Nikki Haley: Flawed Beneficiary

As the campaign for governor slides toward election day, 36 days hence, we learn more about the short-comings of Republican front-runner Nikki Haley.  Although none of the revelations – late tax payments, accounting errors, unreported income – indicate anything illegal or even unethical, voters are given a glimpse of a flawed, considerably less than perfect candidate.

No one expects any politician to be perfect or come remotely close to it.  Those looking for perfection shouldn’t be searching for it anywhere in the political realm.  There are either eyebrow-raising legislative sponsorships, questionable associations, personal foibles and/or other burrs on the finish that reveal the person behind the public relations myth.

In all likelihood, at any other time Nikki Haley would not be the Republican nominee for governor, much less the runaway best bet to win election.  So, why now?

The proverbial stars truly aligned in Haley’s favor in 2010.  Thanks to Barack Obama and the sharp left turn Congress has taken in the last two years, the entire country is doing a major sphincter clinch and nowhere is the pucker tighter than in South Carolina.  But despite the screams of political constipation from the electorate, the state’s GOP cast for the part of Governor – with the exception of Haley – was the usual group of establishment white guys, each coated with a good-ol-boys sheen of “same old, same old.”  The populace, however, is rejecting “same old, same old” and Nikki Haley stood out in the group of aspirants like, well, like Sarah Palin at a John McCain rally.

Gender and ethnicity didn’t matter – a first in the neon red Palmetto State – and Haley took the Republican nomination like Longstreet at the Battle of Second Manassas. [Please: no Civil War-related comments.  This is a one-time metaphor.]  The rise and popularity of Sarah Palin helped considerably as conservatives nation-wide embraced a strong female presence to represent their values and Haley was able to cash in on that serendipity.

And, true to form, the Democrat opposition, following the old script, has given the audience another central casting candidate in State Senator Vincent Sheheen.

I do not mean to suggest that Nikki Haley is the lesser of a number of evils.  Despite negative revelations (with the customary “October surprise” likely to come), she remains the best candidate for governor of South Carolina.  Politics is as much a game of timing as it is qualification and Haley’s campaign has been the benefactor of both fortuitous timing and her own political skills.

Nikki Haley will become South Carolina’s next governor – a good thing in my opinion.  She isn’t flawless nor will her administration be.  But just as she has benefitted from political happenstance, so, too will the state ultimately gain the advantage of her good fortune.


16 thoughts on “Nikki Haley: Flawed Beneficiary

  1. True, but while the final vows have yet to be pronounced (am assuming you do not mind if I do not carry on the Civil War metaphor, no matter how apt, and before we take carry the bride over the threshold, it might be wise to ask for a pre-nupt – given that we already know what to ask for. For example, I would like to have Governor Haley tell us she has reconsidered and realizes she really will need to prepare an annual Budget. An executive budget is needed in order to make her formally weak office as strong as possible. Why? So she can, first of all, keep a lid on legislative spending, but secondly, so she can have some real say in public policy.

    Budgeting, as Reagan taught us, is 1/2 of the policy process. The other half is personnel. Which is another area we should be asking our future Governor about.


    • I am not a Republican, but that doesn’t stop me from telling the GOP what to do.

      It seems to me that those in the party should hold their criticisms and demands either for private audiences with a candidate or until after the election. To air differences or insist on pre-election concessions is to become the opposition.


  2. Let’s see….
    Nikki Haley can’t walk on water; does not heal the sick or raise the dead!

    So, what are we supposed to do? Vote for a crooked trial lawyer who is left of Obama and in the pocket of the teacher’s union?

    As Tony Soprano would say fahgettaboutit!

    If we are going to save this state & nation, we need to begin by electing the entire GOP ticket, led by future Governor Nikki Haley – whom I happen to believe will be a superb Governor!


  3. And Mark Sanford was good for our state? Not in the least. Not for one minute. If Haley wins, we will continue that horrible state of affairs. I can not think of anyone worse for SC. She is untrustworthy and lies about her behaviors and choices, and experience. Why would we ever want someone who we already know is a ball face liar? Good grief. What in the world is wrong with so many people. Less Government? Yeah, and less programs for those that are suffering. I do not like or respect Haley, and never will.


  4. Oh yeah, that “bunch of white guys” we nominated includes Tim Scott. Tim doesn’t look like me, but he sure votes right and he is clear proof of what Republicans have said for years – we vote for the best qualified conservative running regardless of color or gender. Most reasonable folks already knew that, Nikki and Tim just made it harder for the unreasonable folks to continue to spread the lie of GOP racism.


  5. I believe late tax payments are technically illegal, and an accountant really should not be making such errors.

    Regardless, the fact that Nikki flies in the face of the good ol’ boys alone, earns my whole-hearted support, given my nausea with that corruption.


  6. Republicans have learned to “air the dirty laundry” themselves or await an October surprise in the form of misleading ads from Republican opponents. Discussing problems with a candidate well in advance of an election, allows time for the candidate to respond and deal with issues in a dignified and open way, rather than in a rushed press conference with reporters on deadline.

    Furthermore, it is actually wise to let candidates know your objections to their policies during the campaign, even when the candidate is your choice, or maybe especially when the candidate is your choice. I campaigned for Nikki; Her signs and bumper stickers have graced my yard and car. I want her to win, but I also want her to adopt the best strategies and policies possible for our State.

    It is only human nature to listen better as a candidate than as a Governor. My apologies to those who do not like any criticism of their favorites, there is no ill will intended.


  7. I just realized that C. Speight posted the negative comments about Nikki Haley and then told me to keep mine to myself because I am a Republican.

    Let’s see, because I am a Republican, I should sit by quietly and let non-supporters like Mr. Speight beat up Republican candidates. Republicans are not mind numb robots, Mr. Speight, and we have as much right to engage in public discussion of candidates as anyone. Furthermore, as noted above, we SHOULD do so.


    • I have no party allegiance as I’ve never registered to any of them. Nor have I ever run for public office and certainly not as a party member.

      If public criticisms are for the benefit of personal ego rather than the good of the party, then go for it. For a Republican operative and former candidate to issue an “open letter” to a current Republican candidate questioning policies is tantamount to campaigning for the opposition.


  8. I just realized that C. Speight posted the negative comments about Nikki Haley and then told me to keep mine to myself because I am a Republican.

    Let’s see, because I am a Republican, I should sit by quietly and let non-supporters like Mr. Speight beat up Republican candidates. But Charley, Republicans are not mind numb robots, and we have as much right to engage in public discussion of candidates as anyone. Furthermore, as noted earlier, we SHOULD do so.

    This is your website, so if you do not choose to post our comments, you can refuse to post them, but please restrain from telling us what we should or should not say to or about our candidates – if you don’t mind.


  9. Haley is going to be proven more flawed than Sheheen in short order.
    Then, conservatives will have their proverbial panties in a wad again.
    Haley is involved in something very foul and illegal and she is going to be exposed.
    It’s her close personal relationship with Sanfraud that will give her an *sswhipping in the end.


  10. As a Government employee, whose boss could be a Republican, a Democrat or even someone from a third Party,it was to your personal advantage to avoid partisan alliances – no virtue there. Running a website like this could actually qualify as a contribution to free and open discourse, if done with an eye to justice and discretion (more about that below). But do come off your high horse. While you were feathering your nest, some of us were doing the hard work of politics and like many others, I have done my work, with the exception of one $1600 paycheck from the House of Representatives, an experience that cost me $40,000 in out-of-pocket moving expenses, I have never made any money from my political activity, nor have I had my ego stroked. Au contraire! One gets much more ego-stroking when one goes with the flow! You have to stoke egos if you want yours stroked. So PLEASE do not lecture me. I may be unwise when it comes to nest feathering, but my motives are driven neither by “personal ego” nor by short term “good of the party”. Half the time, the Parties, loose associations of all sorts of people, are not looking out for their own long term interests – just the short-term interests of a few. Long term, a successful Haley Administration, a showcase for libertarian-Republican fiscal responsibility, could benefit South Carolina greatly and by example, the nation.

    I am not a paid party hack, I am a citizen who wants to live in a free and prosperous state. I would actually like to work for the Haley Administration, but not if it is handicapped from the get go by pre-announced policies such as the announcement of NO EXECUTIVE BUDGET.

    By the way, Mr. Speight, is that your real name? Do you actually live in South Carolina? And do you always post defamatory blasts full of ugly insinuations like the one from Eggaday? I am afraid, that post begs the question, have you no shame? If you do, please remove it or request the author to back it up.


    • I am retired. This site was started before I retired, but I had to refrain from certain comments about candidates for office because of the Hatch Act. Nonetheless, the First Amendment applied to me, even as an active federaly employee. I wrote about and criticized President Obama and issues of state and national importance (in my view). Keeping quiet or refraining from membership in a political party for “personal advantage to avoid partisan alliances” has never been a consideration.

      In the realm of party politics, your “open letter to Nikki Haley” struck me as unseemly. You were a Republican candidate for Congress just this year – and accepted donations as such. The political side of your career has been as a Republican or associated exclusively with the GOP. Your “open letter” would have better served your chosen party were it a private one. Since you chose to make it public, you made it all too obvious that the intended audience for the letter wasn’t Nikki Haley, but the public.

      As for my nest and the “feathering” of same, what ARE you talking about? My sole income is from my pension. I’ve never made dime one from this blog or any other activity related to it or my political observations.

      Comments posted here are almost always allowed to be published. I have only disallowed three, one was profane wih no contribution to the discussion and the other two denigrated military personnel – a tack I’m sure you would appreciate. I don’t agree with most of Eggaday’s comments nor are her’s the only ones with which I have differences. Eggaday’s posts often insinuate and accuse, but they are within my own parameters for commentary.


  11. There is a difference between primaries, and general elections. In a multi-candidate primary, at least on the Republican side, we the voters seek a candidate that is as close as possible to perfection. My own definition of a perfect candidate for Governor would be one who will hold the line against spending money (regardless of reason) against raising taxes, against restricting my right to keep & bear arms, and against killing babies.

    I suppose the Democrat idea of a perfect candidate would be one that panders to unions, particularly teachers unions, and who promotes class warfare to minority races in the hope they are too stupid to see this has never been in their own best self interest.

    Once the primaries are over; each party has selected a nominee to go heads up against the nominee of the other party. At that time, we no longer have the luxury of seeking a perfect candidate. We have a clear choice between two people; one Democrat and one Republican.

    At that point, there is only one decision to be made before casting a vote in the general election in November. You must ask yourself, is there a substantial difference between the Democrat and the Republican?

    Is Nikki Haley the “perfect” nominee? Possibly not. However, that is no longer relevant. The ONLY relevant question now is; will Nikki Haley make a better Governor than the nominee of the commie/socialist/democrat party?

    I don’t care about her sex life (also don’t believe any of the allegations). I don’t care if she was too poor to pay her taxes on time at some point in the past. After all, us ordinary voters have to struggle with paying our bills too. I do not think a rich trial lawyer will be more likely to be concerned for my ability to pay ever growing taxes. Nikki Haley will have that understanding.

    Also, the nutcases are going to reveal she id close to Governor Sanford and that is the best they can do for an October Surprise? I have a news flash for you. Mark Sanford has never lost an election and if he could have ran for a 3rd term he would have been re-nominated and re-elected. The only thing I want Nikki to do any differently is to try to work as diplomatically as possible with our RINO majority legislature; and I believe she will.

    My conclusion, Nikki is the clear choice for Governor.
    Finally, if I have any specific criticism or suggestion for her, I will give it to her privately.


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