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Over the last couple of days, this blog has received (thus far) nearly 200 comments for posts that, responders believe, not only disrespected Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), but diminished and blasphemed him.  All I did was conduct a personal analysis – based on years of observation and study – and projecting that understanding to offer who I believed would make the best ticket to defeat Barack Obama in 2012.  As a result, I was vilified and called a lot of names (though these folks are amateurs compared to what I’ve been called over the years) and relegated to being a hack, a moron and more.

What these ignorant boobs failed to understand, though I tried to explain, is that I agree with just about everything Ron Paul espouses. I respect him and would love to have his ideas instituted and ingrained into American politics and culture.  I just don’t believe the country would elect Rep. Paul given the demographics and other political considerations, his philosophy notwithstanding.

The buttweeds that attacked me are doing Ron Paul absolutely no good. They argue that he is electable as President of the United States while giving his detractors more and more fuel to marginalize him and his message.

To divert the Ron Paul discussion from the vitriolic logic-bashing of these wing-nuts, I’m posting below two videos recommended to me and links to three informative websites.  Disregard the fools that have jumped on me for making what I believe a reasonable choice (unaided by the MSM, DNC, RNC, CIA, IRS, UN or any other combination of letters).   Don’t let “them” taint your own evaluation of what Rep. Paul stands for.  Take a look for yourself at the information.  You’ll likely find Ron Paul’s ideas very appealing and, like many (wing nuts and me included), wondering why more of our politicians aren’t picking up his mantle and leading with it.

Ron Paul website       Ron Paul’s personal website     On The Issues: Ron Paul


25 thoughts on “The REAL Ron Paul

  1. The two really big things working against Ron Paul are:

    – he’s got loads of enemies throughout the political spectrum and would find it difficult to get his message through to the public, and
    – he has no executive experience.

    Our current chief executive is simply the latest example of the peril we face in electing someone as president who’s not got a track record of leadership.


  2. My point is electability shouldn’t be the first consideration. The candidates principles, integrity, and positions should be #1. And #2 – #10.

    “I’d rather have 30 Republicans in the Senate who believe in the principles of freedom than 60 who don’t believe in anything.”
    – Jim DeMint

    I’m tired of Republicans who shred the Constitution.

    I’m tired of Republicans who don’t believe in the use of force in economics, but endorse the use of force in social issues.

    I’m tired of Republicans who are fine with the status quo of government size and scope.

    I’m tired of Republicans who endorse Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy (“Making the world safe for Democracy”) instead of Thomas Jefferson’s (“Commerce with all, entangling alliances with none. The less we use our power the greater it will be.”).

    I’m tired of Republicans who don’t think for themselves (“They said the sky would fall if I didn’t vote for TARP!”).

    I’m tired of Republicans who consider the Federal Reserve some omnipotent power that can do no wrong and deserves no scrutiny.

    I’m tired of Republicans who are willing to trade freedom for security.

    I’m tired of Republicans who can’t balance budgets.

    I’m tired of Republicans who won’t just support but FIGHT FOR the Fair Tax or a Flat Tax.

    I’m tired of Republicans who govern future generations into slavery by ignoring entitlements.

    If we’re destined to continue this slide into oblivion since Andrew Jackson left office, I’d rather go down fighting for what’s right than winning for what’s slightly less wrong.


  3. Thanks, Charlie, for that graceful retreat. It is undeniably true that no one can give Tea Partiers a better candidate than Ron Paul.


    • It’s no retreat. If anything, I’m trying to distance Paul from the damage of looney supporters. I said all along that I agree with most of what he says, I just don’t believe the realities of the American election process, ALL things considered, compliment his electability. This analysis HAS NOTHING TO DO with whether or not he SHOULD be elected. A lot of people should have been elected, but weren’t because of the election process or the vagaries, biases, perceptions or (mis)understandings of the voting public.

      If anything, my posts are an indictment of the system, not Ron Paul.


  4. So let me get this straight, you think he’s unelectable but you support his positions? Why is he unelectable, because he doesn’t have nice hair, nice white teeth, or some other superficial attribute? You know, we used to respect older people in this country and look to them for wisdom. Now we respect 20-something-year-old athletes that don’t know squat about life accept playing ball and strippers.

    It’s the bloggers and the mass media like you that make him unelectable, every time you say it, don’t you get it? If enough people start to tell a lie then that lie magically becomes the truth here on planet Earth. This is how human nature works.

    It’s like every time someone says Obama is a socialist, it starts to stick after a while and then everyone is saying it. BUT Obama is NOT a socialist, he’s a corporatist! If he was a socialist Obamacare would look very, very, very different. Obama has shown his true colors and it’s not about socialism, it’s about protecting the multinational businesses that have helped destroy our country.

    Lastly, I am not a wing-nut. I am a former Marine and now small business owner. I am someone who has served my country proudly, and now I’m trying to serve my local community in the same regard. I went to war to protect freedom and liberty, but when I came home to reap what I tried to sow, I got a huge middle finger shoved in my face by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

    You call me a wing-nut or a loon, but I say Semper FI to you, buddy! Ron Paul loves this country more than he loves himself–which Romney, Newt or these other megalomaniacs can’t say–and because of this I have his back and will continue to fight for him and his ideas!!!

    Do any of you have the same loyalty for your country and your beliefs???


    • My GOD! Can you people even FEED yourselves? You sure as Hell can’t read! You do neither Ron Paul nor the Corps any good with inane comments like this.

      You wanna get Ron Paul elected? SHUT THE HELL UP!

      It’s EXACTLY that penchant for idolizing 20-somethings and putting empty-headed “celebs” on pedestals that works against people like Ron Paul? It won’t be the evil media or moronic bloggers like me that will deny him. America is not mature enough for guys like him. And based on the last couple of days, neither are a lot of his supporters!


        • I love how even in repose, Paulbots see you as either a fellow “Paulista” or “the enemy” – “…thanks for being more open minded than other anti-Paul bloggers.” Anti-bloggers indeed, the Spy has been about as open minded and even handed as you can be when dealing with this crowd.


      • Again — there’s two sides to this.

        Do I think some Ron Paul supporters would do him best by shutting up? Absolutely! The truther fringe, which is thankfully a very small (but very vocal) portion of his following, comes to mind.

        But at the same time I do understand why your average random sample of a Ron Paul supporter is more defensive than others. I don’t recall Tancredo or Hunter or even Gravel being asked “Why are you here?” “Why are you in the your Party?” “Do you have any electability?” every single time they were in a debate. And then afterwards when they do their TXT poll, it became we’re hacking the poll. That’s cute, given that it is one TXT per number. Paul was undeniably treated like crap by the media… and the stronger our movement got towards the end, the more the coverage became blackout in style. Do you think Hannity got snowballed because he’s such a fine example of good and honest reporting??


          • Yes, largely due to the self-fulfilling prophecy of concerning oneself with “electability” and the usual media two horse race style coverage.

            Media coverage makes such a huge HUGE deal. Look at what Ross Perot was able to do in polling by bullying his way into prime time television. And you say Ron Paul isn’t charismatic … well what the hell would you describe Ross Perot as?? TV coverage is a HUGE deal. Whether we’d like to admit it or not … the overwhelming majority of people in this country don’t even vote — not even in highly competitive major election years. Now from the pool of people who do, it’s once again another small minority of people who are actually well informed and seek out the candidates stances on the issues. At the highly local level this can be overcome going door to door … but at the national level that’s obviously impossible. TV coverage is a make or break in the modern national election cycle. The usual response from the media is “if they were polling higher we’d cover them more.” Well if you’d cover them more, they’d poll higher. Chicken and the egg.


  5. I don’t like his views on homosexuality and being a Air Force veteran, I don’t think we need to downsize the military as much as he wants to, if anything it needs beefing up, at least quit using the National Guard and beef up the active duty people. Other than that I believe I’d vote for him this time if he decides to run, Obama has turned out to be on the far left side of the spectrum so I think we may need to counteract with a large shift to the right.


  6. Yep, Ross Peerow was unelectable as well, despite buying TV time. Loved his choice for Veep – “Who am I and why am I here?”
    Like Paul, he had some good ideas, like Paul his supporters were almost sycophantic in their support, like Paul, he has some positions that most main stream conservatives have to stop and scratch their heads over.
    Paul is not the only Republican potential candidate who supports the bill of rights and is against big government. Heck, Johnson is even for allowing people to smoke dope as “Dr. Paul” apparently is.


    • Please don’t get into the marijuana bit.

      That’s from the Lancet, one of the premiere medical journals in the world. IF you support legal alcohol and tobacco, you have no legs to stand on for marijuana being illegal. None what-so-ever.


      • You can outlaw alcohol, tobacco and all recreational drugs for all I care. Heck, throw coffee in there as well. I still have 4 of the 6 Sam Adams Summers I bought 5 weeks ago to celebrate coming home and the wife drank one of the two, have never even considered smoking, have never used recreational drugs and don’t like coffee so calling me hypocritical on this issue is a nonstarter.


        • Congrats, you’re one of the few I know who isn’t. A refreshing change of pace.

          Now instead my argument would be they’re going to consume these drugs anyway. You’re not going to stop them, no matter how hard you try and how much money you spend. We can’t even keep the stuff out of maximum security federal prisons, how do you think we’re going to keep it off the streets? Instead of creating a black market and driving activity underground and making it dangerous, why not simply legalize and tax it? Is it REALLY worth the hundreds of billions of dollars we’ve spent on the drug war? Is it REALLY worth overcrowding prisons with marijuana smokers and paroling violent criminals and rapists? Conservatives don’t endorse the use of government force to guide behavior economically (unless you’re a Dubya kinda RINO and TARP gives you moist dreams…), so why don’t they apply those same principles on social issues too? So long as the person doesn’t hurt others, so long as the person takes responsibility for their own actions… it is nobody’s business what they do. It’s not any of my business. It’s not any of your business. It’s not any of the government’s business. Butt out and mind your own business.


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