100 Conservative Blogs

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I’ve added this list as a separate page for reader reference.

100 Excellent Conservative Blogs You Should Be Reading
If you are tired of hearing only the liberal media’s side of the news, you deserve to hear the other side, as well. You may find yourself agreeing with the content of the various blogs written by conservative bloggers, or you may just be ready to get a different viewpoint. Either way, browsing these blogs can be a great change of pace from the norm.


1. Townhall: Stay up-to-date on breaking news that has to do with politics of any kind.

2. Feed Your ADHD: If you like your news with a little humor sprinkled in, you should enjoy this blog.

3. The Truth Manifesto: If you don’t always like to read your news, consider getting updates via podcasts from this site.

4. Red County: Though this blog mostly features political stories that chastise liberals, its writers are not afraid to criticize conservatives when necessary, which makes it unique.

5. Drudge Report: This busy blog is so jam-packed with information on various subjects that you will have trouble knowing which link to check out first.

6. ARRA News Service: If you like your news with a dose of conservative commentary, check out this site, which purports to be perfect for those with a strong belief in God and an interest in America.

7. The ConservativeXpress: If you enjoy getting your news via amusing videos that say it all in just a few minutes, give this blog a chance.

8. Evil Conservative Radio: You can choose to either read or listen to your news on this site.

9. One Conservative Voice: This blog offers the typical posts, along with polls and a countdown for when Obama leaves office.

10. We Rush Daily: Rush Limbaugh fans will be naturally attracted to this site, which is packed with current news.

11. Conservative Oasis: Get just the facts about issues that plague Americans, along with a healthy does of humor, when you read this blog.

12. Political Vindication: Read about the latest news regarding the tea party, immigration reform, and the boycotts that sometimes go along with it.

13. Hot Air: You will likely enjoy the multiple pictures and videos nearly as much as reading the various news stories on this busy blog.

14. All American Blogger: Humor and information blend well together on this blog, as you can laugh at the Larry the Cable Guy videos that are posted after reading about current political candidates.

15. The Garnet Spy: Get the latest scoop on current political candidates when you read this blog.

16. The Strident Conservative: This blogger is not afraid to be politically incorrect, which means you get to read the truth.

17. Rucking Fidiculous: Get current news and relevant videos from this blog.

18. Crystal Clear Conservative: This blog claims that it was made to inform and entertain readers with conservative news, so check it out.

19. Little Green Footballs: You might not know it from the title, but this blog is great at updating readers on the most interesting news stories, often complete with videos.

20. Ace of Spades: Get the latest news from this award-winning blog that every conservative, or even every American, should be interested in.

21. Dissecting Leftism: If you like reading about how Democrats hate America, and various news stories with commentary along that line, check out this blog.

22. Redstate: Find out the scoop on the latest political candidates, both Democrat and Republican, from this truth-seeking blog.

23. No Left Turnz: Read conservative thoughts on the most recent antics of the politicians in the spotlight.

24. Conservative Cloakroom: Get this blogger’s opinion on the latest events in Washington, as well as state laws.

25. Notoriously Conservative: This blogger is a straight talker who throws humor into his postings.

26. Hope is Not a Foreign Policy: This defense policy analyst has a lot to say about conservatism, and a lot of facts to back it up.

27. Political Byline: This blog is packed with enough videos and pictures to keep anyone’s attention.

28. The Patriot Post: Get your weekly news in short updates and relevant quotes.

29. Politik Ditto: If you like your news blogs jam-packed with videos, this is the right site for you.

30. The Common Conservative: If you want to hear the news from a common person merely interested in how this country is run, peruse this site.

31. The Foundry: If you are interested in both breaking news and current research in public policy, consider this unique blog.

32. Hillbilly Politics: Get the scoop on politics from the eyes of a self-described hillbilly, as the title promises.

33. American Values Online: Not only can you read news from a conservative point of view here, but you can also offer it by contributing your own posts if you are interested.

34. Right Wing News: The premise is as simple as the title, as this is a great place to get all your conservative news.

35. A Disgruntled Republican: Get information about both political candidates and regular news from the perspective of a conservative blogger.

36. Capitalist Infidel: If you are not happy with Obama, you will likely agree with much of what this blogger says regarding the current administration.

37. The Patriot Byte: This blog is mainly centered on Obama, and why he could be considered by many to be wrong for our country.

38. Awaken the Elephants: Just as the blog name indicates, this site is dedicated to keeping conservative views alive, despite our country’s currently liberal leadership.

39. RightNation.us: This fact-filled site even has a forum for readers to post their hate mail if they disagree.

40. Buzz Paths: Read news stories that will make you wonder what is going on in our world today, and enjoy the snarky commentary from a regular guy fed up with our country’s leadership.

41. Political Lipskip: Read about major issues like terrorism and immigration reform on this blog.

42. The Political Commentator: If getting conservative commentary were not enough for you, know that this blog also allows visitors to see where readers come from, which is interesting in itself.

Female Bloggers

43. Conservative Women Speak: Read commentary from a woman’s point of view about well-known figures like Barney Frank, John McCain, and of course, Obama.

44. Atlas Shrugs: If you are interested in what goes on in the world, especially when it comes to Islam, check out this blog written by a well-educated conservative woman.

45. Cassy Fiano: Get your news from a young woman who claims to be a youth who actually cares about politics, and has helped the conservative cause for years.

46. Andrea Tantaros: This professional female blogger is known for her work on several news channels, and thus has good commentary on numerous political occurrences.

47. Conservative Beach Girl: This blog may be simply named, but it is chock full of commentary on current political issues.

48. Screw Liberals: This woman writes about current events with an often humorous tone.

49. GOPMom: Get updates from this mom who knows plenty about politics.

50. Not a Wonk: This female blogger comments on current events with the added bonus of amusing videos that prove her point.

51. American Princess: If you are interested in getting the scoop on political candidates, including amusing tidbits you might not need to know, read this oft-updated blog written by a conservative woman in her twenties.

52. Debbie Schlussel: Read about this blogger’s take on events occurring around the world, as well as within our own country.

53. Degrees of Moderation: This blog is written by a female who happens to be one of the few conservative feminists out there.

54. Sister Toldjah: This blogger used to be a liberal, and now mainly focuses on the bias apparent in the mainstream media, which she partially blames for her former political party choice.

55. Alexa Shrugged: This socially conservative female blogger likes to write about news stories that may make you think, and that you will probably never see on the mainstream news.

56. Michelle Malkin: This successful blogger is nearly a household name, so get this well-known Fox News contributor’s opinion on what is going on in our world these days.

57. Betsy’s Page: Get the news on the current political candidates, as well as information about those in the White House, along with some conservative commentary.

58. A Voice for Moms: This blog shows that even busy moms can be politically active and show off their conservative opinions online.

Specialty Topics

59. Focus on Freedom: Those interested in the Tea Party movement should give this blog a chance, as the blogger discusses upcoming and past events that conservatives should know about.

60. Another War-on-Terror Blog: Consider the opinion of a middle-aged conservative man when it comes to one of the newer wars being waged right now.

61. First Thoughts: Get conservative news with a big dose of religious musings sprinkled in for good measure.

Conservatism and More

62. Blue Star Chronicles: If you like to read about political dealings, but also remain interested in unrelated news like show business and product recalls, add this blog to your list of must-reads.

63. Billy Hallowell: Read about political issues while also getting the scoop on religion and the media.

64. Conservative Liberal: This blogger claims to have a special love for America since he is originally from Ukraine, and blogs about all things conservative, and then some.

65. Fountainhead Zero: If you are interested in discussing war and genocide within the context of conservative principles, this blog should appease you.

66. What’s Wrong America: Learn a little about the conservative viewpoints of this blogger, and a little about his view on some sports teams and more.

67. The Freedom Medium: Whether you’re interested in politics, economics, or entertainment, this blog is likely to be enjoyable.

68. The Reagan Conservatives Blog: This site features news, as well as a daily SAT question just for fun.

69. The Big Stick: If conservative politics, education, and urban development are all subjects of interest to you, check out this blog.

70. Sunlit Uplands: Get conservative news, as well as the kind that has to do with religion, abortion, and other pertinent issues.

71. Burning River Blog: Get the scoop on politics, power tools, entertainment, and more.

72. Plumb Bob Blog: This blogger writes about politicians in the spotlight, as well as general issues that plague our country, and why you should care.

73. GOP Mike: This casual blog features intelligent discussions about conservative matters, plus the occasional focus on movies and commercials in relation to politics.

74. Right Truth: Get the news about both politics and religion on the same site.

Blogs from Blue States

75. California Conservative: If you ever feel like you are in the minority where you live, allow this blogger’s words to make you feel less alone.

76. Blue State Conservative: If you live in a primarily Democratic state but agree more with Republicans, you will probably sympathize with this blogger.

77. I’m Not the Only One: You may find it interesting that a former New Yorker and now New Hampshire resident has lots to say on this blog, and says it all with a rare libertarian slant.

78. A Red Voice in a Blue State: You would be surprised at the facts and stories left out of the mainstream media, but you can read about some of them on this intriguing blog.

79. Justified Right: This man apparently lives in a blue city and state, but he has very red-like thoughts.

80. Right View from the Left Coast: It’s tough to live in California and stay conservative, but this man does it while spreading his knowledge.

81. Conservatives with Attitude!: Brought to you by the few and the proud conservatives in New Jersey, this quirky blog may get you more excited about conservatism than ever.

82. iVoteAmerica: Check out this blog if only to laugh at the conspicuous absence of liberal viewpoints, which in fact are welcome here. Apparently the left just isn’t interested in debating with the right.

About Avoiding Media Bias

83. Conservative Truth: Many feel that America needs an alternative to the typically liberal news, and this could be it.

84. NewsBusters: If you want to get the real scoop, along with facts that the media would never run, check out this blog.

85. The Conservative Post: If you want the more conservative side of the news that the media will not dish out, this blog offers it.

Unique Conservatives

86. The College Politico: Whether you are young or just want to hear the perspective of a young conservative, check out this blog.

87. Hip Hop Republican: Find out what these Republicans that hail from all racial backgrounds think of current issues.

88. Hispanic Pundit: Get the unique perspective of a blogger that is not seen much these days—a Hispanic conservative.

89. The Steady Conservative: There are young conservatives out there, as rare as they appear to be, and this blogger is one of them.

90. The Conservative Brotherhood: This group of African Americans has much more right-leaning principles than most, offering a unique voice.

Blogs with Multiple Writers

91. Eternity Road: Read various political news briefs and commentary written by multiple bloggers.

92. American Daily Review: If you are tired of the typical Judeo-Christian views being disregarded or censored, you will feel at-ease on this blog, where writers freely talk about such principles as well as daily news.

93. Fresh Conservative: Get information about the future of Democrats, the global warming uproar, and more from various contributors.

94. Intellectual Conservative: This blog gets the viewpoint of more than ten writers regularly, so you will never get bored of this site.

95. Right Wing News: If you dislike hearing the news from the same blogger everyday, you will enjoy this blog, which features several regular writers reporting their take on different stories.

96. Geek Politics: Get the news from the point of view of a few geeks.

97. Faultline USA: The point of this blog is to study this country’s cultural divide using the viewpoints of different bloggers.

98. Newsmax: This blog has the latest headlines in nearly every category, along with the perspectives of several bloggers.

99. The Irate Nation: If you want to read the rants of several writers in one place, this blog is for you.

100. The Next Right: Get the scoop on the latest news from three conservative writers.


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