The Assassination of Nikki Haley: Prelude



29 thoughts on “The Assassination of Nikki Haley: Prelude

  1. Money. It is simply about money. I am an insider. I know these people. The state of SC spends billions, and much of it washes through the hands of a surprising few.
    Haley may (and I mean that), may, try to change that. The insiders can’t risk that. They are panicked.
    It is all about money.


  2. I find it rather amusing that “truth in politics” (former GOP – or RINOs, from my point of view) want answers from Ms. Haley, but not wanting answers from Sheheen. seems like a double standard from some has been wannabe, status quo SORRY ASS Republicans (RINOs)!!


  3. Why not have all three players (Haley, Folks, & Marchant) agree to a lie detector test, pledge to release the results good, bad or indifferent in advance, and put this thing away once and for all?

    I agree that it’s all about control, power, influence- and, ultimately- money.


  4. How can we get a handle on all this corruption as long as billions of dollars continue to be funneled by the select few on the Budget & Control Board? That small small board is the fulcrum under the lever being pushed on by just about every crook in this state.

    It’s time for the State of South Carolina to enter the 21st century and leave that relic of Reconstruction politics behind.

    An amendment to the South Carolina State Constitution, anyone?


  5. Brian, you are a f…g moron… she was tricked into sponsoring that bill since she was the only woman not to… but she voted against that bill… so eat shit and die…


  6. Nikki Haley is not right for SC Spy. She is a continuation of Mark Sanfraud and his dirty politics and people are sick to death of it.
    Haley is Sanfraud’s candidate. Haley is NOT the people’s candidate and people are very very pissed off


  7. It’s all about controlling the BILLION$ of dollar$ that go through the Budget & Control Board.

    They got Ravenel in there in 2006 because they knew already about his drug habit and didn’t want a real reformer whom they could not control. They cashed that chip in within 6 months and were SHOCKED! SHOCKED to find out about his drug use.

    They promptly put in Converse Chellis who was their establishment big government man and we all saw how arrogantly he behaved afterwards–especially during his election campaign.

    This whole thing has been engineered out of whole cloth to destroy Haley since they apparently didn’t have anything real they could use against her.


    • Wow, that’s a bit of a stretch. They “wanted” Ravenel so they could ambush him?? Working Tommy C, do you even know what the BC&B does or do you just take info from blogs, or Nimrata Haley that says she’s not even sure (which is sad considering her lying ass has been in Cola for 6 years). And you know what, most states have a board, or governing body that oversees this spending as well, it may just not be aptly named. If you ask me, it’s a pretty good checks and balance system (2 legislative, 2 constituional, and the executive)


  8. Spy, you are correct that many neanderthal voters in SC are freaked out by Haley’s gender and “minority heritage” as you put it. Are you not aware, though, of how ironic it is that you cite these as reasons why some find her a “threat” while time and again on this blog, you have taken the predictable Tea Party line dismissing any accusations from Democrats or the left that there could be ANY elements of racism in the TP or among those who are similarly “freaked out” by the idea of a President Obama.

    You can’t have it both ways. The truth is that some people don’t like Obama for irrational reasons. Some people don’t like Nikki Haley for irrational reasons. Both ends of the political spectrum are entitled to call out that thinking. Both ends of the political spectrum must also acknowledge that most opposition (to Haley, or to Obama) is rooted in genuine philosophical and political disagreement, however. I really don’t care about Will Folks, or Haley’s private life, and I suspect most of the people who oppose her candidacy don’t either, simply opposing her because they see her as Sanford’s 3rd term, which we can’t afford.


    • Actually, I don’t think the majority of voters care about Haley’s gender and/or ethnicity. That was proven by her winning the nomination. It’s the boys in the “halls of power,” primarily the legislature, that don’t welcome her kind. I can live with a disagreement on political philosophy, but the anti-Haley forces engaged in this particular smear campaign have decided for themselves that the voting public shouldn’t be allowed to decide who will lead: they should.

      As for Obama, again, the people don’t care about his genetics, they only care about his policies.

      With both Haley and Obama, I want the people to decide.


  9. They are so threatened by her they will work to let Sheheen win in order to knock her out tha box now, rather than have her around 20 years from now. I got news for those that claim people hate Sanford, if he ran against Graham he’d win.


  10. Personally, knowing what I do of the incumbent politicians in the SC Government, I can readily believe that they are actively seeking to smear a candidate who has openly challenged them on issues which pose a threat to their power.
    I am much, MUCH more worried about the machinations of Bobby Harrell and those of his ilk than about the personal life of Nikki Haley. In spite of a few misguided legislative decisions by Haley, I would gladly see her elected if that would mean an end to the rampant political corruption amongst the entrenched member of the SC Legislature.


    • Amen. From where we conservatives sit, a new seat in the House and Treasurer is a great start considering who has been sent home. One duck at a time in the GOP pond, taking aim at the look alikes of both parties.


  11. I am sure that if Nikki submits to a lie detector test to settle the a ligations she will pass it . I hope that she will then sue Will Folks for slander.


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