The Assassination of Nikki Haley: The Plot



18 thoughts on “The Assassination of Nikki Haley: The Plot

  1. I am so tired of this non-sense. All those involved should be ashamed. It’s appalling what they have done to her and to her family. At this point, I don’t care what they come up with.. she’s got my vote and nothing they do, claim, or say will change that!


  2. 1. It is about money. Big money from insiders, democrats and those looking for big government contracts. The average person would be astounded by the amounts of money some “pillars of the community” make off of their business with SC Government.
    2. Haley was not a threat to them till Loftis beat Chellis. Then she became threat number one.
    3. People like Wes Donahue and Bob Kahali are hired to handle smut. They do so from inside the GOP HQ and the Statehouse.
    Again, people, it is about money. It has nothing to do with sex or hypocrisy. It is about MONEY.
    I am an insider, and I know what I am talking about.


  3. Thanks for putting this out. I have known about this for a couple of months but did not know whether to wait until after the election or do it now. Your coming out with it is a beginning.

    Now we need to take it to the media. There are radio stations that may just carry the story.


  4. “It’s common conversation in Columbia that one of Haley’s accusers was tailed by a private investigator hired by a state politician. It seems said accuser had angered the politician by things posted online and an investigator was set on him to dig up dirt. The story will now be that the photos/video were intended to blackmail Haley’s accuser and her “appearance” was windfall.”

    Charlie – Would this “private investigator,” who will be reported as either taking these pictures or videos not be FORCED to surface and testify, under oath and penalty of perjury (. . . I know, that didn’t work with Clinton) as part of the action to remove her as Governor?

    Assuming so, would the plot not fall apart at that point?


    • The politician(s) would first have to be identified and then admit they hired someone. They would then have to identify the investigator. The investigator might be supoenaed but could evolke client privilege (not familiar with South Carolina law on this). The alleged incidents happened four years ago (so we’re told), so “records” on who might have gathered the information could be claimed to be no longer available – just the results.


  5. Your Indian porn star scenario is laughable at best and its inclusion in your article was a poor choice. It encourages readers to discredit everything else they have read in your article and makes you look like the guy sitting in the corner, wearing the tinfoil hat.

    Nikki Haley isn’t a poor candidate because she is unfaithful to her husband; she’s a poor candidate because all she has done since her nomination is backtrack on the conservative ideals that got her the nomination in the first place.


  6. If what you are claiming is true, and you have corroberation, lay the cards on the table rather than dribble the bits and pieces as Folks has done to drive hits to his site. If this plot really exists, blow it up now and let the chips fall where they may. If these people are are powerfull and devious as they would have to be to pull this off, the longer you wait, the more time you give them to find or fabricate dirt on you. You are no longer a threat to them after what you have becomes public knowledge.


    • PizzaRick, my final post on this will be published tonight. I broke it up into “chapters” to make it more readable. Hits don’t mean anything to me since I make no money from the site, don’t get paid for hits and clicks or have any advertisements.


  7. I think you are doing a great job getting the real word out. Keep up the good work.
    When you finish this up tonight I’d like to see some reporting on exactly who the “Conservatives for Truth in Politics” consist of and what their mission statement might be! So far I only know of 3 actual members and they are pretty much the extremist.


  8. So let me get this right…from the first Wil Folks oh so brief post about his supposed tryst with Nikki, we knew that the boyz were conspiring to take down the Republican nominee. Such a great “Grand Old Party”. Then they tried to bolster their accusation with a claim from a guy with a voice like Tinkerbell. Hardly convincing. Need to do a better casting call. I have been asked by many average voters…about why I have Nikki’s bumper sticker on my windshield if she is an adultress. My response has always been, I’ve studied her record in the House, like what I see, and doubt seriously that Jennie Sanford would endorse and campaign for an adultress. Pleeeeze! These boyz are so lame. Rest assured we will rid ourselves of them one by one either by continuing to challenge them in races and spend their money until they give in to retirement and live off of us in perpetuity, or actually voting them out. The sooner the better.


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