The Motivation Behind The Haley Attacks

South Carolina State Representative and Republican nominee for governor Nikki Haley has been the target of a number of personal attacks that question her marital fidelity.

Despite the vague and unsubstantiated accusations, Haley went on to win the GOP primary and now holds a double-digit lead over her Democrat opponent for governor.  But, as is the wont of South Carolina politics, if it’s an election year, it’s time for unsavory innuendo and character assassination.

It has not gone unnoticed that most of the allegations have been extraordinarily ambiguous, ostensibly for legal purposes.  The accusers lawyer-up and dance around the language in such a way to imply without specifics.  All of which is most convenient for someone trying to indict someone else without going to jail.

The motives behind these so far failed attempts to shoot down Nikki Haley’s candidacy have been speculated upon since they began just before the June primaries.  Money is the most prevalent conjecture and certainly the most easily believable.  Vindictiveness weighs in as does gender discrimination.  Politics-as-usual is also a suspect, primarily because when a woman runs for office, a common mode of attack is to question her sexual mores.

As it turns out, none of these are the true reasons behind the smear of Nikki Haley.

The motivation for all of the accusations is – extortion. 

The accusers, all public figures, are being blackmailed into creating synchronized allegations about Rep. Haley.  The blackmailers, persons in positions of authority with access to certain “records,” have approached the accusers and threatened to reveal information about them unless they “play ball.”  The information on the accusers is so damaging it would likely lead to severely damaged reputations, loss of livelihood, possible divorce and even jail.

The infractions vary with each of Haley’s plaintiffs, though some have more than one “misbehavior” to protect.  In exchange for publicizing contrived tales of indiscretions by Haley, certain information is being withheld from public disclosure. 

So, what is being held over the heads of the people making claims against Nikki Haley?  The most sensational violations are

  • Lewd (homosexual) behavior in a public restroom
  • Indecent exposure
  • Solicitation
  • Cocaine possession (more than one individual)
  • Possession of illegal substances (cocaine) with the intent to distribute  (more than one individual)
  • Unauthorized access of computers and digital information (hacking)

These alleged acts took place in a well-known state beach resort area and in the Midlands between 2005 and early this year.

One person’s vehicle was supposedly seen outside the house of a known drug dealer all night for several nights.  Another – a married man at the time – allegedly partook of the services of a prostitute while at a conference on state business. 

The most frequent allegation and the one involving more than one of the Haley accusers is the possession and use of cocaine.  Each of the incidents took place at parties, one of which was attended by two of the accusers.

The “lewd behavior in a public restroom” is supposed to have happened when one of the accusers “came on” to another male patron in a restaurant restroom.  Although the perpetrator is a “public figure,” the aggrieved patron did not recognize him, which helped keep the story quiet.  This was not the first time this individual had been caught engaging in homosexually-related incidents.

The “hacking” allegation involved an individual using a state-owned computer to unlawfully access emails and other information from the state government network.  The individual is not a state employee and was not authorized to use the computer or access the state information system.

Apparently, when these violations were allegedly committed, certain “authorities” were notified and charges withheld as a “courtesy” to the alleged perpetrator.  It was understood at the time that the benevolent authorities were “owed one” for having done the favor.

It is unknown if the deals mean the incriminating documentation will be completely expunged/destroyed as a condition of the agreement.  There are also indications more people may be making additional accusations as the November election nears.

It’s unfortunate that the political environment has become so toxic by persons who want to contaminate the entire political and governmental atmosphere that reasoned debate is shoved aside.  In this case, Nikki Haley isn’t the only victim.  Those being coerced into doing the evil deeds of others are also casualties as is the voting public.

 Post Script:  The author has no proof that any of this stuff is true or really happened.  In fact, it’s made up.  At least when The Spy writes fiction, he owns up to it. 


9 thoughts on “The Motivation Behind The Haley Attacks

  1. Blackmail was so obvious, from day one. The minute FITS started all this, he said he was being forced to do it. By whom? Won’t say. I hope the FBI is on the case. Remember the primary debate when Haley made Andre look like the fool he is? The big smile on her face? The vehement ‘100% faithful’ denials? I don’t think she’d go there unless she knew what was going on. Also explains the reasons she’s never sued over the allegations, she is waiting for the ‘other shoe’ to drop instead.

    I can only imagine, as transparently obvious as the blackmail is, that the person doing it has serious mental issues to think they won’t get caught.


  2. Charlie, I want to confess. I was born on a planet from a distant star system. I do what the voices in my head tell me to do. They are coming from a remote device with special psychic powers.

    I am a soldier sent here from the future. I am here to prevent a cyborg from killing the mother of a future leader. This cyborg will also unleash a wave of telenarketer phone calls and bad 70s sitcom re-runs. That’s what he does. He can’t be reasoned with.

    So now you know all there is to know about me.


  3. The only rumor that has so far been positively proved as factual is that Nikki Haley has given birth to two children who have “dark” complexions. OMG! The sky is falling!

    It’s really gotten to be laughable. Apparently the establishment has little in the way of genius and imagination in its attempts to assassinate the characters of their enemies. They’re singing a one-note song of crass, idiotic accusations in this case.

    If they were on the right side of the issues and of good character themselves, they might actually try using the truth. Unfortunately for them, the truth has been on the side of the reformers who have plenty of ammunition at hand to use against the establishment.

    The willingness of Nikki and a few others to simply speak the truth instead of pretending the emperor has a nice new suit is, strangely enough, all that the corrupt establishment fears. Their group-think corruption tactics are about to be destroyed and they’re panicking at the prospect.

    If it is true that certain people are being extorted to spread lies, then perhaps they are, if offered a choice, picking the most idiotic accusations to make. Either that or there is nothing else they could figure out that would sound bad and that didn’t require real proof to make the accusation and appear somehow as a “victim.” Of course, they’re merely following the pattern of rumor mongering similar in nature to the accusations that McCain fathered a black child made during a primary in the state several years ago.


  4. The “good ole boy” clique is alive and well for now, the people are finally waking up and their clique will cease to exist after this election and the next election. Rino incumbents beware.


  5. Me believes that most readers will miss your tiny postscript
    admitting that this was all fiction (GREAT FICTION).

    You may have even killed some readers by running up their
    blood pressure. Mine is already dangerously high.

    Better yet, you may have killed some of the people that
    may have actually done theses things.

    Pay attention to the obituaries in the upcoming editions
    of THE STATE.


  6. It is satire, of course, but Folks really claimed that he was being “forced” to reveal the “inappropriate physical relationship” he claimed to have had so this is satire based on fact.

    The satire is obviously referring to the recent cap put out by Earl Crapps which is what I was referring to above. The fact that this stuff is ongoing is not further proof of anything but that there is a continued effort to destroy Haley by smearing her with falsehoods.


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