The Assassination of Nikki Haley: The Players



15 thoughts on “The Assassination of Nikki Haley: The Players

  1. We know the Big 4 powerful Republican legislators do not want Haley to win. She will shake up their hold on the legislature. Sheehan is in cohoots with these as well. Who is the wealthy businessman who is funding both campaigns and will be able he feels to have access to the one who wins? This situation is probably going to tear the Republican party in SC apart. If Haley loses there will be an angry electorate of voters who will begin one by one to get their vengeance against the RINO’s in Columbia who think they are unbeatable and unstopable. God help us all if the plot against Haley is successful.


  2. The Chamber of Commerce voted against and worked against another businessman, Curtis Loftis, who won the state treasurer’s race. They raised money for Loftis’ opposition. So did the manufactures association and several other “typical” republican groups. He beat them and it looks like Haley is going to beat them too.
    So it looks like the two largest business groups are going to have virtually no ties to the two most powerful statewide republicans in SC. Isn’t that odd.


  3. Robert is right. If Nikki doesn’t make it, the RINO’s will feel the pain as Tea Party people start becoming candidates for office. I don’t care what she does when she’s not on duty as long as she does what she says.


  4. Cyndi Mosteller sure is a sad piece of work, when are they gonna make the Real Bitchwives of Charleston? Sorry Cyn (who spells their name like that, gotta smiley face on top of that ‘i’?), you don’t get to decide who governs this state, the voters do.

    Woodward, you’re a college professor. That will always mean you’re an asshole in my book. If you are involved in these dirty games, I hope Clemson gives you the boot. Just because you have tenure doesn’t mean you can’t be made irrelevant, and we all know how professors secretly pray for relevancy.

    As for the other sad players: Larry Marchant, just come out of the closet. It’s ok. We understand.

    Will Folks, have you considered something a little more wholesome, say, following in the footsteps of Joe Francis or Steven Hirsch? Something that can put a little change in your pimp pocket.

    Whatta line up. A trail of scum must follow these morons, a sick effluvium of desperation and moral failure. Like crackheads, they don’t notice their own feces trailing behind them as they shuffle along. What’s next, a Watergate-style burglary?


  5. Larry does not work for the SC Chamber of Commerce. He lobbied for them over 10 years ago but has been a contract lobbyist for a while. His firm is a member of the SC Chamber but they often disagree on issues.


  6. Your attempt to connect Larry Marchant and the Chamber is incorrect.

    The Chamber endorsed Gresham Barrett because their lobbyist is a former staffer for Gresham in D.C. They were hoping to hitch their wagon to Barrett and have a great amount of influence over the Governor’s office with him there.


    • Thanks for clearing that up, Tummy. Actually, Larry Marchant hasn’t worked for the Chamber in almost 20 years. Your Barrett link is spot on.


  7. Get ready, because you are being lied to. Ms. Haley is apparently very skilled at pulling the wool over some eyes. What she does imply and even say at times is not true when it comes to her relationships, and her training/qualifications and finances. She has been very inappropriate in many ways. I can’t understand how any thinking person would look at all the information and still support her. I guess the dislike for all things progressive over rides the truth.


    • Elizabeth: “training/qualifications and finances” are not the point of this series of posts. They are about the ends to which some people will go to circumvent the electoral process. However, when the “training/qualifications and finances” criteria is put to Vincent Sheheen – along with his unvarnished support for things Obama – then the options are more clear. “Progressive” is nothing more or less than a codeword for liberal and we’ve seen where that’s gotten the country in the last couple of years, haven’t we?


  8. Forget the scandal; why is Nikki Haley the best choice to be Governor of SC? Because she’s a reformer? She’s nothing more than the new face of Mark Sanford and is the ultimate status quo candidate.

    Funny how all of those spam e-mails that I got from Mark Sanford mysteriously changed to Nikki Haley. ReformSC? Carolinians for Common Sense? Tim Pearson and Jon Lerner? Nothing but a new face on the Sanford machine.


    • Some of us like what Mark Sanford has done as governor. Yes, he is fallible as he has shown. But anyone who is hated by “representatives” on BOTH sides of the aisle is doing something right by The People.

      Another 4 years of Sanford II would be fine by me.


  9. I don’t like nor will I tolerate being lied to and I’m pretty sure no one else does either. That goes extra special for people given the public trust to govern

    Well said Spy. I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the above statement.

    Brigid- nope watergate buglaries aren’t next but something just as grostesque is ahead.

    Sal and What- you are promoting abuse of vulnerable citizens of this state if you are promoting Sanfraud another four years. Frankly, some of us do not deserve how he treats us. After you get the real story, then you decide .


  10. The Columbia SC ELITES are MAD AS HELL that ‘We the People’ voted for someone they don’t like and don’t want… well get ready boys and girls… WE DO like her and SHE WILL be our next governor… the Elite RINOS in Columbia should consider themselves on notice… you’re NEXT my friends… straighten up or you’re gonna be sitting on the porch wondering what went wrong.. we will NOT forget this.


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