The Soviet Story”.
    Soviet Story

    Myth #2: Only leftists are opposed to interventionist war, the police/surveillance state, and completely arbitrary violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    Today, to espouse a non-interventionist foreign policy is to commit the alleged sin of “isolationism” according to the lame stream media, intelligentsia, and government “leaders”; is to identify oneself as a so-called left-liberal. Yet, the real diplomatic isolationists are those that perpetuate an interventionist foreign policy of aggressive, undeclared war, empire, and arbitrary abuses of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The real right is in favor of the absence of these abusive and dictatorial government powers and the presence of justice according to nature’s law.
    Ron Paul for President 2012

    George Orwell was warning us in his book describing a dystopian future. The following is from his book titled 1984:
    The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism
    It does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is real, it does not matter if victory is not possible…..The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous…..The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labor…. A hierarchial society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance…In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation…..The war is waged by the ruling group against it’s own subjects, and it’s object is not victory over Eurasia or East Asia ( or Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iran) but to keep the very structure of society intact.
    George Orwell

    Ron Paul for President 2012

    “Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is perhaps, the most to be
    dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.
    War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes,
    known instruments for bringing the many under the domination
    of the few. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst
    of continual warfare” James Madison

    Ron Paul for President 2012

    Major General Smedley Butler
    Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940), nicknamed “The Fighting Quaker” and “Old Gimlet Eye”, was a Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. During his 34-year career as a Marine, he participated in military actions in the Philippines, China, in Central America during the Banana Wars, the Caribbean and during World War I, he served in France. By the end of his career he had received 16 medals, five of which were for heroism. He is one of 19 people to twice receive the Medal of Honor, one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and the Medal of Honor, and the only person to be awarded the Brevet Medal and two Medals of Honor, all for separate actions
    War is a Racket! READ it for FREE

    Ron Paul for President 2012

    “Great is the Guilt of unnecessary war” John Adams

    I am a Vietnam era Veteran. I was one of the fortunate ones, my brother was not. He was on the riverboats in Vietnam and suffered a lot from his tour there. He almost died from an electrocution.. He was involved with many fire fights, and had agent orange sprayed from helicopters overhead on both sides of the river banks almost every day. At the time he came back from Vietnam, I noticed things about him that at the time I could not totally comprehend, but later in life after neurology studies, I could see he suffered from what today would be diagnosed as post traumatic stress and post electrocution syndrome.
    He has become worse in his condition over the years, to the point that it was clear to me if I did not intervene he would either be one of those people you see living on the streets in cities, or sitting in a nursing home. I decided that neither of those were good for my brother. Now I take care of him day in and day out. It has it’s challenges, yet it is most meaningful After learning some time ago that the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” never happened, I was not too surprised, yet it confirmed for me that my brother’s war injuries were in vain in spite of his best patriotic intentions. If you viewed the videos you know what I am writing about. It breaks my heart that my brother has suffered all these years; the walking wounded, some would say the walking dead. I am reminded of this daily and I have made it a part of my purpose to educate others; Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, not to let your family members go to a made up war for the benefit of banksters. They may think they are fighting for God and country, but. that has not been the case for a long time, and it certainly will not be true if we goer into this war with Iran, Pakistan, or other places in the future.

    “I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind” Thomas Jefferson

    Ron Paul for President 2012


  36. Mr. Speight
    That is quite a line up of establishment status quo hacks you got there. Ron Paul is the only liberty candidate and will get my vote AGAIN in the next election. The fact you didn’t even mention the man who received more money from the military then any other candidate causes me to not take you seriously…


    • ‎In response to why Dr. Ron Paul was not included:
      “I own this opinion blog. There’s nothing conspiratorial, just my own thoughts. In expressing those thoughts, I have stirred that Ron Paul disciples to a remarkable point of outrage. That wasn’t my intention, nor was it my intention to disrespect Ron Paul. In my personal opinion, I don’t think him viable as a national candidate nor do I believe he would be able to effect his stated policies were he to be elected.”

      Mr. Speight,
      I could not disagree with you more on that explanation of why you omitted Dr. Ron Paul. In fact,
      it is ludicrous.

      Altho, after reading your comments, it is easy to understand why you did that. To give compliments to any of those hacks shows where you’re at. You sir are
      NO friend of Liberty.

      It’s sad that you are ignorant of this most important concept. Very sad indeed.

      Your list is indeed the statas quo hacks and miscreants that are presented to a dumbed down America.

      He is more viable and has TONS of support – much more than you think. 2012 (if the economy even makes it that long) will be an interesting year as 2010 will be also in November.

      The issues that the GOOD doctor brought to the table in the 2008 debates are the most important issues that have ever been presented by ANY candidate. And God Bless the individuals who recognized how important it was what he said.

      People are fed up with the status quo BS, broke, homeless, on food stamsp etc. – you name it. They want their country back.

      He is indeed viable and he can indeed effect REAL change that this country so desperately needs. People support this fine man because he is a fine man. He is a statesman. Pehaps you have heard of that word.

      He is the ONLY member of CONgress who understands and promotes sound money – the ONLY one. This is another concept that is NOT understood by 99% of the dumbed down Americans and it is so damn important.

      So by omitting him in your list you have shown your belief that people should vote for crap because
      the one true statesman who could truly lead this country does not have chance. That kind of thinking is why we are in the dastardly mess we are now in.

      I truly hope you wake up to the truth and to liberty Mr. Speight – because you absolutely need to.
      Our country will NOT survive much longer the way it is headed and the people you listed above are the paving the road to oblivion for this once great nation.

      Dr. Ron Paul is a magnificent man and our ONLY hope for Liberty for We The People!


  37. Mr. Spy,

    How you deal with this? Old Dutch Fork farmer tried to comfort me
    once, when I change my mind. He said sometimes it takes a smart
    man to change his own mind. You need time off or you already
    change your mind or you gone keep on hammering and nailing
    like before? I always like to climb off what I’m building and stare
    at it to see if straight and look good. I like to look at it with my
    brain, but I also use a plumb line and straight edge, I also learnt
    how to make corners.


      • you’re right, Joe Feagle. i regret i no longer have the patience to communicate my ideas over the internet to strangers with patience. this way i offend monkeys while not laying claim to be someone else. there is no one to divide and conquer; i’m trapped just as everyone is. i wish the best of you and everyone. Yet, i can not believe what people have become.

        I admire you and what Ron Paul fans are doing on the internet. more of you and less of me is what is needed, and to be honest, i don’t really comment at all… so you get less poison and more constructive thought coming from your kind. it’s not sarcasm either, Joe.

        it just sickens me that people can echo the msm so well in advance to the upcoming election and not realize that they are repeating the same mistakes. & Personally, maybe i might be able to leave this country… but it’s pretty bizarre to speak a few languages and yet have no ability to communicate with the monkeys. & i can’t personally commit suicide, but i will sleep in the snow for a whole season…. still… i can’t wait til it’s over. We will always be the minority even if 80 to 90 percent want to audit the fed…. even when real resistance comes to pass and blood is in the streets, the banksters will race to our side if theirs is losing and claim to be with us all along…. they will “co-opt” us one way or the other, just like Alexander Hamilton had his name printed on the federalist papers,- that rothschild agent,

        because you know, “selling out” your principles is taught at an early age, how to dress, how to act, not how to make or how to grow. And these christian neo-cons really scare me, claiming to be with the tea party, but they have no clue what fiat money does, they just like to echo the ron paul platform for a time being, while they get someone back in power that “knows God” – like huckabee. what passes for the common christian these days is the worst scum, even a decent christian fellow assumes all muslims want all christians dead, since they’re preached to on the pulpit.

        i’m just as sexually wanting as any other man, but the church has perverted their christian practice and flaunted its abuses before the just…. there is such a void then for the virtuous in the ecclesiastical order, i swear i would stop thinking about sex and drop it w/out care, and teach children chinese, and french, and tell them to go to work with their parents and learn from their fathers…

        in short, i would stop thinking about girls and a family, if for one second i believed that if i entered a monastery i would be surrounded by men of godly virtue. there is little then for me in this world. But if you google “Phase 2 of the chicken coop dailypaul,” you will find that aquaponics greenhouses that are able to grow one million pounds of food a year on 3 acres.

        that is so amazing! i don’t know very much about many things, Mr. Joe Feagle, but that is amazing! you don’t have to trade in the american dollar any longer if you can grow a million pounds of food on three acres.

        Best of luck to you sir.


  38. The author of this blog is obviously a paid GOP hack. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same over and over even if it doesn’t work. Yeah, so would this country be any differnet if Huckabee, McLiberal or Mitt HealthCare Romnet were POTUS? I thing not. The wars would still be raging, TARP Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, GM and Chrysler bailouts, Cash 4 clunkers would have happened and the dollar would still crash and we would still have the Traitorous Federal Reserve.

    Ron Paul is my President, the GOP can go pound sand.


    • Mr. Speight is no paid hack, so just put that right
      out of your mind. He has an unusually LARGE
      personality and opinions. Any agenda he has
      would be of his very own making.

      If you want a host for a real debate, then this is
      the place.


      • for the most part, people like romney and guliani laughed at ron paul while he warned of the oncoming collapse. and this author, Speight, just repeats what the media was saying in 2007. it tells me he is either complicit with his free mason buddies, or higher-up, or dependent on some higher-up for his sustenance. Intelligent thought filters for the globalist elite are a prelude to round 2 in 2012.


    • Out of all due respects, I do not know of nor claim that the author of this blog is a paid GOP hack. It serves no purpose making baseless claims just because we share a different opinion. We cannot help people realize the gift we have in people like Ron Paul if we go off and make accusations that do not have much merit and even if it had merit, we should just focus upon having a positive and open dialogue. I know that there is a little frustration amongst Ron Paul fans because we have invested much energy in gaining a greater understanding of the issues and sometimes the results are not as rewarding when we move beyond the common man’s misunderstanding. Let’s have some patience and lead through the virtue of love and goodwill. We have to let God tackle the big problems and stay focused on what we can do to improve ourselves and help our fellow brothers and sisters in our communities when our economy collapses.

      I hope the owner of this website forgives some of the chatter here and considers some of the more reasonable responses. We are all in this together.


      • With the author of this blog choice of candidates and telling us how Sara Palin would draw int the Tea Party crowd. This author is a total moron, or he is a paid hack. Hmmm, maybe he is just a moron and not a paid hack. Sorry.

        Gee, that’s funny, The real Tea Party group boycotted the officical convention where Sara Palin spoke. When are you moron’s going to get it and realize the idiotic Republocrats are not going to save us?


  39. I’d take a 103-year old Ron Paul in a wheelchair vs. any of these RINO’s on their BEST day!

    Check Out! Ron Paul: A New Hope
    Almost 2,000,000 views!!!


    • I’d surely prefer a 103 year old Ron Paul over his brain in a bottle. But if his brain in a bottle is all I had to vote for – I’d still vote for the brain.

      His brain would likely (in the absence of the physical) vote ‘NO’ on everything anyways – and that’s what we need – more REPRESENTATIVES to vote ‘NO’ on the un-Constitutional crap being shoved down our throats!


  40. Ron Paul is a serious contender for 2012. While a relative no name in 2008 – he managed to raise an incredible amount of money and had a grassroots backing like no other.

    Perhaps, if the media gave him fair play, we would see the true impact of liberty message. It’s interesting to look back and see where this generation’s tea party started.

    Mitt Romney the founding father of Universal Healthcare.


  41. It is pretty silly to write up the contenders and not even mention why you’re writing off Ron Paul.

    Perhaps you, personally, feel that Ron Paul is polarizing. Yup. So is Obama (notice that he is an elected President right now . . .)

    Perhaps you feel Ron Paul is too extreme! Yes, indeed, he is extremely consistent on the Founding principles of our great nation that need restoration.

    Perhaps — especially after your choice of Petraeus — you are simply uncomfortable with Paul’s foreign policy positions, wisdom, and advocacies. This — certainly — is where the discussion needs to happen in short time left before 2012. This country can’t continue to borrow from China and Saudi Arabia to fund eternal wars across the globe.

    If the Republican ticket can run a President who is willing to free the GOP from the liberal, Statist, ‘perpetual war’ agenda (even if it isn’t Ron Paul), the GOP will win.


  42. “America needs Statesmen. Not someone who is a “man of the state”, rather one who “who exercises political leadership wisely and without narrow partisanship”. Someone whose agenda is putting government where it belongs and power back in the hands of the people. Someone like Ron Paul.”

    Ron Paul a true statesman.


  43. Plenty of RINO names here but, you’re missing the one name that can bring back our constitutional republic in one term. RON PAUL.
    Of course most of you shills don’t want to have an honest, constitutionalist in government but, there are some of us who do! Want to cure your ignorance? Google RON PAUL.


  44. Ron Paul’s “inability to win” is all that was pounded into the populace in the last election. Of course, the main stream media is highly vested in the status quo, but the rest of these guys….let’s face it…Ron Paul is the only one who has displayed any consistent integrity, not only in his political life but his private life. His positions cannot be shaken. But more importantly, these two parties are nothing more than two trains on parallel tracks headed for the same cliff. Switching back and forth between these two engines of destruction has done nothing but bring this country to the absolute brink of disaster. ONLY if the population decides to wise up and go a completely different direction and reembrace constitution values such as sound money, noninterventionist foreign policies, and personal freedoms, will the republic survive. Does anybody seriously believe that any of these other Neocons will make any attempt whatsoever to undo the damage he did? Oh, there would be some quibbling about the disastrous Obamacare, but even THAT Obamanation would survive the changing from Democrat to Republican. NONE of those guys ever talk about reinstating our lost freedoms. Ron Paul is the only one focused on the PEOPLE of the United States. Everybody else is focused on Washington and continuing the domination of the states by the federal government. If I was faced with a 49% chance of death by stabbing, a 49% chance of death by firing squad, and a 2% chance of freedom, I would vote for the freedom every time. If the rest of the electorate ever gets their heads out of their behinds to embrace that philosophy, we’ll have a chance. Otherwise, how can you POSSIBLY expect that electing Romney or any of the rest of these head cases will result in any improvement at all? After all, until Obama came alone, Bush did more to destroy our country than any president in history.


  45. Ron Paul is the only candidate whose platform is purely American. His platform consists of adhering to the primary tenet which made this country the most prosperous country the world has ever know, and that tenet is liberty. Ron Paul is the only choice for a prosperous tomorrow.

    “We have allowed our nation to be over taxed and over regulated and overrun by bureaucrats, the founders would be ashamed of us for what we’re putting up with!” -Ron Paul (Thanks, Ron, for being the voice of reason in an age of mass ignorance and manipualtion.)


  46. Elected Republican Precinct Committee Man here saying that I’m tired of the RINO liberal hacks in our party. Everyone one of those candidates listed would support big overreaching Federal Government and ignore the Constitution in varying degrees.

    Unless someone else with a good conservative Constitutional track record pops up…I will only support Ron Paul.

    To all of those wondering why Ron Paul supporters pop up…well, it is our duty to defend this Republic and fight the controlled media while winning minds to the Constitutional cause. This is a lifelong mission and fight against a moneyed elite oligarchy that would strip you, your kids, and grandchildren of their birthright.

    We are growing tireless minority that will never stop. You think the Tea Parties started in 2009? LOL! We started them in 2007 nationwide…this growing minority has been fighting this growing Revolution for years now. We lose battles and win some, but mark my words…we will win this war and restore this Republic.

    “Join or Die” was on our Revolutionary flags…either Join the fight for the Republic or watch it Die.


    • So true CT Johnson! I drove from South Carolina 15 hours to Boston on Dec 16th 2007 for the FIRST modern Day “Tea Party” to support Ron Paul! That was the first time I met his son, Rand. One of the best days of my life, we all raised 6.3 million dollars for Ron Paul that day!


  47. For any of you who doubt the intent of Islam as a religion, I recommend you watch “Islam: What the West Needs to Know” It has interviews with a number of Arab-American professors who were born and raised Muslim and later converted to Christianity after having a religious awakening of sorts.

    What the previous poster said about Cyrus the Great is irrelevant. By most accounts he was a great man. He also pre-dates the prophet Muhammed and Islam by about a thousand years, so his opinions on matters of the Islamic faith are moot. History shows that Cyrus the Great, while not Jewish, believed in the God of Abraham as mentioned in the Book of Ezra. If you want to learn more about Islam, you should probably look at Muhammed himself. If you want to get more information about the relgion of Islam, watch the film.

    It’s available on Netflix.


    • I’m glad you have seen the light regarding Cyrus the Great. He also was one of the adopters who related to Allah as a wise scholar, NOT as the light as in “Return to the light” which has manifested in Islam today.

      I largely agree with you that there’s something wrong here, with the disturbing use of Shari’a law as it has been applied in many cases as though it was “religious”.
      “Lina is a baptized Christian, but the government will not remove “Muslim” from her identity papers. This means that she cannot marry the Christian man she desires to marry. It also means that sharia courts continue to have jurisdiction over her. Not surprisingly, her lawyer (who happens to be a Muslim) has received death threats for representing her. Malaysia’s constitution ostensibly guarantees freedom of religion–but not if you were “born Muslim,” I guess. Lina has (graciously) been allowed to change her name from the Muslim one she was given at birth.

      HT: Dhimmi Watch and TROP

      Next time you hear something like, “Muslims in the West would like the opportunity to be governed by their own laws in family matters” or “Canadians are opposed to the limited application of sharia law even if it is only for Muslims,” consider the implications of the fact that you can’t leave Islam. What is really aimed at in such initiatives is the situation in Malaysia: The “secular” government deems certain people to be Muslim from birth and then, dutifully applying sharia law “to Muslims” refuses to let them leave that religion in legal fact, referring all matters of family law and the like, including marriages, to sharia courts for such people throughout their entire lives, even against their will.”

      However, you have been deceived relating to this being any real religion, in that it is based off mystic practice. Saying that it is all religion’s fault is just a scapegoat that won’t kill off the racism.

      We’re talking about Muslims cutting off the arms of people left & right due to them choosing material wealth or living with better wives.

      It’s more complex than Muslims just are raised to do it by default. The Koran calls on most Muslims to respect, and love their fellow men regardless of difference of judgment. But this other movement in the Haadeeths, that is what we need to do away with.

      The Koran says nothing about now that you are “Muslim” you can never leave. This type of racism sounds very similar to what Sharia practiced in Egypt, that is, the call for all Muslims to purify their souls by self-infliction and “return to the light of Allah”

      This is the evil racism of the Sufism movement, as many scholars like Gerald Celente has taught before. Sufism is a “cult” that is declared to be “good” by many government bodies, but really this is pure evil.

      Sufism is NOT a real religion it is a spiritual/divine supremacy movement. No different than White supremacist, neocon supremacists as I think the core of “Sufism” is rotten to the core.

      Sufism originated in Turkey of all places and the caliphate. People like you have been told this is good, but look up their laws: Sufism is pure evil. Sufism Islam is like the Cult of Baal to the Hindus or Hatians. Saudi Arabia claims to not follow….but Wahabbi Jihad is based in Sufism traditions!

      Why are we allies with these devils? At the least you are encouraged to dissect history, we will never kill off racism if we do not root out mystic supremacism. Religion is really not the source. Mysticism is – we want to win we have to know it

      “According to Sufi doctrine a number of verses in the Quran provide clear support for their mysticism. Perhaps the most often quoted as a proof is Surah 24:35, “Allah is the Light of Heaven and Earth! His light may be compared to a niche in which there is a lamp; the lamp is in a glass; the glass is just as if it were a glittering star kindled from a blessed olive tree, {which is} neither Eastern nor Western, whose oil will almost glow though the fire has never touched it. Light upon light, Allah guides anyone He wishes to His light.”10 Another verse, often chanted in Sufi gatherings, and which the Sufis claim sums up the whole of Sufism is Surah 2:156, “Verily we are for Allah, and verily unto Him we are returning.”…11 A third often used verse is Surah 50:6, “We (Allah) are nearer to him (man) than his jugular vein.”12 The Sufis believe that Muhammad has said that every verse of the Quran has ‘an outside and an inside’ – a belief clearly in line with their quest for the haqiqa.13 However, the very method of Quranic interpretation used by the Sufis in order to support their claims, can arguably be seen as a reliance on eisegesis rather than exegesis.”

      According to Quranic edicts Muslims must constantly “purify” themselves under sufism, in order to return to the light of Allah. This encourages spuremacism including the cutting of legs and arms, & it is the very opposite of a bunch of religious books.

      So this is all a bunch of mystical racist unicorn bullshit. Its shameful that religions have adopted any of them. Christianity and Islam have bad codes, but alot of them are due to Eastern Star radicals. You can’t ever wipe out racist supr3macism with more the same, killing off Sufism requires rejecting occult life.


      • I think you’re missing one of the most important things about the Koran which is the law of abrogation. As stated in the Koran, anything revealed to the prophet that contradicts what was already revealed will overrule what was previously revealed because the newer revelation is now gospel. It’s important to note that the Koran is not in chronological order. Rather, it is arranged from the largest book down the the smallest one. So while the Koran ends with positive notes and poems about loving all people etc, these have been abrogated by the verse of the sword, which chronologically is Muhammed’s last revelation. Every other part of the Koran starts off with “In the name of Allah the merciful, the compasionate” except the Verse of the Sword. Based on the law of abrogation, the Koran wishes us not to think of Allah as merciful and compasionate anymore.

        If you look at Muhammed’s life, the peaceful parts of the Koran were written while he was in Mecca. At this point in his journey, he had very few followers and no power, thus peace was his lure towards his new religion. After he moved to Medina, he gathered a substantial following. This is where he became drunk with power and things started going violent. Muhammed himself beheaded 900 jews for not accepting Islam. Also, you cannot credit the Koran without the Hadith because there are many references in the Koran that leave the reader in the dark about prior events that are detailed in the Hadith.

        Plain and simple, Islam is not a religion of peace. Muslims who say so are either intentionally lying to hide the truth, or they’re western-raised muslims who are truly ignorant to their own religion. I call a spade a spade, and I want a candidate for president who has the balls to do it as well.


        • You mentioned the updated revelations given to Muhammed as though that was also part of the Koran, or their so called legal system.

          But if you look up history of Islam, it is quite clear in the Law/codes and whatever fairy tale book they hold now – that there is not any divine revelations allowed. Other similar things were taught to the Hatians: ie: divine “visions”.

          They are quite strict on these principles, which is why its clear that Americans are being openly deceived to blame Muslims instead of what is known as Sufism.

          2. One author of a book on Sufism states that Sufism is presently “frowned upon by Muslim orthodoxy.” Other scholars, such as Fazlur Rahman, argue that Sufism contained many un-Islamic influences, but that these were corrected by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, who purified Sufism and made it a legitimate part of Islam. Which do you feel is correct, and why?

          I think the reason behind Sufism was the materialism which the Muslim society faced at the time, as the Muslim society had become more and more widespread and wealthy. Materialism infected the hearts of many Muslims, and then those [Sufi] scholars came forward with the call to “go back to your God, purify yourself, go back to the reality of Islam.” They told the people not to be influenced by materialism, that they had to be closer to Allah, that they had to practice their religion, and remember the approaching hereafter. This is the reason why Sufism was establsihed at the time – because of the civilization which took place in the Western society at that time.

          3. An important and influential Sufi living after al-Ghazali was Ibn al-‘Arabi. al-‘Arabi stated “When you know yourself, your ‘I’ness vanishes and you know that you and Allah are one and the same.” This clearly states the belief that everything that exists is one, having the same essence and reality. Is this contrary to orthodox Islam? How have Muslim scholars responded to al-‘Arabi’s teachings?

          Actually, all the scholars, or at least the majority of them did not accept what Ibn Arabi brought to the Islamic thinking or belief. Because, as you know, Islam is based on the ‘oneness’ or tawhid, a Muslim should worship Allah alone, and Allah Almighty is not, or we as human beings are not part of Allah. Thus Ibn Arabi’s concepts created divisions or differentiation between scholars and himself. Up to today, many scholars have written books against Arabi’s ideas, even though some of his students try to defend Ibn Arabi by saying he didn’t mean what people understood him to teach – that mankind and God are one unit.

          Again, I strongly urge you to seek common ground with others on this issue. This is a very dangerous movement, and Sufism is not naturally part of Islam as its the dark arts…..but it has been made to appear that way.

          Also we can’t wipe it out by attacking Islam, Judaism, Hindusim or any monotheistic religion because it is totally outside them. You are dealing with mystical supremacist arts, which founded much of the Islamic brotherhood.

          It cannot be touched without identifying the real enemy, mystic practitioners. Not Muslims. Go back out there and re-learn history.


  48. Sounds like a neoconservative love pile. Sounds like more war we can’t afford. This group of Republicans would most likely change nothing, just like the Obama administration. Republicans are boring. The only one who isn’t boring and actually educats the voters is Congressman Ron Paul. He has been talking about the same issues for over 30 years and has never veered from his message of true personal and economic liberty and has the voting record to prove it. He trounces all of his colleagues when it comes to voting along with true conservatism and the vision of the Founders. He has the ability to bring the younger crowd into the Republican party because he talks about such “radical” views as Marijuana decriminalization/legalization, phasing out government agencies and departements, ending the income tax, ending the fed, and respecting the people’s unalienable rights. He has a very strong and growing grassroots base and they rule the internet – don’t every be mistaken about that. His ability, or rather the people’s ability, to raise campaign money has broken records and shocked political candidates, pundits, and the MSM. He has warned about a coming economic crisis for decades and stands tall as one of the few who gained intellectual credibility from the people for calling the collapse. He can’t be bought by lobbyists and he never will – they know to stay away from his office. We the People need a president that won’t sugar coat his/her message and Ron Paul is that individual.

    I’m sorry, but the list of neoconservative hacks listed on this post will bring this nation closer to the brink, or even over the brink if this current administration doesn’t before 2012. Ron Paul all the way!
    The neoconservatives


  49. “I will always vote what I have promised, and always vote the Constitution, as well as I will not vote for one single penny that isn’t paid for, because debt is the monster, debt is what’s going to eat us up and that is why our economy is on the brink.”
    by the Honorable Congressman Dr. Ron Paul


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  51. I will never understand how members/voters of the Republican Party could have selected the halfwit, RINO McCain over Paul. That loss drove me from the Republican Party – nominating Paul in 2012 could draw me back.


  52. I think all of these Ron Paul supporters are like two or three people who keep posting support for Dr. Paul under different names. If he were THIS popular, he wouldn’t have gotten beaten so badly.


    • Hay you ever heard of Diebold electronic voting machines and voter fraud nimwit? That NH primary was stolen from Ron Paul. how the hell do you think Bush stole the re-election in 04? Not that his opponent (Kerry) was any better.


      • Bottom line is the GOP is an overall failure.

        The Republican base has fled the GOP leadership in mass, joined the Independents & elected all new people in their states without any outside help from the RNC.

        They won’t be returning. Ever. And they hate Democrats even more, what I term simply as the Demoncrats of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt.

        These are the bastards who took over the GOP, total socialist War Barons bent on destroying everything in sight & a liberal nanny state simply because they didn’t understand simple things like “religion”.

        Let me tell you something, religion is an oxymoron. I don’t even LIKE Islam to tell you the truth, but just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean I’m going to run across the world trying to wipe it out with the Miliitary.

        We can’t AFFORD any of these non-sensical, bullshit wars even if we wanted to. We’re bankrupt and the $1 trillion dollars has gone and left the station to our demise.

        There is absolutely no way we are going to support further wrong-headed wars. And until the mega Tea Partyists wake up to this fact, they are going to lose their houses, jobs & pensions…..all because they still want to “go to war” to destroy an enemy that doesn’t exist and you can’t even wipe out.

        Then after they lose their home, they’ll lose their remaining supporters in Congress. We can’t pay for these borderline insane wars, period. The Fed needs to be gone, but that doesn’t mean we can continue to do overseas military spending. We have nothing to use for it.

        After cutting Medicare welfare socialite programs, defense spending by cutting out over $1 trillion in the budget – I would be amazed if we even have enough $$ to arm one of those apache helicopters period.

        If we do, they’re lucky. I support Ron Paul one hundred percent on this. Also to destroy the source of racism in the Middle East, I support Ron Paul sending in the 72nd batallion to take out the Turkish Caliphate where they spread the evil of Sufism. Also the arrest of the Liebermans.

        And shut down foreign aid to those countries with no more entangled alliances.


  53. Don’t Get Fooled by the New Newt – He’s the Same as the Old Newt
    Let’s not get fooled again. Newt Gingrich’s 1994 Contract On America was a doozy of a document. Since I wrote about the proposed legislation regularly for almost two years back in 1995 and 1996, I just can’t let this pass. First, an overview:

    1995 began with the inauguration of the newly Republican – dominated Congress. The first order of business for the House was to promise the passage of new laws within the first 100 days of the session, lumped together in a decorative but ill-conceived package titled “Contract With America.” One of the components of the “Contract” called for the passage of “tougher” crime laws, named the “Taking Back Our Streets Act” (TBOSA), bundled within a set of ten bills.

    The Contract was the brainchild of Newt Gingrich, and could best be described as a Republican Nightmare:


  54. Hmmm…to overlook one of the only truth tellers in politics. Obviously the people want RON PAUL! He cured my apathy =)

    Maybe if there is a Paul/Palin ticket? Not the other way around though.


  55. If Ron Paul runs he will win. I am not going to post another reason why he is the absolute best in the field other than to say thank you, Ron Paul – I Love You. And so do millions of people.


    • He cured my apathy and I love him as well. The others are just poly-tics; when you look at the root words it translates into many blood sucking insects. And I do everything I can to educate people about him and his consistent Constitutional voting. I’ll even do
      it with spooky people who lived in the D.C area and worked for Criminals In Action.


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  57. Ron Paul is really the only choice. Plenty of left-leaning anti-war independents or even Dems would vote for him as well.

    The rest of the list? Forget it..Obama would beat them. They are either too polarizing or, honestly, not much different than Obama/Bush.


    • Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you’re smoking crack. Satan could run against Obama and win right now. Obviously, I want the best candidate available, but anyone is pretty much better than him and any of the people listed could beat him.


  58. I find it ironic that a conservative.. or Republican blog would not consider Ron Paul as a top contender.

    -Raised more money from active duty military than all other candidates combined (R and D)
    -Won CPAC by a LANDSLIDE
    -Placed 2nd at the SRLC by ONE vote.
    -His popularity continues to grow nationally.
    -He is the most popular congressman with an approval rating of 92%. Beating the next rep by 20%
    -Has a 30 year record of the same consistent, conservative message.

    Should I go on..? because I can.

    RON PAUL 2012


  59. Is he going to run in 2012? I don’t like his views on homosexuality and I don’t think we need to downsize the military as much as he wants to, if anything it needs beefing up, at least quit using the National Guard and beef up the active duty people.


  60. The author of this blogsite is a complete imbisil and has learned nothing from the last 20+ years. Newt Gingrich is a complete sellout and and both him and Petraeus are members of the CFR. In fact, I will come out and call the author of this blogsite controlled opposition and a member of the RNC insiders club.


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